Summary Via Goodreads:

Rylie has it all – great friends, dream boy, loving family. But on the eve of her sixteenth birthday, her perfect little world shatters. A stranger claiming to be her real mother appears with a secret: Rylie is a faery whose powers will be unleashed on her birthday. Captured and forced into a new life, Rylie struggles to keep everything she loves and discovers a terrifying truth: some promises cannot be broken.

My Review: (3 or 4 out 5 stars)

It’s really a 3.5 stars. Also I had a fabulous time Buddy Reading this with the lovely, fantastic Nellysa!

So Song Choice: “Multiply the Heartaches” by Cake, and “Bang On” by the Breeders – which its not everyone, its just two certain characters i am talking about…

So first thoughts: Both Nellysa and I agreed on this…its a hard book to rate. While the writing and story flowed amazingly well, and a book just 10 pages shy of 300 we couldn’t put it down. We ended up adding more chapters to our daily reads, and obviously we read the first half yesterday and finished it this morning. With that said, we did have serious issues as well that we agreed on. Now I know this is a Young Adult, I knew that going in, but its been awhile since I have read a YA where the main character made me want to punch her and her angst which seriously could have been a separate person itself.

Thoughts on Plot: Now if you haven’t read the Iron Fey series good, in my opinion that will most likely get me killed i enjoyed this more than i did those books…..*got murdered* i am sorry but there was just something about the iron fey series i didn’t love. But anyways getting away from that. The first half of this book is us learning a lot about Rylie and her family, and the paranormal is rare but its by no means boring or dragging, honestly it moved quite quickly and i enjoyed it. The second half is the more paranormal-y part which also again moved really well, fast paced without too much going on that you are like WHOA CALM THE RIGHT DOWN! I thought that it was a very well paced, fun, light read.

While I am doing plot i am going to do romance as well: There is a love triangle, there i said it. it has been said!

Thoughts on Characters:

Rylie/Oleander: UGH. She was one of the main reasons for me that the rating went down. She is the one with the most angst. While in the first half the book she was pretty much alright until she finds out about her true heritage. While I get and respect how she reacted because it is literally life-changing at the same time i don’t think she is realizing the gravity of the situation which bothers me. She is mostly worried that her glamour will fall and people will think she is a freak. Okay I appreciate that Rylie is a teenager, and teenagers act like this at times it was just a little too much for me especially in the second half because again she isn’t getting the gravity of the situation, and more times than i care to count she says how she wants to be with Adam, now i would have literally jumped into this book if she never mentioned her parents but she did. Thank God. She did have some saving grace moments but at the same time she was very selfish, not grateful at all, and once again not realizing how much danger she was in. And i guess i was waiting for her to realize how lucky she was. and how grateful she should be for the situation that she was in.
okay there is something i have to have to say and its a bit of a spoiler so don’t look if you don’t want to know <spoiler> i seriously cannot get over how she wanted Kallan to say how he was desperately in love with her he is, but she doesn’t feel the same way…um are you fucking kidding me?!?!?!?!? </spoiler>

Adam: kind of fell flat because he wasn’t in the book that much. But this what i know he was written to be the perfect jock, and perfect boyfriend. There relationship felt more like kissing than anything else. that deep seeded friendship seemed almost nonexistent to an extent, i mean if she was as close to him as she claims to be wouldn’t she want to tell him everything…okay getting side-tracked. All in all he was “perfect boyfriend” but we didn’t really experience anything with them and that i will come to play in my next section

Kallan: I actually liked him a lot more than Adam but the problem here was we experienced things with him, we went on “dates” if you will with him. We were on this journey with him. So yeah i liked him more. There was more to him than meets the eye and i could tell that he cared even when Rylie couldn’t see it. i don’t know how you couldn’t…

The villain: Not as evil as he could have been but than again I think that is probably a wrong thing for me to say because i just finished reading a book where the villain was LIKE SUPPPPPERR evil and it wasn’t much of a YA so there are differences when it comes to age groups and stuff like that.

So my last thoughts are: i really did enjoy this, i did. stop being so shocked it okay. But there were parts that i could have lived without because it made it hard to love the MC and want the best for her, while i didn’t entirely hate her, because i didn’t i did wish she wasn’t so angst-y. AGAIN i do acknowledge and respect she is a teenager character and that is how they react to things.

yes i will probably go on with the series, by the way, no its not a cliffhanger ending so yup