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“Alexandra’s world is shattered when the only family she has is brutally murdered. A series of strange encounters, and her relentlessly curious nature, lead her into the woods where she meets a destiny that has been chasing her since birth. She is brought into a world of demons that is fraught with turmoil and deadly power struggles. Lord Balthazar, a demon prince trying to hold his new kingdom together, seizes the opportunity, taking her hostage in a bid to gain the power he so badly needs. Alexandra’s strong-willed, defiant personality not only gets her into heaps of trouble, but also manages to gain the unlikely affections of the handsome demon prince that is holding her captive. As time begins to run out for both of them, sacrifices must be made. By the time they realize their true desires, it may be too late.”

My Review: (2 out of 5 stars)

2.5 stars
So that was…um…interesting?

Also before I start this review, both my friend and I were under the impression when getting this book (cause it was free) that this was YA, yeah noo, noooo it not, i mean I don’t have problems with Adult novels, but if you think that then you are SO SO VERY wrong. so yeah. thats my quick warning.

Song Choice: “Satellite Heart” by Anya Marina, “Mating Game” by Bitter:Sweet, “Never, Never Gonna Give You Up” by Cake – kay now to explain what the hell this is all about, welp. These are songs that i personally picked out that i thought helped represent the tone, or some aspect in the book, and this book was a hard one to do because i will get to that in a bit but yeah these are the ones i picked.

First thoughts: So that was unexpected. I don’t know why I went into this thinking it was a YA but i did, and wow boy was that a bad assumption. So first off this is really hard to rate because if i am going to be honest right meow, there were definiately aspects that I loved! That i thought were totally awesome, and then there things that i did not like, at all. and it wasn’t even just the plot-line, it had a bit to do with the writing but i will go into depth about that in plot. Overall this a very short, i wouldn’t really call it a “light” read, but at the same time i wanted to… Again i feel really odd rating this book because i am not entirely how i felt about it.

Plot: I thought the concept was fantastic! I loved the ideas that were brought into this book, it was so interesting and the farther and farther into the book the more and more interested i became buuuuttttt, at the same time, this was written in 3rd person omniscient and quite frankly in my only personal opinion I HATE 3rd person omniscient because it tends to be sloppy and can cause a lot of confusion, which unfortunately this book did, the first couple of chapters i felt like i was reading a bunch of different book beginnings thrown into one book, I was lost, i was confused, and I was getting a bit of a headache trying to keep up with all these new characters were being “introduced to” but weren’t really being introduced to either, because we didn’t get any time to learn who they were how they were important, and i understand that was meant to be part of the mystery aspect, and i totally respect what Raquel was (i hope i right about this) what she was trying to do, which is give the reader an edge over the other MCs and also still be in the dark. The only thing is it can be a very dangerous line to walk. So with that said there were also issues with the very abrupt and confusing chapter endings. I get the want to make it suspenseful but there was no transitions, and it was too sudden and again confusing and sort of disappointing i wanted to know how they got to point a to point b.

So more on plot this is a bit of warning on my part: in the first 30% of the book she is almost raped soooo there is that, and i don’t mind if an author does this, and does it tastefully, and there are consequences but i know this bothers some people so you deserve to know. Not only that but there is very explicit sex in this book, and this isn’t going to ruin your reading experience of the book and i highly recommend if you are concerned about reading this you view this spoiler but at the same time i don’t want to be that ass who spoils something for someone so here we go (view spoiler)

I did like how fast the plot moved, and i did really like some of the aspects that were being brought into the book, but the politics weren’t explained very well at certain points in the book as well as i did get most of it but at some points i was like, wait who is this?


Alexandra (Alex): She started off really strong for me, i liked her reactions to things, and i really enjoyed the humor behind her clumsiness around attractive men, i was laughing myself silly, but then something happened….like nothing literally happened in the book, just something happened to her, she was a magnet for trouble and usually i love that, but other times its was like seriously are you that stupid?! And i felt like her feelings for Balthazar were a lot stronger than his for most the book. I did appreciate that she was stubborn and curious and she didn’t let a little growl from stopping her from being her but at the same time she felt like she was pushed into the background for the last half of the book which was upsetting because she was supposed to be an important part of the book.

Balthazar: Was exactly how Alex described him, selfish, self-centered, rude, uncaring, and all around a bit of an asshole, when he feelings did start shining through they were also again sort of well i don’t know they didn’t feel that real to me, i wanted more from him i suppose. I did get that near the end he was a lot better he really was but the spoiler thing i did kinda ruined him for me for awhile.

The ending, i actually really liked it, and it does make me want to continue on with this series which sounds strange i know but i didn’t hate this book by any means but do i think this book is for everyone, no i really don’t. i am sorry to say that but its the truth and it happens.