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He lost to her twice and it nearly consumed him. Now, it’s time for another game. And this time, he won’t let her go so easily. Val’s not just fighting for her friends’ lives this time: She’s fighting for her own, too.

Warning: Contains rape, rape triggers, non-con, elements of BDSM, violence, and content not appropriate for those under 18.

My Review: (5 out of 5 stars)

for horrorscape

I win. 

This book is not for the faint of heart. And this review is not for people who have not read the first two books in this trilogy, I will resort from using spoilers, and if i do them they will be at the end, hidden, and with a warning, that is how serious i am about spoilers. Now that you have been warned let get on to the review.

So I did this as a Buddy Read with the fantastic lovely Nellysa, and unfortunately i got a little left behind 😦 but i don’t know what i would have done without her warnings XD probably died. Either way my point to this-ness is that if you are going to start this book, make sure you don’t have plans, if you do have plans you might need to break them *shrugs* its the truth.


Song Choice: “Lilitu” by Blueneck, and “Guilty Kisses” by Orsten (i want to warn you both those songs are about 8 minutes long, but they are pretty much along with the rest of these choices the songs i listened while reading this book, but i think they did somewhat a good job with the overall tone of the book. And i have like two more for you, I have a feeling that i might have used this song for Gavin before but “My Beloved Monster” by The Eels, and “I Need Some Sleep” by also The Eels for Val.

First thoughts: This was a very intense read, this series got more and more intense as the trilogy went on, and for me I honestly believed they got better and better as we went along (that is not to say that i thought the others were bad because that is a lie so stop twisting my words) what i meant was that sometimes…a lot of times it seems that people always complain that the further into the series the worst the series gets, i don’t agree with that statement right now. I had never felt so I want to say dirty but also so very intrigued at the same time. I can only think of one person that I have ever read that made me feel this way ( and i am not shitting you, this is my 594th book i think? ) so that is pretty intense. Anyways this book made me felt caged, it made me feel exhausted (in a good way), it made me feel desperate .

The Plot: Going into this I didn’t even think about the Summary, I saw in my news feed people were starting Terrorscape, and I saw that Nenia said she had published it in a blog post, and bye, bye i was off to the wonderful world of amazon to go buy me a book! a very specific book…(it was this one ;)) So honestly i don’t know what the summary even says now so i am going to go say too much about what the summary might have said. Anyways we left Val in quite a state didn’t we! And Gavin felt triumphant. But the game is still on, the hunt is still on. “Are you frigthened? You should be. This book takes Gavin to a whole new level, you thought that he was bad last book…shit you don’t even know. This book’s plot like i mentioned in the first thoughts it made me feel everything the characters were feeling (for the most part – i was glad not to feel what Gavin was feeling at some points) oh Gavin made me feel so dirty but oh so right… curse that man! I barely even realize that this was technically a monster of a book at 425-ish pages. I ate it up, and probably read a little too fast and got a little stomach sick, but i couldn’t help it even after Nellysa told me to take my time. This book always manages to twist me into this strange, i don’t even know i want to say disturbing creature of a person. But i will get to that in characters ;). So the plot surprised me a couple hundred times but when it comes to Gavin I don’t try to guess, i don’t even pretend to want to guess….oh dear god i just realized something…Gavin controlled my readings O.o i am scared…..

I really do feel like i need to stress the warning that is in the summary which i did see because bold lettering catches my attention. There is rape in this book, there is parts that will most likely make you squirm, and i told you at the beginning of this review this book wasn’t for the faint of heart.

Okay I have a feeling that someone who read this book might read this review and (i do not like to be bitched at thank you, you have your opinion i have mine) tell me about how i neglected to mention a few things: okay this is an indie book, and (Nenia – i do love you, you are amazing writer) but we all make mistakes and I know for a fact, that not everyone has an editor but that shouldn’t stop them from publishing, yes there were a couple mistakes in this book but it didn’t really hinder the story for me. I loved it regardless, and unless one of the people that start to bitch about and say i am not going to finish it because of it is willing to be an editor for indie authors give the book a shot. I mean come on. end of rant!

Thoughts on Characters:

now usually when i talk about characters in series i kept them pretty short because well we know the characters, but here is one thing that i really do love about Nenia’s characters is that in each book they grow, whether its for the better or for the worse doesn’t matter they change. Their personalities morph and become something new mixed with the old.

So Val: She is still that sweet, sort of innocent girl who didn’t protect her heart as well as she should have. As well as I should have… what i did…but seriously :|. She is still very timid around new people, any person really, but she does try to become better, she does try to break from her shell. But depression is weighing heavy on her. (oh i forgot to mention how i loved the well researched – or already known psychology information from Val’s classes, 😀 i even remember some of that from that semester all college students have thinking – yeah i should be a psych major) anyways back to Val but something has changed about Val if i remember correctly last book she did act more like a scared little girl – WHICH REALLY IS UNDERSTANDABLE. anyways in this book I think she decided that she was tired, so very tired of being that scared little girl. While she still bends to Gavin’s will at times she still defies him. And that is all about Val i can say 😀

Gavin: A shiver of delight might have just crawled up my spine. Shit…that man really fucks with your mind. From book one i was helplessly in love with him. Everything he does, everything he did while should upset me or make me be like i cannot love you I still love him. I don’t even know how he does it to be honest. But that i think what makes him my favorite villain/MC guy ever. So dangerous you are sir, you get more dangerous and more animistic in each new book. God Gavin i don’t even know what to do with you. At times I hated you i truly tried to hate you but yet i still loved you even at your worst Dangerous character this Gavin, he is addicting, manipulative, dangerous in general, and terrifying. but somehow still slightly redeeming I want to blame my love for him on is very Alpha male-ness personality but i think its more than my love for Alpha males. Its something uniquely Gavin.

The end. No i am not going to tell you about how i feel about the ending i will do it in a spoiler.

(view spoiler)

Gah i want to give you some of my favorite Gavin moments!

(If you run, I will pursue.) 

(Can you feel the ties that bind us? Can you feel them tightening?)

Not that it mattered. Dead was dead, whether with a bang or a whimper. not a Gavin moment but i am not telling you said this

(I am her future— and she is simply that: mine.) 

“He’s psychotic. Brilliant, but insane. And twisted. And sadistic. And cruel.” 

“But then, we feel most alive when we are closest to death.”

i literally have half this book highlighted so i will try to stop after one last one!

(You’ve fallen in love with me, haven’t you?) 

There are so many more i would like to share but i think this is going over the top as it is.

So there are a few things i wanted to address but i cannot do them because of spoilers so seriously unless you want this book ruined don’t read these.

And you can check out those spoilers if you really really want here: