Summary via Goodreads:

Gryphons flying past Skyscrapers? Wizards battling it out in coffeehouses? Women riding motorcycles with large swords strapped to their backs? All normal sights since the Great Collision happened twenty-six years ago.

Well, not normal for everyone. Larissa Miller may have been born after the Great Collision, but as a history teacher who lives in the human-only city, she has never come into contact with any other race or species. That is, until one day she walks out of her apartment only to be attacked by a mob of Zombies, but then is saved by a Gargoyle.

Leader of the Gargoyles, Terak has been watching over the human woman for months because of a cryptic prophecy. Gargoyles trust no one outside their Clan, but something about this woman stirs every protective instinct within him. When he realizes the danger to her is real, he refuses to allow her to explore this new world without him at her side.

In the course of their investigation Terak becomes entranced by his little human. But when he discovers why Necromancers want her and the great reward that awaits him if he betrays her, he must choose between the welfare of his Clan and not only Larissa’s life, but the fate of this new Realm as well.


My Review: (5 out of 5 stars)

Sooooo have you ever felt like: you didn’t want to finish a book not because you were scared of the ending but because you weren’t sure if the next one is out because you want to read it because the first one was so damn fantastic? Does that make sense? Here in other terms: THIS WAS FUCKING AMAZING.

Song choice: “Undisclosed Desires” by Muse, “I Follow Rivers” by Lykke Li….and that is all lately i have been picking far to many! Anyways I will explain what this ness is, this is where i pick out a song or two, obviously two here, to help the readers “see” the book in a different way, these two are more towards the relationship aspect of the book 🙂

First Thoughts: I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK. IN LOVE. sooo if you didn’t get that i am in love with this book. Why? There are so many, many reasons why, and i will tell you most of all of them. First off i would like to do a barely hitting the surface stuff: action-packed, swoony badass gargoyle, some romance, awesome plot filled masterpiece with an excellent voice too boot!

The Plot: Maybe its because I have been reading a lot of YA/heavier on the romance stuff lately but this book made me realize how much I miss action-y, fighting scenes, mystery, goblins riding dire wolves, you know all that fun stuff. This was fantastic, from what i remember of action scene-y books this did a pretty fantastic job…well besides the first chapter, please push through that because i don’t know if it was a combination of me reading right before beddy-bye time or it was just the chapter but things felt really chaotic and a mess and i was wondering what was going on, maybe also that was the point of the first chapter because chaos is occurring, if so, sweet! but i am not 100% sold that was the intention. But after that chapter its smooth sailing ladies and gents. So I loved the gargoyle aspect of this book because i love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE gargoyles, ever since the awesome cartoon that stopped far too soon! On top of that the magical realm has merged with the human world and now they are trying to live together…this was amazing beginning to what i hope/suspect to be a fantastic series! The romance was there for those who want it, but at the same time it wasn’t revolved completely around the romance, there is mystery and like i mentioned a lot of action….Though there were clues i was so wrapped up in the story that when the big mystery was revealed i was like, SHIT! how did i not see that, than i was like oooohhh because i was soo into this!

The voice which i mentioned earlier in first thoughts is the voice of the character’s narrating the story and while its in third person it was beautifully done, and the characters each had their own voices especially in their chapters, and usually i hate this type of narration but it didn’t bother me in the slightest in this book because it was done well, it was done where i didn’t feel separate from the characters. I just there really is nothing other than me to say that i loved it. it was just AWWEEESSOME!


Larissa: I LOVED HER. She was an interesting MC because she is honest, not only to others but to herself. What i loved LOVED LOVE LOVED LOVED about her was one of the first things she said/thought that stuck with me was that she mentions how she wishes she could say that she knows all these amazing fighting skills and what nots but she doesn’t, she flat out tells you she is not a fighter. But that does NOT mean that she isn’t totally badass, and brave, and courageous, she was an uniquely awesome character. She had that quiet strength that doesn’t remain quiet for very long. She is not willing to do anything stupid (which at some points bothered me to no end because I LOVE when characters are stupid) but she knows what she can handle and what she can’t, she isn’t stupid she is very smart and she doesn’t pretend to be a warrior when she is a scholar. But she does step up when she needs to, she doesn’t let anyone step on her, and make her do something she doesn’t want to. I loved her she was an amazing MC. She was funny, sweet, and just awesome.

Tarek: HOLY HOT GARGOYLE. Wow who knew a tail and wings could be so sexy…i mean… everyone knows that duh….i mean…oh god…awkward. Anyways he was really a funny character because as a Gargoyle they are warriors by nature, but he is a like an old school warrior, he is very proper, but i mean he is just a male at the end of the day so maybe he is not totally proper but the way he speaks and the way that he treats Larissa is always with respect besides when he is pissed off with her but even then he is hot… i mean hot… i meant proper… yeah there finally got it, third times a charm right ;). He is a hot MC male and I was head over heels the moment we met him but again i have a strange obsession with gargoyles, along with mintouars, yeah i am strange so sue me. Anyways! I really liked him and he was really Alpha without being annoying about it.

Fallon (and i am doing her because i think the next book is going to be about her): NOW here is the girl MC that is a total badass, not only is she snarky but she is a super sword (imagine Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 if you don’t know what i mean google it) wielding badass! She is a red-hot, red-headed hot head. She is got a lot of mystery surrounding her and i am very eager to learn more about her.

So other side characters I was super interested in: oddly enough Shadow even though he wasn’t in it very much, Wulver (i hope i spelled that right) Michael which is one of Larissa’s brothers, Malek – Tarek’s best bud, and a little bit of Laire.

Soooo the ending, it was the end of Tarek and Larissa’s story for sure. Its the beginning of something great though, I honestly, truly, believe that.