So I am a super nerd/loser….

Today we hit 2000 views, and i was feeling pretty awesome about that. 

So to congratulate ourselves, i made desserts! these to be exact!


Super easy to make, tortilla shells, filled with cream cheese, rolled up, fired in oil until golden brown on each side, then dry them for 15 seconds or so throw it in some cinnamon sugar and eat away!

But the point of this post was to say Thank you all so much who are following us, it means a lot, and i hope that we are helping you find some good indie reads, and those who are just stopping by you aren’t any less important, thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Authors that i have reviewed, and contacted me through here, or what nots, thank you so much for asking us to review your stuff, or if you didn’t thank you for your feedback it does mean a lot to us. so again thank you


thanks one more time

ps they are super yummy the desserts 😉