Summary via Goodreads:

“**2012 Whitney Award Nominee**

A dark shadow stalks the night, watching her—waiting to claim what is his.

Seventeen-year-old Tayla Jonas longs for a simple life, but after a traumatizing family loss, she is forced to be both mother and sister to her cousins while caring for her mentally unstable aunt. Moving to her grandma’s quiet town of Cody, Wyoming, Tayla finds some normalcy with her quirky green activist friend, Chel, who spends no time converting her to vegetarianism.

A few weeks into her new school, Tayla catches the eye of Kyle Harrington—the high school quarterback and resident millionaire—who can seduce any girl with his charismatic charm, including Tayla. But Kyle is anything but what he seems.

Walking through City Park, Tayla is unaware that an ancient curse has her in its crosshairs. The silver moonlight illuminates the path to her van, sprinkling shadows like evil twinkling eyes. Tayla’s skin prickles, and she turns. Something—or someone—is watching her.

A powerful werewolf steps from the shadows. An iridescent blue cord shoots from him and slams into her stomach, dissolving instantly. Pain wracks her body, and she tries to scramble to safety, but his silver eyes freeze her in place as the curse binds them together. The cord settles deep inside her body, coiling with dread around her heart.

Dismayed by the prospect of a werewolf for a shadow, Tayla fears for the safety of her friends and family. How will she keep the werewolf’s insatiable hunger in check? Her plans for a vegetarian lifestyle quickly dwindle away, and Tayla wrestles to fit her frazzled life back together—piece by piece. But what she didn’t expect was her attraction to the werewolf or the power of the full moon.

Will Tayla be strong enough to survive the Curse of the Beast? Or will it consume her like so many before? Find out in the first installment of this unique retelling of Beauty and the Beast.”

*also in this review you will realize, as i just did that i am stupid, yup stupid! says it right there that it is a retelling of beauty and the beast….how i missed that i have NO IDEA awesome*

My Review: (4 out of 5 stars)

Interesting…very interesting….

Kay song choice: I think its inappropriate to use the song “Tale as Old As Time” so i will refrain from doing that… officially that is ;). So now for serious choices: “You Are the Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne for the MCs though they don’t realize it yet cause they are fools…what?! seriously though… i will get to that later 😉 “Life and Death” by Paul Cardall (which is a strictly instrumental song and since i refuse to use, well most of the times, songs that are mentioned in the book this is my replacement for Moonlight Sonata, which is a fantastic song!)

First thoughts: SO let me start off by saying a) I LOVE ALL THINGS WEREWOLVES b) I FUCKING LOVE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. anything to do with it, if you book mentions that is draws i don’t know the freakin’ talking candle – Lumiere – i might just end up reading your book, seriously 😐 <= that is my dead serious face. don’t mess with it. So when I went into this book while obviously the clues are right there to say hey this might be beauty and the beast retelling i didn’t actually start catching onto this fact until awhile into it. I didn’t read any reviews going into this book just the summary so that might have been why as well. Anywhos! i thought was a very interesting take on not only the werewolves, but also the beauty and beast curse/tale.

Thoughts on Plot: SOOOO pretty much you can split this book into three parts, yes i am not kidding. While each part was interesting and worked pretty alright with each other it also … how do i explain this without giving much away. In the first part of the book, the “first third” if you will, (and i am almost 100% it doesn’t actually percentage out to 3rds so stop trying) anyways! the “first third” was not really completed and while I understand we will probably revisit it in the next book, I don’t know it feels like we are going back you know, like we were moving forward now we have to go back? sad… anyways but the point is this was probably my biggest issue with the book, well one of two, i will get to the second in characters, yup sorry! anyways! it was the first third didn’t fit as well as i would have liked with the last two thirds, or maybe its because i was thinking in the back of my head, when is this character going to show his ugly mug again? cause damn him he got under my skin and i kept wondering about him….crazy i know…and you don’t even know who i am talking about sorry! Anyways so back to the werewolf stuff, while this is both the traditional half man half wolf form, it is also the new-age full wolf as well, confused? good, then read the book. hehehe 🙂 i was giving you serious face again even though you didn’t realize it! Anyways yeah i could see a lot of beauty and the beast aspects in this book, did that upset me? hell no but as i mentioned before i will take pretty much anything that says its even remotely like beauty and the beast.

Thoughts on Characters:

Tayla: (Tay) She had to grow up fast, while her parentage isn’t really explained until I think a little after the amazon sample, so about 10% into the book we do learn what happened, father was insta-bail, mother was almost insta-bail, so she was raised by her aunt who she calls mom, and her uncle who happened to die, when and how again we don’t learn for quite sometime. The point is here is that there was a lot of waiting on her past. Okay so here is the thing about Tayla i totally respected her, she was trying so hard to do everything at home, raise her two younger nieces, and help her with aunt who should probably consider going to a therapist/psychologist just saying, cause i am pretty sure she might be bipolar, and DEFINITELY depressed. Sooo getting off track as i do, re-grouping…So i respect her for that, and for not being angst-y about it. While i might not blame her for being angst-y she wasn’t so thank god! BUUUTTT she is a bit of a pushover, and its mostly with Kyle, (god i really freakin’ hated him, i was…calming down i will attack him later that is a promise). So anyways even with Beast she is a bit of a pushover, she doesn’t fight, she avoids up until the end. then she starts singing a little different tone, and i mean she does have moments before hand but they are shottie at best…anywhoo in the end i did like her while i think she could have been a bit more i don’t know…just more she was likable enough, but at points i wanted to punch her in the snout for being so nice…now i think i know how my friends feel, i should call them and apologize then take it back and be like i am not sorry for being nice! hows that for being nice! bwhaha…..i got side-tracked again opps!

Beast: mystery. to. be. solved. he was annoyingly bossy that is for sure but what can you expect from an alpha…it happens. i wish that we could have seen more of his playful side when i wasn’t being pissed off at him. Beast characters are always hard to love at first because its their job to steal these girls from their families and be that stand-offish, rude, bossy, tempter-ish characters. While this Beast tried to be more charming and sweet, and funny and all that jazz i still wanted to be mad at him. though when he started opening up, my gosh i was ready to kiss him myself!

Kyle: I REALLY REALLY HATED HIM. i am narrowing eyes at you sir! i really disliked you and i cannot wait for more of you! i know that sounds super weird but god he was like the perfect, “oh i am so nice, but not really i am an asshole” character you think he is good somewhat but you just can’t help but hate him, and I sincerely love LOVE that fact, fantastic! (this is the character that got under my skin)

The ending…okay first off are you kidding me? not nice ending a book like that, i do like the twist though, very cool. But also i cannot stop myself from saying this but really Tayla are ya that stupid? really? REALLY? ugh i will allow it… so yes i will continue on with the series… i am eager to see what is in store for the next book 🙂