Summary Via Goodreads:

“Briar Roberts is controlled by her father. From the way she dresses and acts to what she’ll do with her future, it’s all decided by him. So on a girl’s trip to Vegas she decides to give herself one night of freedom. Freedom to find the real her, even if she can only be that version temporarily.

Zane Oliver started out a dancer, but through his hard work, he now owns the hottest male strip club in Vegas. His club’s number one rule is “No Messing with the Customers”, and he’s had no problem following it until the night Briar Roberts comes in. But the innocent beauty has him throwing all his rules out the window so he can have her.

What’s Briar going to do when she learns what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas?

***Adult Novella: intended for readers 18 and older***”

My Review: (4.5 stars out of 5)

So I was a beta reader so now you know that you should also know that even if that was the case, it doesn’t mean that i am going to sugar coat and pumped this book with false praise, i award praise where praise is do. i am being completely honest. Good? Good.

Song Choice: “He Won’t Go” by Adele, “Mr. Saxobeat” by Alexandra Stan

First thoughts: Well this is a novella so it moves fairly quickly, but in my experience with Michelle’s Books which i have read and very much enjoyed, all of her writing is written in a very awesome pace where it has you reading and not realizing exactly how much you had read in such a short period of time. I thought that this was a fun, ADULT, novel that breaks the rules of “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” the statement really should be “what happens in Vegas will pull you back in if you end up sleeping and marrying a super hot club owner” which we all knows happens every time we visit Vegas, hence why i am going to wait to visit Vegas until i am at least 26, i don’t want to get married too young 😉 hahaha XD i think i am funnier than i actually am…

Thoughts on Plot: I thought that this was a pretty awesome read. Contemporary Fiction isn’t my normal cup of tea, but when Michelle asked me if i would be interested in Beta reading how could i say no? Well i couldn’t pass that up! Not to mention the story did actually interest me…a lot. :D, I found that i thought it was very enjoyable and i was waiting for the next chapter, and waiting to read it all in “gulp”. I wanted to read it all at once. I will admit there were some parts that i found happened a little too easily for the MCs, i think it just worked out easier than i was expecting, but I also want to remind you, and myself that it is a novella, conflict in novellas don
tend to be big A BIG HUGE deal, and i think that this book would have been longer, did i want to be? meh, i am sort of indifferent on that one because i think it worked well as it was.

The Adult parts: hmmm… Zane…. that’s all…


Blair: She was the innocent, daddy’s girl. I know when reading i kept thinking to myself why didn’t she just rebel against her father, but she wanted to make him happy, she isn’t a normal spoiled brat daddy’s girl, she believes that what she is doing, what she is willing to do is the best for her father and doesn’t have the heart to disappoint him, its not about being able to keep his money or anything like that. Blair had a bit of a split personality though, she had a wild child side, and the princess side, the side that she usually was, while this concept sometimes personally annoys me, i wasn’t too bothered by it in this book. We all have that side to us that we aren’t depending on the type of person we are allows out. Anyways I did like Blair she wasn’t a complete push over like i thought she might have been because she does what her father tells her to do, she has a strong side, she does stand-up for herself, and she does have a bit of a character change when she is with Zane and becomes more and more of a badass.

Zane: WOW, holy hot alpha stripper …. So if you enjoyed Magic Mike, you will probably enjoy Zane. He was a very possessive (in the good way, not the i am going to kill you for being with another man possessive type), protective, dominant…. yeah okay i need to go wipe the drool off my chin now… so anyways I liked Zane, i liked him a lot. He was hot, anyways i enjoyed reading in his POV as well and right down to it he was a fantastic person, i really liked the type of guy he was, and that was the type of guy who didn’t just be like well fuck i married a girl now i need to get a divorce, he wants to give things a shot, he values marriage. And as the club owner he has strict rules, and overall awesome guy. Michelle does make her males very swoon worthy.