Hey, hey peeps! yeah okay i won’t ever say peeps again, sorry that just happened…

Anyways! This is a follow up about the blog post I put up awhile ago about Stalker Saturday

While its mostly a Facebook thing because i cannot be putting up a post on the hour here, if someone request it I’d be willing to post all the questions and answers from Stalker Saturday up the next day, but the point of this post is to tell you who the lucky winners are in case you don’t have a facebook page and you entered from here! 

Ready? I am just going to copy from what is on my facebook page….

Kyla Patton, Jasmine Kowalski, and Sara Kinsella Congrats ladies you won e-copies of any one of Airicka’s books you’d like, please message me here, and we shall talk!

Now for our paperback winner! Sharilyn Dickerson you lady get your choice of Airicka’s book in paperback form! 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MESSAGE ME! If I don’t hear from you i might have to hunt you down, and i am not entirely sure i know how to do that! (that goes for the e-book winners, well besides Kyla and Jasmine you girls have won stuff from me before  ) 

Congrats! And Please stop by next weekend, and we will have another Stalker Saturday! Author to be determined!

Again congrats! And as awesome followers that you guys are! Cause you are 😉 

I have an idea forming, that maybe we should do one Stalker Saturday as an author of your choosing. Now it won’t be this coming Saturday cause its too soon, but if I were allow people to nominate authors, we could do like March Madness stuff, BUT in the end its up to the author if she/he is willing to do it. Soooooooo if you guys like this idea maybe send a carrier pigeon, shoot us an email either at our email here, or a message on facebook if you follow us there, or what nots. If this gets somewhat of good feedback here i will make it public for the facebook kids as well! 

Oh ALSO if you happen to be an author, and you happen to think this Stalker Saturday is a fun, easy way to get some notice and would be interested in doing it please shot us an email, we’d be more than happy to do it with you! (“it” being the stalker saturday, ya naughty Nancys!) 

OH ALSO if you have NO idea what the hell Stalker Saturday is let me explain:

Its where we (andrea and becca) come up with fun, silly questions with a few serious questions that readers might be interested in learning about their favorite authors! Super fun right? worried about your privacy? well don’t fret my friends cause we try not to ask too personal of questions. And if you felt a question we do ask is too personal you don’t even have to answer it 🙂 YAY! SOUNDS LIKE FUN RIGHT?! i know. 

Again next week is still to be determined. 🙂 HAVE A GREAT FREAKIN MONDAY!

ugh mondays suck even if its summer….