Now this is usually a Facebook only thing but well I wanted y’all who are following us who might not have a Facebook to be aware of it, or maybe you weren’t aware that we had a Facebook account! Well we do, Right now we are Stalking the magnificent Lindsey J. Parsons author of Vortex, Wicked Game, which are part of the Return of the Effra Trilogy (last one is not out yet) all are fabulous and I LOVE THEM. so I have four e-copies of Vortex, and A TON of Swag to give away! So here is what I am going to do! For you I am going to post all the questions when we are finished (probably tomorrow is when all will go up, for now you can get where we are on the Facebook page) i will add a 4 or 6 i am not sure of the point system on rafflecopter off the top of my head – for those who do NOT have a facebook account but follow the blog! no you are welcome no need to thank me!

so ready?

1)      What’s your favorite time in history? Why?

That would have to be the middle ages. I love castles and knights in armour riding out on quests. It’s a time when people still believed in magic and mythical beasts such as dragons and unicorns. I’m fascinated by the way people back then lived, their way of life, their weapons, etc. As a child I visited a lot of castles with my parents and always dreamed of what they were like when they were first built and who lived there. I would love to be able to go back and visit such places just to see exactly how they used to be.

2)      What was your major in college, if you went to college? Why?

I didn’t go to college, I left school at sixteen to pursue a career with horses. Years later, as my children started to grow up I went back to college and studied to be an interior designer and I also learnt how to make soft furnishings. I love doing creative, arty type things, so I really enjoyed this. It also means I can now make a great set of curtains with matching cushions!!

3)      If you had to choose, seriously you have to pick between them: Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew who would you rather be suck on an island with? Why?

I’ve only read one Nancy Drew mystery and no Sherlock Holmes. I have watched loads of Sherlock Holmes movies though and love the way he always manages to logically work things out. If I could choose which version, if it could be Robert Downey Jr’s incarnation of the great man… Yes then I think it would have to be Sherlock Holmes!!

4)      What would you rather do: sky-dive or swim with the sharks?

I think I would rather run the other way from either of those! I did read somewhere that if you thump a shark on the nose he’ll swim away and leave you alone. Not sure if that’s true or not, but at least I can swim. I’m pretty sure, as much as I would like to be able too, I can’t fly and as I don’t imagine I’d ever willingly jump out of an airplane, it will have to be ‘swim with the sharks!’

5)      Who is your favorite supernatural/mythological creature?

Oooh tough one! My two favourites are dragons and unicorns. I love ‘The Last Unicorn’ story. Unicorns are so pure and magical, but dragons, they are really cool! They are big and powerful, they can breathe fire and they can fly! Imagine having a dragon for a friend, wouldn’t that be great? I’m going to say dragons, they are definitely my favourites. But then having said that I’m also quite fond of centaurs too!

6)      What was your dream job?

As I grew up all I wanted to do was work with horses. So as soon as I was old enough to leave school, that’s what I did. It’s a tough job with very little pay, but if you love horses and being outdoors it’s wonderful. To be honest I perhaps should have got a job with better prospects and bought myself a horse instead. But I did love my job and all the horses I had the privilege to look after.

7)      What do you prefer tattoos or piercings?

On me? Neither, I haven’t even got pierced ears. On other people? I’m not keen on piercings, but I do think some tattoos are very beautiful, real works of art.

8)      What is one of your favorite quotes?

Something my mum used to say to us when we were kids: “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” It’s more of a saying than a quote, but how I used to wish it would come true so I could wish myself a horse!

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