NOW if you don’t follow our Facebook Page that is fine thanks for stopping by anyways! To let you know what is going on today, all day today! We are celebrating this right here actually. It’s our 100th post! We started in late December and now here we are in June with our 100th post. With almost about 100 books, probably more like 80ish, but wow. 

ANYWAYS some AMAZING Authors that I adore, and want to thank from the bottom of my heart and more! Have agreed to not only allow us to spotlight them, but to interview them, AND, this is the part you are going to like, they are doing giveaways. NOW its going to be in alphabetic order 

Airicka Phoenix: is giving away 1 copy of each of her books, and that secret super awesome giveaway I have been hinting at? an ARC copy of her newest release due to come out the 21st of this month, “Octavian’s Undoing” (pretty cool huh?, well she is a pretty cool lady)

Cindy Paterson: is giving away two copies of the first in her series “Jump” and one grand prize winner will win all three in the series, even cooler i know! (She also is awesome!)

Melissa Haag: is giving away one copy of any three of her books and you get to decide which one you want. (she is a peach, and if i hadn’t got all her books already i’d be jealous)

Stephanie Constante: Is giving away three copies of her newest release “Pygmalia” which i have also read and it was amazing! (so Stephanie top notch lady)

NOW I do really hope you look at these spotlights verses just entering the giveaways because each one of these ladies took time out of their lives to answer some fun questions for their readers to enjoy, also I hope you take a few minutes to run over to the links provided in their post to like their facebook pages/goodreads pages. 

THANK YOU for stopping by and THANK YOU Authors for allowing us to do this!