Summary Via Goodreads: 

“My name is Maia. I’m a princess, a fae princess to be exact. But I don’t want to be. 
See, my whole life, I’ve always been the center of attention, and I’ve never understood why. Give me boring, ordinary, and simple any day. It’s hard enough trying to work my way through high school. Add running a kingdom to that? Yea, not so much. Magic, mystery, fairies. I just want to pass driver’s ed.”


My Review: (3.5 stars out of 5) 


Sooo really,honestly this is a 3.5 stars for me. AND I WOULD LIKE TO STATE, That a three stars does not mean that i hated it! by any means! I quite enjoyed this, and i will explain why it dropped for me.

Song Choice: “The Show” by Lenka I picked the show by Lenka because i think it best represents the MC she is kind of an awesome teenage character, she doesn’t get all angsty, and she does try to go into everything with an open mind. that is she also gets the song “Pursuit of Happiness” cover by Lissie (Kid Cuttie? Cutty?) and “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons.

First Thoughts: This is definitely different from other fae books that i have read in the sense that they don’t seem to really follow the same rules which is fine, but at the same time the biggest issue with this book that i had, and i am actually cutting it some slack on this because it was first in the series about a lot of it, anyways was that it seemed very “surface” if that makes sense? There is a lot that introduced and not a whole lot of time building it up, but if you are familiar with the fae that is fine you will do just fine, for someone who never read a fae book i don’t know how you will fare…but its a very “fairy-tale” kind of vibe, which is BY NO means a bad thing, just not something that i use to personally. lately actually i have been reading a lot of books on how everything goes horribly wrong for the MC for most of the entire book XD. Anyways i did find this a very enjoyable, light, fast-paced read

Thoughts on Plot: Well like i mentioned before it seemed a little surface-y, a lot of things were introduced and we were thrown into the new realm fairly quickly and into the position of being a Princess with Maia (the MC), there isn’t a whole lot of conflict until the end of the book but i didn’t really even notice until about 60% into the book that no “bad” guys showing up yet, and while there were a few mentions here and there a lot of this was the relationship between Maia, Heaton and learning about her actual heritage. It was kind of refreshing how things went for this character as i mentioned i have been reading a lot of stuff lately that it seems like nothing goes right for the MC but in this book a lot goes well for her, but by no means are they completely safe, or are they? read it and you will find out 😉


Maia: She was kind of all sorts of awesome, while she gets a lot of attention she doesn’t take advantage of it, nor does she become angry about it either and become a total bitch. She takes things in stride and yes she is a teenager she does have a moment where she acts like one but i don’t blame her, not at all really. i was expecting more teenage “rebellion” from her and i was glad it wasn’t there and that she was willing to accept and learn because it was very mature of it, very different from normal teenage MCs. She was a really sweet girl, and though some things seemed to easy for her, that she learned stuff too easily she made it an enjoyable read for me.

Heaton: He was interesting i was expecting him to be one of those annoyingly self-less/…i am trying to figure out how to say this… i was expecting him to be one of those guys who puts their job before everything, literally everything, but he wasn’t, thank god! He was also refreshing in that way, he was sweet, understanding and very helpful towards Maia, he i think was the biggest reason she was soo willing to try things because he was being supportive. He was protective and sweet. I really liked him.

Overall unfortunately for me also as with the plot the characters were very surface here, we have i feel a lot more from them, i hope we see more sides of them, because right now they are … and i hate to say this but sort of one/two denominational there is much more to them than meets the eye, they are both sweet, and mature for their ages.

The ending: at first i thought it was conclusive…not so much anymore. not too bad of a cliffie though 😉

Last and final thoughts: Look this was a very entertaining read, it was very fast-paced but also interesting read. I don’t think that it was bad, but if you are looking for a major in depth read about fae this might not be for you, but if you are looking for a light-hearted, entertaining read i think yes you might enjoy this a ton. I did, i really did like this but for me i wanted more from it. that is why i gives it a 3.5 stars because i want more, and i have a feeling Jennifer can do that 😉