Summary via Goodreads:

“He’s destroying me—us. I need him like my next breath, yet I’m suffocating.” 

An unrequited love that has ripped her to pieces.

Delara has loved Waleron for over a century. Their intense chemistry is sensual, gripping, irresistible. But tragedy struck, and after sixty-one years of believing he was dead, Waleron returns a tortured man. He claims the man she loves is dead, yet the undeniable sexual tension still pulls them together.

“I am no longer the man you love, maitagarri. I am incapable of it.” 

Waleron has given his oath to protect the Senses. He will sacrifice everything for them. But there is one Senses he has vowed to protect more than any other—Delara. He will do anything to make certain she is safe, even if it means he must deny her the love they once shared.

She is the hunted.

Delara’s life is in jeopardy and Waleron will do anything to protect her. But he never suspected that Xamien, the man he brings to help protect her is way more important to her than he ever knew.

Torn between two men and hunted by another, Delara must fight her hardest battle—herself.

FALL can be read as a Stand-alone. This book is intended for 18 and up.”

My Review: This got a 101 stars out of 5 from me, but really it got 5 but deserves 101….

*Please note the author mentions this as well, this is meant for older audiences, and there is sex, and there is a lot of violent themes, no rape, but still violence! but still totally worth it. *******

And here I am at 4:40 am, not even tired. so needless to say. I regret nothing.

First off, this is the third in the series, the author does say that you can read it as a standalone but i HIGHLY recommend that you don’t because well a) the first two are amazing. b) i think this story is just a little bit more powerful with their history from the first two books c) the first two books are amazing.

Second off, The author, the amazing Cindy Paterson, asked if i would review this honestly for a free copy. I said hell yes because well again with my list a) i always do honesty b) i loved the first two in this series. So there is that little disclaimer but seriously this would be getting the same review, and same rating even if i had paid for it, and honestly i would have paid for this it is worth every single penny.

Now Reviewin’ Time.

Song CHOICE! okay so if you look through my statuses you will see that there were a few songs listed in there. Yes these are also my choices for the book. I started with “Can’t Make You Love Me” (cover) by Bon Iver, and yes the one by Bon Iver not Adele or anyone else, Bon’s i am not negotiating on this. “Damn You” by Lana Del Rey, “My Love” by Sia (also “Breathe Me” by Sia if you really want) “Swelling” by Sarah Jaffe (got me through the roughest of times), and finally this is an all instrumental song but it has the most beautiful journey in the song it seemed perfect so last one: “The Arrival of Birds & Transformation” by the Cinematic Orchestra.

First thoughts and what nots: So warning: This is not for faint of heart, and this is not going to be all sunshine and rainbows, got it? Good because this is a heart-wretchingly beautiful but PAINFUL love story. One that has stretched over at least a century. Even if you have never read any other books in this series you will become so connected with the characters when you first meet them. You will feel their hurt, their love, their heartbreakingly beautiful story within the first couple of chapters your heart will cry out. And tears you feel like you shouldn’t be crying will fall for characters you just met. Cindy Paterson had made characters and such an achingly beautiful love story within the first 15% of her novel Fall that not reading it would be a shame at worst, and criminal at best. I, and no i am not gloating just being dead honest, I don’t cry much, rarely at best, one of my best friends who has known me for oh god…8 years? has seen me cry ONCE. Well now two times as she came over earlier today while i was reading this and caught me crying. I said before this isn’t for the faint of heart and i meant that i wasn’t trying to be funny. You will need a box of tissues, a very isolated place so people don’t a) see you crying b) bother you while you are reading it. Though i promise you, there will be times when you will have to probably take a five minute walk. Alright i always get carried away here.

