Who cares… that is. Well this isn’t a book review… odd i know. 

Well just stopping by with a few pieces of news. 

First being…We’ve gone to the Darkside, we got a Facebook page… how exciting, now i have a new thing to obsessively watch non-stop instead of doing normal human activities such as eating, breathing, functioning. Well here is the link come by and like us if you want, you don’t have to: https://www.facebook.com/TheVioletHourBookReviews

Second off, we are getting DANGEROUSLY close to our 99th, and 100th post. Hopefully within the next couple of days, and HOPEFULLY we will have something REALLY special planned for them. 

Third off: Those who have been looking for contemporary fiction, worry no more! Andrea decided that she isn’t dead YAY, also she DOESN’T HAVE A LIFE, even more YAY, so you know what that means? She might be showing up and putting up reviews, if not i am going to go to her house find the reviews and put them up for her, even MORE YAY. 

So to wrap this up: 

1) Facebook page, show us some love, please and thank you

2) super specially awesome posts might be happening soonish?

3) ANDREA IS COMING BACK TO DO REVIEWS, she never left but she has reviews for us, YAY

So for stopping by here is a picture of something for you (i am going to go through my pictures i don’t have one in mind honestly)


Book Club Disney Princess Style… look closely at those titles 😉

enjoy your day/night/yeah