Summary Via Goodreads:

From the inside of the open locket, a pair of blue eyes gazed out from the face of a young girl. She had an amused expression and long, wavy brown hair. A fierce ache clawed at Damian’s chest as he looked upon this face, the face of Samantha White. He tore his eyes away and gently snapped the locket shut, closing his fingers around it and pressing his fist against his heart.
“Please come back to me Sam,” the words formed silently on his lips, “I can not exist without you.”

She had everything anyone could ever want, a home, a future, a large, loving family and Damian.

But Sam walked away and now she can’t go back…

My Review: (5 out of 5 stars)

SSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The awesome Lindsey J. Parsons, asked lit’ old me if i would do an ARC for her, and i like HELL YES, not only because to me that is a huge honor just to be asked, but because I might have obsessed with the first book, where in i skipped all my classes ….yeah…but also i am telling you this because, i am being 100% honest, cause that is what i do. Good? Good.

Song Choice: (these are always hard to do with fantasy but i will try my best :D) “Lilitu” by Blueneck – its a long, long song but I personally thinks it works. “My Lovely” by Eisley, and “Let Go” by Frou Frou and that one is for Alex and Ilrea

First thoughts:

seriously i ate this book up and devoured it until there was nothing left and I loved every bite… okay i am going stop talking about this book like its food….where’d those skittles go now i am a bit peckish! Kay so moving on, now that i am skittled up, (also just a helpful tip, never get the riddle skittles they suck sorry if you like them) okay seriously moving on from the skittles! Book Becca Book! Have you read the first one? No, well go read it about five times over then you can read this, and this review 😉 no spoilers for this one, but there will be info about the first book, kay? kay! So if you have read the first one then read this one you will no regret it. I actually think that there is a good chance i love this one a smidgen more than the first, and that is saying a lot because the first is one of my favorite books :D.

Thoughts on Plot: There is never a dull moment here, and you know what the means right? Pure awesome-ness. We left Sam back in her (our world) and Damian in his, if you are worried they won’t find each other until way later, stop worrying, now there isn’t a whole lot i can say because i don’t want to give anything away, and really from page one there is stuff i cannot talk about. But i will do my bestest 😀 There is a lot of action in this book, no complaints here! One problem that more fantasy like books have is getting lost or confusing, but not this book, nothing threw me or made me stop and go, what wait? Wicked Games kept me on the edge of my seat, awake until hours i wish i hadn’t because i had to work in the morning, Lindsey i might be scolding you a little bit for writing such amazing stuff. We have our ups and we have our downs, we have those moments where i was screaming my head off, and moments where i was, yes literally swooning… crap i just gave that away didn’t i…well there it is, i swoon. Don’t judge! All in all at the end of this book was all i could think was wow, this was not only an amazing squeal but just overall awesome. Its not even the big plot things that kept me thinking, wow this is fantastic, it was the little moments as well, and i am not just talking about kisses shared, but the jokes that were made, the relationships that began. And the writing = just well i am in awe, so amazing loved it. i literally did NOT want to put this book down.

Thoughts on Characters:

(now i don’t remember my review for the first in the series, because a) i have wrote a lot of reviews since then, b) ummmm i changed my reviewing style a lot since then – so i am going to do something strange for a second book i am going to do a more in depth character thoughts soo yeah)

Sam: I LOVE her. She has a quiet strength that i love in my MCs and that is not to say that she is a push over because she isn’t she will stand up for herself or others when needs be. But she is a very kind hearted, and considerate. She realizes when she needs to make a change and she does it, she doesn’t just keep going on with what she was doing, no she is much smarter than that. She might have her silly moments but emotions were running high and i am allowing it to go because it was understandable, but one of the coolest things about Sam is though she is somewhat stubborn she is willing to hear what the other side of the story is, she is willing to stop consider and think. She won’t back down from a fight either. She is fiercely loyal and loving. She is in my opinion a totally awesome MC and i love her!

Damian: I mean whats not to love? A fire affinity demon with horns and wings? i mean come on? And if you don’t remember correctly, as i do remember correctly because i like to think i am right about most things, Damian was amazing in the last book. Can he get better? Sort of… in the sense that he was totally swoon worthy always, he is protective, sweet, caring, amazing, dreamy…okay, okay but in this book i think i liked him more because he became more than just a demon with a spell on him…(yeah i just started singing Hocus Pocus “I put a spell on you” in my head…awesome anyways) he became more than that, he was striped down bare for us to see, we saw his insecurities and fears, more than just watching something bad happen to Sam. And we were shown so much more about him. so much more i cannot talk about…sorry

Alex: I loved in the last book that we got at least one chapter from that i remember, i read the book a couple times but i have a horrible memory and i had to fill my time between the first book and this one somehow! Anyways i was glad that we got more from him because in the first book he was portrayed as the fun loving younger brother, the prince that enjoyed messing around and having a good time. And while he does continue to be that fun loving prince we adore, i hope you adore him because i did, there was more to him as well, he became a much better well rounded character in this book and i love, SERIOUSLY loved one of his lines…and i don’t know i am allowed to say it…i might add it later. Alex was a great addition to being more in this book, as the first book focuses more on Sam and Damian this book expands and you know what i really liked it because it didn’t take away focus from Damian and Sam but it added more, just love ❤

Thoughts on ending: whew, a lot less painful than the first but still painful because i want the next one, meow! right meow! but at the same time i don’t because i got about half way through this book and i realized that if i kept reading it then eventually i would finish it and i didn’t want that, no there are no cliffies i just don’t want this trilogy to end…ever. EVER. okay sorry it was amazing. that is my final thoughts. oh no this is: READ IT

😐 <= that is my dead serious face, but really i do recommend this even if you aren’t a huge fantasy fan