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“Before Fallon was created to destroy. Before love became the ultimate weapon of destruction. There was Amalie and the horror that started a revolution that tore the fabric of humanity, of everything standing in the balance between power, hope and survival.

Amalie has one wish, one gnawing desire — she wants to die.
She wants to leave this world behind with its pain and darkness. She wants to finally breathe. But Amalie is a prisoner, a disease, not fit for life. She is unwanted, unnatural. She is defective, something useless and broken. Her own mother hadn’t wanted her. Her father hated her. The world shunned her and the only person she had ever loved, truly and with all her heart and soul, couldn’t stand the sight of her, couldn’t stand the thought of ever being with her. She repulsed him. Her insanity disgusted him. He’d forgotten her. He’d left her behind, deserted and abandoned her to a madman hell bent on crushing her, stealing her soul and shattering her will.

But what if she’s finally given hope? A reason to live? Can Amalie finally accept the hand offering so much for so little in return? Can she love again when she has nothing left to give?

Can she finally be free?



Due to sensitive matters portrayed throughout the novel, Touching Eternity (Touch Series, book 1.5) is rated 18+ (Adult).

Although a part of the Touch Series, Touching Eternity is a standalone. This book does not need to be read in order to understand the others in the Touch Series or vice versa. You can skip this book altogether if necessary. Touching Eternity is the story of Amalie. For those who have read Touching Smoke — and I advise strongly that you read Touching Smoke before Touching Eternity — already are aware of her story to some point. This book is about her.

I, Airicka Phoenix, in no way, shape or form condone the violence shown in Touching Eternity. For those sensitive to matters of abuse (mental, emotional, substance (unwilling) and sexual), torture, suicide and mental instability, this is not a story for you, please do not read. All images are not projected graphically, but I believe strongly that my younger readers should not read this.

Please be aware that the rest of the Touch Series (Touching Smoke, Touching Fire, Touching Embers & Touching Ash) will continue to be Young Adult.
Touching Eternity is ADULT. It may not be suitable for all readers.

Please read with caution.”

My Review: (5 out of 5 stars, i mean come on this is Airicka Phoenix)

Have you ever read a book and known the ending to it?
Have you ever wished that you were wrong?
I wish that I was wrong.
I wish that I could change the past and rewrite the future.
I also wish that I could escape with the Doctor and travel through Space and Time but that probably won’t happen in the next week, I am still crossing my fingers for next week though 😉

Alright so (this is the THIRD time i started this review, i might kill my computer… anyways) So Touching Eternity is this sort of prequel but not quite sort of in the middle of the Touch Series by Airicka which is amazing and you should go read that by the way. Would I read this before the first book in the Touch Series? Touching Smoke?…. UM, maybe. I am having a debate with myself. On one hand it would be really interesting to seen it be read in that order, but when i started this series this book had yet to come out, so there is that. But for someone else, i think it could be really interesting, also A TAD, maybe A LITTLE confusing… so with that said I will try my DARNEST and a HALF to keep this spoiler free of the first book Touching Smoke, kay? kay.

Song Choice: I have a few, so BWHAHAHAHA “Sleep” by My Chemical Romance,
“Speechless” by Lady Gaga, “Sleeping Sickness” by City and Colour featuring Gordon Downie, and (also no this book doesn’t have to do with sleep i realize that two of the songs have sleep in them but no…its not about sleeping, it might deprive you of sleep because you MUST FINISH IT. ) and finally nope this one doesn’t have sleep in the title, sad i know either way: “We Looked Like Giants” by Death Cab For Cutie

Kay for the review….damn i was hoping i would have more time for this. Alright first thoughts: It was simply put beautiful. I had never hoped for something so hard. I wished for the ending to change from page one to page well 100% because i read this via ebook. My advice is to breathe. I will not promise you anything. I can’t. Sorry. What I can promise you though is a very, amazingly written without being to brutal to the readers mind story about struggle, and a whole new meaning of courage.

Thoughts on plot….

