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“It’s hard to adjust to the trials and tribulations of college when you’ve been the focal point in a web of intrigue and murder. Christina Parker, now a student at a small liberal arts college in central Arizona, is still trying to forget the man who took her through hell and back two years ago.

She was doing just fine, too, until said man appeared again, out of the blue. On the doorstep of her new apartment. Unconscious.

Suddenly, the brittle semblance of normality that Christina managed to construct after all this time is shattered. With a wounded man to contend with and the prominent threat of the ruthless IMA, Christina is forced to face all her old fears head-on.

…But this time, she’ll be doing it on her own terms.”

My Review: This got a 4 out of 5 stars from me

Wow. What a way to end a book. Holy fuck…

Okay pre-warnings, this is a second to a series if you stumbled upon this and thought it looked interesting, this review will have spoilers from the first book most likely, but not from this one. So with that all said and done i will start my review….

Song choice: “I Can’t Make You Love Me” (cover) by Bon Iver, and “Speechless” by Lady Gaga (yeah that is right i like Lady Gaga get over it, she has an amazing voice, and this is an amazing song. Both dealing with the relationship between Michael and Christina.

First thoughts: When i read the summary i thought that honestly Michael would still be the same, and Christina would have turned out into this total like i am going to kill everybody…now that might be a good theme song for Michael the song is by skrillex…hehe anyways…i will talk more about that in characters. Though this book wasn’t emotionally taxing in the same way as the first one this one still had very raw emotions. Had moments that i felt hopeless, but not completely as i did in the first one.

Plot: I thought that Michael and Christina would be reunited almost within the first few chapters, but when that didn’t happen i start to grow comfortable in their routines which i thought worked well for the story, it gave you the same sense as the characters were going through. Though i will admit Adrian annoyed me in this one only because i felt like all of his threats were ideal, he threatened Michael with Christina a lot but never did anything about it. I didn’t really feel that sense of urgency. There were two scenes that i was slightly confused on the positioning, and actions of the characters, i wasn’t sure how they were tied up, not sexually of course ;). anyways there was someone, or many someones out to get these two, so continuing their partnership from the last book these two will fight to the point you want to slap them both, and get along to the point that will make you swoon.


First off i love these characters. so much. they were amazingly written and totally just awesome. i will explain why individually in a moment.

Christina: Now like i mentioned in my first thoughts that i thought that when i start this she might have turned into the feminine version of Chuck Norris, or James Bond, or i don’t know Jet Lee. I thought that she would have gone crazy with learning how to protect herself, and using guns and all that but the thing is that wouldn’t have been her. She was always a sweet, Christian girl who doesn’t believe in violence so honestly i am glad that she wasn’t. Not only that but she managed to keep her head above water as well as react like i would expect someone in her situation would. She is scared, she is paranoid but thank god she finally stands up to her mother, who is a crazy bitch by the way. I really like how she was in the book she because she does grow, she does start becoming her own individual person. She is brave, caring, and she is trying her best. In the last book she annoyed me sometimes because she stated the obvious a lot and asked really in my opinion stupid questions only because i knew she wouldn’t get an answer, and that was downsized in this. And i could see her giving Michael a chance.

Michael: Wow. Well in the first book i was super on the fence about him. He was an asshole, and he was hard to care about. And he promised not to be that “bad boy” that will automatically change just because he found a girl that he is in love with. And though when he is with Christina in this book i can see subtle changes within him he doesn’t change who he is really. He still makes crude remarks, he still loves the swearing, which i don’t mind so don’t think i am complaining cause i am not. But i can see that he REALLY, in his own strange twisted way cares about her. AND OH GOD he is like…wow. he said the most…wow things ever. like oh my goodness. But before i do quotes and i have to because they are amazing! he is still BA and he still willing to kill to protect Christina. so quotes!

“Soft, warm, alive. Beautiful. Brave.” His head shifted, tilting so he could look at me. “When I think about it I’d do almost anything to keep you breathing. So I try not to. You are my beating heart, Christina Parker. I wasn’t truly living until I met you, and if you were to slit my throat right now I wouldn’t lift a finger to stop you, and I’d die a better man because of it.”

“No. And I made that choice. I let all that anger and pain get twisted up in my thoughts for you.” He leaned in. “It fucking kills me. Every night. I relive what I did to you every night.” His forehead rested against mine. “Until you,” he said softly, “I never felt truly helpless.”

“I wanted her to be safe. I wanted her to be mine. I wanted to have my cake and eat it, too.”

one more cause i cannot resist

“I need you alive. I need you breathing.” He shook his head. “I need you.”

There is a quote down in my statuses also everyone should check out because it is OMG….i swoon just thinking about it.

The ending. Wow. Um i am not sure how to respond to that. But i will be reading the next one.

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