I promise Andrea and I are both safe and sound, she is still working like a mad woman and I have been busy with secrets! Well ARCS, and other secrets! Mwhaha! But in the coming weeks on August we will be having (hopefully for you) a lot of fun, cover reveals, Blitz post, Blog Tour stuff, and much, much more!

We have been keeping everyone updated on the Facebook page with freebies, who we are Stalking on Saturdays which i am sorry is just a Facebook event but if someone request that we post Saturday’s event on Sunday with all the answers here because they don’t have a Facebook page I will be more than willing but if not, and you can check it on the Facebook page, or you just don’t care than i am not going to spam up people’s (all 59 of you awesome -sauce followers of post they might have already seen or don’t care to at all) emails.

So welcome all new followers, and hi to those who are passing by! ❤ we heart you!

And i suppose that is all, I just realized that i haven’t been around for a couple of days and wanted you all to know that we still love reading, but sometimes the books we read we cannot post them yet.

sooooo bye!