“Rebecca Harding is an ordinary teenager whose DNA hides an extraordinary secret. A routine blood test after an accident turns her peaceful and rather mundane life upside-down, as she becomes the focus of three powerful brothers with exceptional skills and an age-old secret. As she begins to come to terms with her life as the world’s newest and most reluctant vampire, she is abducted, and must embrace her new powers if she has any hope of escape.”

My Review: (3 out of 5 stars)

um….hm… debating on 3 or 3.5….

Song Choice: “Train Song” by Fesist & Ben Gibbard, and “Precious” by Depeche Mode

First thoughts: UM. hmmm. Odd because when i first started this book i really liked it, i was really excited about it, the concept was interesting and really intriguing, the main man Angus got me really excited cause he was all types of Alpha male, and tall, dark and handsome to boot! I wasn’t overly annoyed or excited about the main girl: Rebecca but i will go more in depth in characters. Well alright so for last first thoughts i got this for free, and as a shorter “novel” i don’t want to say novella but yeah i will go there, it was fast paced, especially at the end.

Thoughts on Plot: The summary made it sound really action-y and fun, and yeah, I was all like hell yeah! But….well we got about 60% when the real action started, and it didn’t last long, it happened really fast, and was resolved even quicker. I was really intrigued by the idea of the “vampires” in this book and i dare even say that i don’t see this as a paranormal as i do a scifi, the vampirism was explained by science really, which was super super interesting and this was one of the parts about the book i ADORED! it was super awesome, not only was the reason explain: instead of blood giving them life or anything like that it was the iron in the blood, cool right? so they don’t really need the blood just iron (get that gif joke yet? yeahhhh) anyways so super cool, and a whole lot of other stuff was explained again awesome. Unfortunately…. that last half the book, I felt that it could have been prolonged and it could have been expanded on. there is so much i want comment on that i can’t because its spoilers… i will say this though what the heck? Talk about insta-love. holy god….that relationship really grew out of nothing…well i mean it did a little but at the same time they’ve known each other for three days…okay i will relent on some of that, but still it was too fast for my likings. soo i need to talk about those spoilers sorry these are super spoilers please don’t look unless you have read the book or you really just don’t care (view spoiler)


Rebecca: Um i guess in a way i sort of indifferent about her. i didn’t really hate her, and i didn’t really love her either. Though one of my bigger issues with this book was the character inconsistencies, Rebecca had a bit of that, in the very first chapter she seemed very skeptical about this vampire business but then when she was told what she is…she accepts it pretty levelheaded as well, i mean she has a good cry for about two seconds then realizes welp that is how things are. and that would be all fine and dandy but that first chapter stuck with me and i was like…shouldn’t you be more like no. and i get this situation is explained scientifically and what nots but still….and then when again at the end i can’t talk about that. i don’t i wish that there was i don’t know more to her if that makes sense….

Angus: NOW HIM I LIKED. i liked a lot. i like the Alpha males and he was coming off as a very Alpha male type in the beginning and while this book doesn’t have any sex scenes it doesn’t have the MC guy shy away from male thoughts, and that i also loved. i found him a little unbelievable at times but mostly i liked him. he had a bit of a tempter and i liked that he was true to his nature, he called it like it was. he didn’t shy away from the idea of liking to kill, or use violence but he did in a way that made him the good guy, Dexter? yeah. i did like him honestly.

um i HAVE to talk about Rebecca’s mother: i am confused maybe i am wrong but i thought at the very beginning of the book Rebecca mentions that her mother is a worry-wart to the extreme like if you sneeze she is calling the doctor she is an vulture circling if you show any sign of discomfort. but that was not the mother in this book. she was not only inconsistent but WOW, i mean i was sitting there sort of thinking…you’re kind of a bad mom… her daughter gets hits by a car and you take your sweet time getting home, she didn’t even notice when Rebecca got her cast off and started wearing a brace, yes this is suppose to be the mother that is very cautious and always concerned for her kids. Not to mention she just lets her kids hang out with the new neighbor none of them know anything about. seriously the mom big problem. and i know at the end Rebecca and her brother…Mark….? say how they misjudged their mother but how can you misjudge your mother for 17/14 year? of your life… i don’t understand.

The ending… um well not really cliffhanger-y but problems still need to be solved. am i going to go on with the series? i don’t know maybe. i will think about it, mostly i want to know what will happen but i just don’t know honestly.