Plot: SO it seems to be a trend lately to have series sort of start flopping around you know the second or third book in the series, the first one will have your heart racing, and your addiction going for more, then you read the next one and you are like… seriously? But this only gets better. The first i think it was 25%-ish of the book was structured really strangely but i loved it. I at one moment thought the whole book would be like that and i was strangely alright with it. Like i mentioned before this love has been spanning over a century we got lotz of ground to cover in a little bit of time. But MY GOD the emotions in this book. You have you higher than a kite, then lower in this pit of endless gloom, to seeing the light of that sky in chapter to chapter and going from that to that flawlessly. I never felt like i was being jerked around in my emotions, nor did i feel it was abrupt. The first half of the book yeah there wasn’t a whole lot of car chasing sort of action but it will keep you going, and the second half yeah there is more adventure more, “car chasing” goodness. and don’t look for the god damn car chase i am pretty sure there isn’t one its just the term that i use. Pace again amazing. This really focused in more on Delara and Waleron much like the first book was closer just to Danielle and Balen. Either way amazing, amazing amazing.


Alright here is the thing, if you haven’t caught on yet its okay usually i don’t make myself very clear 😉 teehee, i have read the first two before hand, and these two MCs have been in the sort of background and i have been committed with them for awhile, but we get very um staggered, and vague recollections of their past, which WORKS PERFECTLY, it does, trust me, i am not crazy. It works because in the first book i was all for Delara, i was in her corner all the way, and in the second book the tables where changed i was totally in Waleron’s corner. Now there are no corners and i just don’t know where to go to cry because my corner has been taken! DAMN i am going to have to go find that corner…..characters right! sorry

Delara: Nickname by her best friend Jedrik is Sass/Sassy. It fits her perfectly. For the first two books that is. In those books we really do feel for her, I wanted Waleron to release this hold he had on her in each one of those books. I felt this mental shackles keeping me tied to him through her, especially in this book. I have never been the jealous type before. I am oddly weird and i always like that extra guy that is brought in to make the main guy super jello but in this i was like Waleron and super possessive of who she was with. But here is the thing, those corners i was mentioning earlier they don’t exist here. Because while i want to place blame on one of them, either of them deserve it. Delara had a hard life as well, granted she wasn’t in the same situation as Waleron but she was tortured for 61 years, longer even as well. Delara is strong to a point, we all have a breaking points and we see her at her worse, and we see her at her best. And never once do i hate her for being “weak”, i don’t think she was. She was an amazing MC, She left me breathless, and felt like i was punched in the chest. I felt everything with her, (and yes that has a lot to say for the writing, which was beyond remarkable.) She will not disappoint you. She is strong, and she will fight even when all seems lost.

Waleron: Now when i first met him, and I even looked at my review for Jump the first in the series and i had a small blurb on him and i flat out call him an asshole, and i remember from the second book i could tell that he really did care for his Senses, but at the same time, it was difficult for him. I never realize how much until this book. This offers a WHOLE new view on him. There was so much more to him, there was so much pain. In the end its not about words…well maybe a bit about oaths, but mostly its about the actions of a person. Run and hide all you like Waleron i saw your true colors, and they were beautiful. He is not perfect, for fuck’s sakes, he is far from it actually, but that is what made him amazing. I thought that i loved Kilter, but man Waleron is close. Though i do have my eyes on a new boy who i am just dying to read about. so let me tell you about some new characters introduced.

Max: Is a girl. Yup you read that right, a girl. She has a very small part in this book but i think that she will be one hell of a character and i can NOT wait to read more about her.

Jasper: now he is the man i have my eye on. I knew it from the moment these two were in the same room together, and that was quite the scene 😉 by the way, that this was going to be a perfect match. oh yes. i was quite excited. and no i am not talking about the bathroom scene either 😉 you will understand when you read the book.

The writing isn’t something i usually talk about but its really needed here. It was like i mentioned before remarkable. It was painful to the pain that i felt like if i read on, if i read just one more sentence that i would fall apart. It was so beautiful that i couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. AMAZING. i don’t know what else to say to make you understand, well i will give you some synonyms for you: astonishing, astonishing, bewildering, mystifying, inexplicable, had enough yet? alright i will stop only because you insisted 😉

The ending, well i am craving the next one, but it ends making you want more but knowing you can live a few….minutes….seconds….alright i suppose…mili-seconds. hehehe, but seriously. mili-seconds. a little bit kidding, there isn’t really a cliffie but man do i want the next one.

In the end this was overwhelming, and raw just like the first two and i am in love. yet again.

i am super sad i forgot to do some quotes as i usually do with this series but its late … early? either way i am skipping them for now you can catch a few in my status here: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/609416236