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Melissa Haag currently resides in Wisconsin with her husband and three children. Touch is her first published novel. She is currently working on book three of a separate five book series. To learn more about her upcoming projects, visit her at:




Now none of the authors knew that I was going to do this. And none of them had read this before I even posted this. So hehehe! Alright, so this is the part where I get to say my little two cents on these amazing authors and ladies! Now I am SUPER grateful to Melissa for first contacting Andrea and I about in exchange to giving us her books we were to give back honest reviews. Now it’s always a little scary doing that, because well I don’t like to boast but I like to think myself a nice person. So yeah when we get those emails usually I am totally honored and secondly freaked cause I don’t know what to expect, its not like I went out and found these books. Well I am grateful to Melissa because she did point us in the direction of her writings. She did this amazing thing. It’s strange because in a way she put a new twist on werewolves without doing anything REALLY different, for her Judgment of the Six Series. Not only did she put a twist to werewolves but demons as well in her novel “Touch”. Melissa’s style is very unique and is worthy of reading a 1000 times over. I enjoyed every novel she has come out with so far and I am excited to read whatever she has to come out with. Also fun fact she asked me again if I would read the second book in the Judgment Series but I literally bought it as soon as it came out. Beat her to it!


Awesome Questions….

1)         What made you decide to write in the first place?

Money, but not the way you think… I was spending so much on books.  Reading paperbacks, around five a week, got expensive – I paid full price of course.  When I started spending more than forty dollars a week, I acknowledged I might just have a reading addiction and found a way to help myself.  Writing was a way to feed my imagination without spending so much money.

2)         What gives you inspiration? Is there something that halts the progress in particular?

The weirdest things provide inspiration and it’s never ‘related’ inspiration.  I really don’t get how my head works.  For example, I saw a deer on the side of the road – bambi didn’t make it – and started thinking of one of my story lines involving winged creatures.  No idea what the connection was there, but I lost myself in a fifteen minute daydream.


3)         What is some (cause picking one is just too hard) of your favorite books, and do you take anything away from them for your own writing?

Favorite is subjective. 😉

There are several books that stick in my head because they either tricked me, which I like, or because I fell in love with the characters.  One of my favorites is the Talisman. 


The best books are the ones I learn from… the ones that help me write better. 


4)         What’s one of the scariest moments of publishing your own books?

Ready?  This is how it went…  My finger is hovering over the submit icon on my screen.  My first title is typed up on the page.  I press the icon.  As the screen flashes, I think, ‘Oh, $h!t, did I just misspell the TITLE?!’  Minor heart attack…

Other than that, it’s just a rollercoaster of exciting new experiences.


Kay now for some fun questions:


1)         If you could meet any character, ever, who would it be? (Why if you desire to share) also can be one of your characters.

I’ve been asked this before and have to say my answer changes based on mood.  I think I have to pick the little mermaid (Disney version, please).  I’d like to trade my legs for some fins and underwater breathing for a while.  I’m sure there’s something really cool in the deep dark ocean that we haven’t yet discovered.

I would pick one of my own characters, but they are in my head and totally real to me already.  No one knows them better than me 😉

2)         If you can choose one:


a.         a pony farm, unicorns included if desired (or dragons)

b.         a library filled with books you would be interested in reading

c.         to go to the moon

…. which would you choose.

PONIES!  Now… Unicorns or dragons… that’s the tough choice.


3)         What is your favorite type of paranormal (mythological, supernatural, whatever you can think of) creature?

I’m a huge fan of werewolves (the smexy kind, not the rip your face off kind) and demons (the hot, not associated with the devil kind).

4)         What book should I read next just kidding! But what’s on your next to read list?

I’m cheap, as I mentioned earlier.  So I have a few freebies in my kindle waiting for my next reading mood, which may be awhile.  My family and self-imposed writing deadlines has really cut into reading time.  I think I’ll be a book devourer in fall again.

***A HUGE HUGE Thank you to Melissa!***

Melissa’s Books:

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(Mis) Fortune




What do you prefer werewolves, or demons (the nice kinds of both)? And why? (Mostly because it’s more interesting that way, and also I like to act like a High School test, I am very demanding.)

Comment below please! And with the comment, please comment which book you’d like to read the most out of Melissa’s!

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