*And damn! that cover is hot…awesome…fantastic.

Summary Via Goodreads:

“Lily is the heir to her father’s family fortune, except she wants no part in it. Especially if it means having to spend months away from her loving mother, being ignored by her genius, yet reclusive father, and tormented by her domineering grandmother.

Since her parent’s divorce, Lily has been forced to spend every summer, bored to death, at her father’s dilapidated estate in England. The one consolation is that this is the last summer she will have to visit before her eighteenth birthday frees her of this obligation. What Lily didn’t expect to find was someone who is just as lonely and out of place as she is. Someone that could make her actually want to stay at the rundown mansion.

Deep in the basement of her father’s home, she finds Adam, who is half human, half machine. He is her father’s latest prototype: a creation built for war, but able to do so much more than just basic fighting tactics and artillery protocol. Lily cannot help but be drawn to her father’s experiment, though she’s certain nothing can come of it. When she realizes that Adam will eventually be taken from her and potentially destroyed, she must decide whether putting her family in jeopardy is worth the risk of helping him escape.”

My Review: Solid 5 out of 5 stars

WOW. FREAKING WOW. I loved it. To say the least.

A HUGE ASS THANK YOU to Stephanie Constante who sent this to me. And honesty is the best policy is what i have to say. So also I am pretty sure i am the first person to do a review on this? MAYBE? If i am SUPER EXCITING. and cool. Cause i tell it how it is. So let me tell you how it is.

Song choice. “I Gave You All” by Mumford and Sons, ANNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDD even how cheesy this is, i still love this song and i think its pppperrrfect for the most part. “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” by Death Cab for Cutie. (oh if you have no idea what i am talking about when i say song choice i am talking about songs that show a hint/vibe of the book, a certain aspect of it or whatever)

First gushings… i mean thoughts…right…thoughts: Um lets see where to start. Well i am going to be blunt for once (pauses for laughter because usually i am fairly blunt) READ THIS. I don’t even care if you don’t like Sci-fi, READ THIS. I don’t care if you don’t think you want to read this, you really do. Because it was just that good. Now i have read Stephanie’s other series, and I ABSOLUTELY ADORED THEM as well, and she does not disappoint. Yeah this isn’t high fantasy, and yeah there are no dragon shifters or any Aidan. BUT there is Adam (aka prototype 78), and there is just pure awesome-ness. The plot while yes government blah blah blah war machine doesn’t feel trite, or over-used or any of that nonsense. Maybe its because i haven’t read a scifi in awhile but this felt new to me, it felt exciting, and i couldn’t stop myself from reading. Well actually i did a couple times only because people were like BECCA DOOO STUFF WITH ME. or you know my dog JoeJoe who i love to hate attacked me until i went to play with her. otherwise i wouldn’t have left this book alone, because unless you know JoeJoe you don’t get to judge me.

THOUGHTS ON PLOT: Well like i mentioned in the first thoughts up there, while this is about a cyborg, and scientist and government? (yes imagine me saying that slightly like a question). It doesn’t feel like its been overused or the same as all those other scientifically enhanced books. Nope. This doesn’t feel like something i read over and over again, or see over and over again. it feels new, and it feels refreshing. And it feels completely and utterly addictive and i demand that you go buy this…sorry getting carried away, but i mean i am sure you have read a book that makes you feel like you need to literally shoved it down other people’s throats? I mean come on? you are lying if you are saying you didn’t. Anyways, so not only is this story action packed, with some mystery on the side, you get some normal family drama, i mean who doesn’t have a 20 something year old cyborg hanging out in their estranged father’s basement lab? i know i do….or maybe that is wishful thinking…damn. Anyways yes there is some normal drama in there, and damn if i didn’t want to kill our main gal Lils’ grandmother. i will get to that in a moment in characters.

Anyways so i know you are wondering, well Becca is there any romance in this? Because you know what i love more on the side of awesome action, mystery and family drama? ROMANCE! well why, yes, yes there is. And there is the perfect, beautiful thing about Stephanie, and i am not that saying that because she sent this to me, because i did pay for her other books so i am glaring at you in a funny disapproving way for you to think of me that way. She writes about romances that are built. Sure its pretty obvious these two seem to have a bond when they first “hanging out” i put in quotation marks because i am not really sure what to call it other than “hanging out” anyways they are two obviously trapped, lonely teenagers. They crave that feeling of acceptance, and understanding, and hell i am 21 and i totally understand that feeling. But while Adam makes his feelings clear, its obvious that it isn’t that insta love, and its not something that is dictating what is happening in this book.

There is more i want to say about their love and what nots but SPOILERS, ALSO i will talk about it with characters, which i am going to do NOW.