Plot: Now this is a much different tone than Touching Smoke. If you don’t know Touching Smoke this is a very serious, very heart-wrenching story. While we don’t have car chases and um explosions i am trying to think of other normal action like moments in action movies. It does not mean this is not um how do i put this…drama filled. I am bad at this because this seemed literally it was pretty much a contemporary fiction for those you have never read the Touch Series that is what it seemed like. so almost contemporary fiction with a centimeter of “other”. There is a lot of psychological abuse in this, don’t know what i mean by that? well don’t worry i am still trying to figure out how to put it without spoiling anything. Amalie’s told she is crazy but i think anyone in her position would become crazy, only she isn’t. But there is a lot that happens to her, this isn’t a story about rainbows and butterflies, this is a story where you are going to need to pull up your big girl panties (or big boy pants), admit to yourself you aren’t going to cry, but most likely you will, and hold onto that small piece of yourself that wants all to be well in the world. Sometimes stories aren’t pretty, sometimes stories hurt so much that you can only hope for a little glimmer of light in the darkness.

Thoughts on characters:

When I started this book I thought this was going to be Amalie’s story. Her story only. I was a fool. This story belongs to three people. So let me go on.

Amalie: She has a new type of courage, the courage to live when she has nothing to live for. If being broken-hearted wasn’t enough this girl is put through the wringer times a thousand. I literally wanted her to escape the only way she could. I do NOT, EVER, ever, ever, condone taking one’s life, not in books, not in real life. So if you ever thought about it, well guess what there is someone’s life whose is probably worse than yours, Amalie’s for example. I hated myself, but if she could find peace there, God dammit. I wanted so much for her. In the end (not the end of this book, no spoilers here 😐 ) in the end she showed a different type of strength. Maybe she might seem weak to a certain reader but to me she was one of the strongest MC’s that i have come across in a very long time.

Isisah: GRRR. that is all. nah just kidding! i will give you more than that. GRRRRRRRRR. there. fine i will tell you more than GRRRRR. sheesh calm down i was just messing with you. but still GRRR. this is hard. At first I honest to God wanted to hate him. I’m being honest here. I wanted to hate him, no actually I did hate him. He just UGH. But he does redeem himself, and boy does he redeem himself. We all have faults don’t we? we are allowed to make mistakes… and he does. he really does make some really bad mistakes. but ohh poor Isisah. I found that i couldn’t hate him once we got more of his story, and more of his POV.

you want some of there moments together? Sure ya do, you do because i demand it!

“Amalie…” Her name was a single whispered prayer pouring from his lips. It gasped out as if it had been lodged in his chest for centuries, expanding and tightening until he just couldn’t hold it in any longer.

This was theirs. Whatever happened between the times he came home no longer existed, they were no longer important. He was home. He was with her again. She wasn’t alone anymore. She wasn’t scared.”

And they can be as pretty as they want. They can never make my heart stop the way you do.” Hope, bright and sparkly, leapt into her chest, pushed its way up to burst from her lips in a squeal of delirious joy. She stopped it.
“But—” His finger ghosted her lips.
“No buts. Ever. There is no one that can make me look into their eyes and see the rest of my life. Only you.” 

Garrison: *my eye is twitching right now* kay have you ever seen Game of Thrones? No go watch that, yes? you know how much you hate Joffrey well you will hate Garrison more. If you haven’t seen GOT than have you ever seen Beauty and the Beast, you know how much you hated Gaston yeah well Garrison is like a million and times worse. I don’t think there are enough words to describe how much i hated this man. He literally was probably the perfect villain. For me the most dangerous villain is a villain that himself believes in his own lies. The worse part, is I am pretty sure he doesn’t even realize that he is doing harm, i honest to God believe that he thinks what he doing is okay, that it is right. seriously he is just f-ed up. So another thing about Garrison was that i did NOT want to read in his POV i didn’t want to be swayed in any direction that might be his. I didn’t want to understand his crazy, and all that jazz but i loved the book more for having it. I really do. In order to write in his POV and his parts, wow seriously wow.

The ending. Nope. I won’t. Thank you though.

there are status updates/spoilers for those who have read the Touch Series on my Goodreads review:

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