Summary Via Goodreads:

“Luciana de Luca has a PhD in sass and gemology—and a problem. Her twin brother’s gambling debts have gotten out of hand, and a mob enforcer is blackmailing her to rob the latest, greatest mega-casino on the Strip. Although Lucy has worked her whole life to get away from her family’s grifter past, to save her brother, she dons three-inch heels and a sluts-r-us dress and struts into Alec’s Gerald’s casino, determined to put her long-forgotten thieving ways to the test again.

Alec Gerald, a shape-shifting dragon, has built the Crown Jewel casino to provide sanctuary for his people amongst the flash and awe of Las Vegas. Unfortunately, the sexy little thief trying to steal his largest diamond exhibit turns out to be his mate, and he must woo her before he loses his dragon form forever. But before he can handcuff her to his bed and explain the details of a mating ceremony, an enemy attacks and threatens to destroy his casino, his people, and his newfound mate.”

My Review: (originally 4 out of 5 stars)

Warning: I fucking love dragon shifters. I was super, super, super excited to find out about this one. Also while I did really like this book I am leaning a bit towards a 3.5 stars but a very high 3.5 hence the four stars i officially gave it.

Song Choice: “The Way That I Am” by Ingrid Michaelson, “Heart of Stone” by Iko, “You Protector” by Fleet Foxes, So this little bit is where i pick songs that i think relate to the book in some way or not.

First Thoughts: I was very intrigued by this idea of a grifter and I mean stealing from a dragon! BAD DECISION right there, but i mean she does know that he is but still we know and yeah i was like, this is going to be exciting. Welp I will admit some parts were suspenseful BUT there were a lot of times I was going whoa! how did get from bathroom to her being trapped in a room? While yes i know scenes can jump it didn’t really explain where they were when they jumped in the scene so there i was put off and confused, and there are other incidents of this as well that it was sort of choppy, and a bit confusing. But overall, interesting story, I did enjoy it, I was a bit shocked how easily somethings we were resolved, – both in a good/bad way but i will go into detail in a bit. HONESTLY this was a fun, sexy, easy read.

Thoughts on Plot: Okay as i mentioned there were a few times that the story “jumped” and what i mean by that is we were in one scene and suddenly we are in the next, OR we are pretty much in the same scene but some unspoken thing happens which is like wait? why is this happening? This caused me to think that maybe i was missing a few lines in my copy or something? While it works sometimes and really i don’t need a play by play of them walking from one place to another, just saying like “i watched her pace inside my office, where we had placed her after getting her from the bathroom” something to link the two scenes together. that is all i ask. well that is a lie, there is more i am going to ask. So in the summary – and since its in the summary i have all rights to say stuff about it, it mentions that Alec (the male mc) has enemies emerging….well they have this arch-nemesis thing going on….but its never explained which in Fairly Odd Parents with Dinkleburg, didn’t bother me….in this yeah it did. I wanted to know the back-story to that because it seemed pretty important, and I was actually really curious about it in general. While somethings moved a little too quickly for my liking, there were somethings that i was very pleased on how they moved, like the romance in this book, even though it uses the “bond” that most shifters/paranorms have, it wasn’t insta-love for both characters, and they had their problems and it wasn’t like welp who cares! The romance took its time, but not in the sense you are waiting the for the chemistry – trust me its there but the actual falling in love, well it takes a bit more time and emerges when you least expect it which i loved. Overall I think the book was pretty well paced, there was one thing that i found it had an odd placing but I think i am going to let it go because I see what the author was trying to do.


Luciana/Lucy: She was an interesting character, while at times she was this super feisty red-head that was like a vixen and took crap from no one when she was with her brother she was completely different she was quiet, timid, almost but not quite submissive, but she would literally do anything for her brother (her twin) and i understand that feeling, truly i do, as i am a twin myself but at times I was thinking…wow she is a bit damaged isn’t she? When say that i mean that they did have a hard past and i could see where she feels she owns him. But i also did note that because of her past she was going to be a little – a lot stand-offish towards Alec. She wasn’t a bad MC and i didn’t really hate her at all but there were somethings i felt were quite resolved with her, and whether this is going to be a series where it continues with the same characters, or switches characters for the next book (i kinda hope so!) anyways i do hope in those books they address this but i can’t say what it is because its a spoiler!

Alec: Alpha Male, maybe not the worst that i have read but he is definitely one, I mean he is a dragon soooo there is that. But i liked his also understanding that Lucy was going to be need space at times. But what bothered me i suppose about both of them, was he sort of bought her sometimes, with spa treatments and other stuff, and she kinda went along with it, i don’t know i am more for the sentimental gifts BUT in Alec’s defense he did do sentimental gifts as well. Anyways he did bother me because at times he gave up to easily, okay maybe i could understand but i didn’t want him to be that stupid! its like dude! come on! Anyways overall Alec was a pretty alright book boyfriend. He was passionate, loving, and he did try really hard 😀 AND OH SO PROTECTIVE!

The Ending: Well like I said there were one or two things i felt were unresolved with these two, not so much together but separately as people but their story for me felt like it was almost done, i could see where there might be another story about them but i am sort of interested in the other side character’s stories….so yeah i will probably go on with this series…. i am pretty sure this is a series…