**This is told in the POVs of both Lily, and Adam. Which was interesting and beautifully done, and amazing.**

Lily: Now here is an interesting character. While it seems like in shifting POVs that it would help the reader see the character from a different point of view, i think that sometimes that falls flat, and to be honest sometimes its hard to honestly believe in what your main character is telling you about themselves. This may sound strange but person first narrative can be misleading and the narrator is not always going to be believable. Now Lily is don’t get me wrong. But i see things about her that i wouldn’t have seen if it hadn’t been for Adam’s POV shifts. An example of this would be how Adam notices that while she keeps her poker face on, and her emotions internalized, while in Lily’s head we know how she is feeling and i almost feel like she feels like she wears her emotions on her sleeve. Now I ADORED Lily. I thought she was sarcastic, and fantastic. *and i giggle* over that. At the beginning of the book it really shows us the type of person that Lily is, she is a compassionate person, who is very down to earth, and values human life. I think that those first few chapters with just Lily was omgosh awesome, why? because it really does paint her in a perfect light, not saying that she is perfect, but we can clearly see who she is, and how she would/might react to certain situations. Super important for this book, and as a general rule for all books. While I admit at first i thought Lily was going to be this meek, quiet girl who allowed her Grandmother WHO WAS A TOTALLY BITCH. Anyways she might just shock you, i know she shocked me for a moment, then i was like HELL YEAH GIRL YOU tell ’em how it is! loved.her.

Adam aka prototype 78: oh by the way he is the cyborg, really i am not giving anything away if you read the description you know this already. Now while he might be part robot, part human while he might be Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein’s monster, not to be confused with the doctor himself, there is something so, damn swoon worthy about him. NOT TO MENTION if you are guy sorry about the swoon comment, but he also is fucking BAD-ASS. NOW if you are like, please what do you know? UM geek right here. Star Wars, the old ones are the best, LOTRs? if you don’t know what it stands for well there is your answer, Dr. Who i mean please i about cried when i found of Matt is leaving, would you like me to go on about my knowledge of bad-assery? NO I DIDN’T THINK SO. Okay so he is dealing with some issues, you know being a human turned weapon with no real emotions besides when it comes to a certain girl who was named after Adam’s (the biblical Adam) first’s wife. Lillian (YUP LILY FULL NAME) anyways! I really feel like for Adam this is more about finding that thing that makes him human, that keeps him human. Its about love for him which i totally respect and love. But he does step to the plate of be dangerously awesome, and dangerous. i loved reading from his POV it was captivating and interesting. so favorite Adam moments…possibly Lily as well? YES? YES!!!

“You’re wrong, because I know what it feels like to want someone. I remember how I felt for Maggie, and it doesn’t compare to how I feel for you. I wasn’t myself then. I was broken, and I know that the man that I was could have loved you then the way I love you now. I wasn’t ready to care about anyone, but you’re different. I know it’s not fair to Maggie, but that’s how things are.”

So quick thought, i thought at first my all time favorite scene of this book would be the naming scene, but it turned about to be that scene right up there ^^^ when that quote was said.

It makes me feel alive, like I’m human again. Again? If I was ever human, then why can’t I remember? I look down at my skin and see flesh, but I can tell that the bones underneath, the liquid running through the layers of “veins” are all synthetic. I am an automaton; I am Frankenstein’s monster, I am a thing to be feared. When I think of the doctor’s daughter again, all I wonder is, how fast will she run when she sees me coming? 

Also i don’t do these in order by the way, i just do them as i find them so yeah

This is a Lily Quote talking about her Grandmother, adore Lily by the way if i haven’t said it before

The lights were still on, which meant my grandmother was awake, and probably skinning cats (or whatever it was that she did for fun at night). 

Kay one last…possibly….Adam/ Lily passage that might be 2nd favorite:

“I’m a bird of prey, used by humans to hunt for sport. I’m the falcon with his eyes covered; only allowed to do as my owners tell me to do. I could strike fear in the hearts of any bird, but they all just pity me because I’m chained up to those who reared me.”

“Maybe, one day, someone will uncover your eyes and help you find your way back to the wild,” she offers. If she were here right now, I think I couldn’t stop myself from kissing her, because I know that she wants to be the one who sets me free. She’s the only person I know that understands what it means to need freewill, to need an escape. She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s already given me the keys to these locks.

“I think that person already has.” 

Kay so that ending, wow that ending, yeah a lot of the action-y stuff happens almost after the half way mark but trust me the pacing in this book you won’t even realize how much you have read in such a short period of time. Anyways wow. just dammit, wow.

Kay so i have some spoilers, super spoiler by the way, and status updates on goodreads if you want to check them out here is the link to my review:

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