Summary via Goodreads: 

Think you know about gargoyles? The beautiful winged race disappeared eight hundred years ago. When they last walked the earth, they traveled in close-knit packs, their throats marked with ancient runes. Their greatest enemies were the ugly and brutal harpies that people today mistake for gargoyles.

When a fabulous winged sculpture mysteriously saves Elaina’s life, she travels across the country in her search to learn more about him. But the good-looking gargoyle she finds in Colorado isn’t exactly happy to see her. Too bad he’s going to be her new college roommate. Now sparks fly every time Elaina and Reason look at each other.


My Review: (4 out of 5 stars)

Well I guess we are going just jump right into this…oh wait, this is a third in a series, while this series is one that deals with different characters each books, i really don’t think you can read them out of order as they are following the same timeline, most of the characters know each other, and are dealing with issues from the first and second book still. so with that said if you haven’t read of the first or second one this will most likely have spoilers from them… sorry.

Song Choice: “All I Need” by Radiohead 😉 just for Elaina (well also in a way describing their relationship. And also “Misguided Ghost” by Paramore.

First thoughts: Well out of the series, this wasn’t really my favorite, but I have a special place in my heart for black hair, blue eyed boys, sorry Reason but you are a blonde ;). With that said there were other aspects about this book that i liked better the the previous two, which sounds odd i know. But i guess one of my biggest problems with this book was, as much as i love the hate-love relationships were the two “falling in love” are just asses to each other, really i do love that, its fun chemistry building, it also for me lasted too long in this one. I will elaborate later sorry i get carried away in first thoughts. So some aspects it was a lot better than the first two, and more personal reasons it wasn’t.

Plot: So this is one of the things I loved most about this book, because in the first two the problem was Harpies and them coming in and stealing the girl to get to the guy. While this book continued with Harpies it also introduced a new “villain”/problem. My only thing is i think that this new problem was resolved too quickly, it could have been another running problem the pack had to deal with. Anyways! Harpies still are coming around but this time they are going for the direct source. Now for the romance part, while I do, i really, really do love the I hate you, i hate you, but really i love you romances because i think they are fun as hell i was a little annoyed on how long this lasted, or maybe it was that this book could have been longer…but i think if they had hit more common ground before the very end it would have worked really well as well. We all know that Reason had a bit of a crush on Mac and it caused problems in here as well, and i loved it!
So are you wondering about those missing pack members? Welllllll i can’t tell you much but i can tell you this, i am looking forward to someone else’s story now.


Elaina: She was very, very different from Mim and from Mac which I really liked. This is going to sound a bit like an asshole sort of move, but I like to know that authors can do a wide spectrum of characters. Elaina is also a bit older than the other girls she is 19 but looks like 14 😉 haha, but she is very mature, she is very outspoke and seems fearless. I think she has a bit of the Napoleon Complex to be honest, hahaha (i like to think i am funnier than i actually am so you don’t have to laugh its okay) Alright ANYWAYS Elaina, she is really fearless, but hilarious as well. Unfortunately there were times when she seemed a lot longer than 19 and i get that she is somewhat self-conscious cause she can obviously see how Reason felt about Mac. But i guess because i know more than she does that i wanted to just yell at her and tell her that she is wrong, so very wrong that they are so good together!! I mean come on, both are art kids. There is just so much right about them.

Reason: He always never stops surprising me. I guess since its been awhile since i have heard the first two, (i stopped cause i heard a rumor that this was going to be the last one, not the cause by the way obviously so i was scared to start it because i have this thing about ending series, books, tv shows, etc, etc, if i don’t read/watch it, it never has to end. I mean duh!!!) again moving on. For some reason…hehe pun…anyways…i always thought Reason himself was a bit of a flirt and fun, and just not so serious. But he is, he takes his place as second in command very seriously and i respect him for it. He is so selfless anyone can see that. He is always putting the pack before himself and when he does finally does stuff for himself oh my i am just so happy for him! its just perfect!! PERRRFFFECT he really does deserve it. 🙂 i am super happy for him, and God can he be sexy as hell!!!

So we know alot about the other pack members right? Well i am just going to do a little bit of Defiance cause his book is next.

Defiance: is less than a bad boy in my eyes now, as more of an asshole. I don’t understand his obvious distaste for humans but i am very eager to learn about it. I am sincerely hoping that the next one might be in his POV? maybe alternating between him and Whit…mayhaps? Anyways he is a mystery to be solved and lets hope Whit can get through that asshole, bad boy shield he has going on.

The ending, well there is still the missing pack members to worry about, and a new mystery to be solved so, a bit of a cliffie but no big deal as the next one is already out. YAY!!!!