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I am Xamien’s secret lover. Well, in my head I am and since I’m single this is completely allowed. Some of you may ask, who is Xamien, don’t worry you will meet him soon enough in FALL the 3rd Senses book, but no falling in love with him. He is all mine.

Writing books is a fantastic way to have adventures that are impossible to have otherwise. I mean do you really want to fall in love with Waleron? He is so unstable and would never pick up after your dogs or clean the litter box. Not to mention the fact that he is always out killing disgusting grave robbing bug people.

Curling up with a good book and losing yourself to another time and place is the greatest reward. Being able to feel a character’s emotions, their fears, pain and love. Now that is incredible. I relish in the books that stay with me long after they have ended. This is what I strive for in my writing. To give the readers, and myself, an escape into another world, my world.

I have been writing since I was twelve. My parents, sorry mom and dad, would send me to my room for an hour every night to do homework, and instead I wrote stories. Oops, guess that is why i did so bad in math.

I have never stopped writing since then and never will. It’s like an addiction, but a good one. I adore stepping into the shoes of a character and deciding their fate. The characters are why I write. I want to fall in love with them (even the bad ones), so that I care about what happens to them in a story. If I can’t care about the characters then why bother with the story.

I live in Toronto with a menagerie of pets that keep me on my toes.

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I wanted to do something different for our special spotlights. I just wanted to say a little about the amazing Cindy here. She is amazing by the way. Now let me tell you a bit about how I see Cindy’s writing. I think that her series The Senses is originally and shows a new type of paranormal that are just full of surprises. Her books are filled with intense emotions and intense relationships. The characters are well thought out and developed, the plot is extremely well paced, a lot of action, and the series is well plotted. It starts off slow enough that we can learn about these new paranormals without overwhelming the reader. Since this is the only series out by Cindy so far I’d say she has a great future ahead of her with these books, also with any book in the future.




Awesome Questions…


Hey everyone. Becca thank you for having me on your blog today and congratulations on your 100th post!! Yayyyyy!!


1) What made you decide to write in the first place? 

When I was about 12 years old I read a romance novel that I stole from my mom and that was it—I’ve been writing ever since.  It’s a need—no— it’s an overwhelming need to write. I get up early every morning even on my days off, just so I can write. I consider it an amazing day if I can sit and write for twelve hours.  It’s the one constant in my life that I could never give up no matter what. Is that an addiction? Maybe, but it’s a good one. 


2) What gives you inspiration? Is there something that halts the progress in particular?

Just breathing gives me inspiration, just kidding…well kind of.  My inspiration is when an idea for a character hits me. It can be as simple as Waleron and his Pez dispenser, which turns into his addiction then why he needs it and so on. It steamrolls and builds until it transfers into a story. What can halt progress is a difficult plot dilemma. How on earth am I going to get him/her to do such and such? And to get out of that—sitting in traffic. Yep, traffic is a great place to run thousands of ideas around in your head.

3) What is some (cause picking one is just too hard) of your favorite books, and do you take anything away from them for your own writing?

“Outlander” is one of my favorite books. Diana Gabaldon’s writing is brilliant and extremely different than mine. I can’t even begin to bring any of her writing into my own, but I appreciate the details in her work, and most of all how she makes you feel part of the story. You get in deep with her characters and maybe subconsciously I’ve taken that into my own writing? I’m pretty neurotic about my characters coming to life, I want the readers to finish reading and still be thinking about them. 

Some favorites—Acheron by Sherilyn Kenyon, the tortured soul. Undeniable and Unbeautifully—raw and real. Consequences by Aleatha Romig, bring on the shock.

I think every single book you read, you take away something. You learn what you don’t like and try to avoid it in your own writing and vice versa. 

4) What’s one of the scariest moments of publishing your own books?

When I press the publish button. WOW. Scary. Did I upload the right book? Is the formatting okay?  Is anyone going to like it? Maybe I should have…. The questions tap dance across my mind until I receive the first feedback from my book. Okay, it’s all good, I can breathe.

Kay now for some fun questions:    Great Becca, bring it on! 

1) If you could meet any character, ever, who would it be? (Why if you desire to share) also can be one of your characters. 

Well, I’d meet Xamien of course, he is so Alpha yet has this undeniable sweetness about him. For a character outside my novels, I’d pick Jamie Fraser from the “Outlander” series and anyone who has read this book knows exactly why. Tony Rawlings from Consequences because I want to slap him and kiss him. And for a super-hot guy— Tack from KA’s Motorcycle Man.


2) If you can choose:

a. a pony farm, unicorns included if desired (or dragons)

b. a library filled with books you would be interested in reading

c. to go to the moon

…. which would you choose.

Ha. Okay, pony farm with dragons.  The pony’s would be the babysitters or companions for the dragons and keep them calm. The dragons are free (hate anything chained or locked up) and fly around at night. The reason they stick around is because they’d never leave their pony companion. And I get to ride around on the dragons at night.


3) What is your favorite type of paranormal (mythological, supernatural, whatever you can think of) creature?

Hmmm, tough question. How about I refer to my own books and say the Scars— the ink tattoos on my Senses. The Scars are creatures that can be anything— half-man half-animal or a little girl who can kick ass or maybe a tiger-crossed with a panther. It’s a bonus I have complete control over them. Thinking I should maybe get a tat now, you know, just in case one day they do come to life. 


4) What book should I read next just kidding! But what’s on your next to read list?


OHHH I have about a hundred on my TBR next list, but a few are “Epilogue” (The Dark Duet )—totally love this series, really unique and emotionally crazy. It just came out and I need to read it. Also, still have to read the final R.K. Lilley book Grounded and the final of the Thoughtless series Reckless by S.C Stephens. Oh and I want to read KA’s Chaos series. 

Have to say, I just finished Unbeautifully by Madeline Sheehan and it’s still running rampant in my head. That series grabs hold and doesn’t let go.


Thank you so much for having me on your blog today. I love your reviews and posts. Grats again on this special day.


Happy reading everyone!

***THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Cindy you’re a peach!***

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