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“‘Only her love can restore his trust—only with his trust can she win her battle.’

Kilter, an immortal Senses Visionary, excels at being rude and crass with little hope of finding peace after being betrayed and tortured by his brother more than a hundred years ago. Reckless and stubborn he has alienated everyone—just the way he likes it. Until the day he meets Rayne and emotions he buried long ago are reawakened.

Rayne suffers from Anorexia Nervosa. Trapped by debilitating thoughts and a false sense of control, Rayne is slowly dying. Her husband has kept her secluded and alone for years, causing her to withdraw into an emotionless shell. But Rayne’s outward behavior is deceiving for beneath her delicate existence is a woman with strength. The trouble is—can she find that part of herself that has been driven away? Or has her cruel husband broken her fragile existence?

The two tortured souls are brought together only to be torn apart and forced to relive their horrific pasts in order to find salvation. But Rayne’s past has more significance than the Senses realize and their enemies will do anything in order to get her back.

The Senses are in for one hell of a fight as Waleron is forced to make the hardest decision of his life—Damien is tortured beyond his emotional capability by the witch Abigail—and Delara is drawn into a vampire’s arms only to have him use her darkest secret against her.

(Not a stand alone. JUMP is the first book in the series.)”

**This note is from me…you really can’t just JUMP to this one (yeah there is that humor again) doesn’t make sense unless you read the first sentence of my review) you need to read the first one or you won’t know whats going on)

My Review: (This got a 5 out of 5 stars from me)

Kay before we jump (there is a pun there) into this (and i giggle like a fool cause its HILARIOUS) also if you don’t understand my horrible attempt at humor, the first book of this series is called Jump so if you haven’t read it, go ahead and do that. And this review will contain spoilers from the FIRST book not for THIS one, so if you haven’t read the first one and you don’t want know anything form that one then stop reading this. Kay? kay. (Also i know in the first book there was one sex scene, in this one there is the beginning of one but doesn’t go into detail..damn i know but it still good 😉 so that is all)

So Song choice: Usually i will pick one or two songs to describe something about the book, or overall theme, or tone, or whatever. But this since book was dealing with three different couples, and one of the couples is an extension from the first book there is that… anyways i have three songs one for each of the couples, and one last song. so for Kilter+Rayne: “I Wasn’t Prepared” by Eisley, for Damien+Abby: “Naked As We Come” by Iron&Wine, and for Delara+Waleron (the couple from last book that was like on the side): “Smile” by Lily Allen (also they get an additional song because they need more than one: “All These Things That I’ve Done” by the Killers. And for the over all song for all three of these, which if you know any of my other reviews, i use this song a lot but i really love it and it just works… “I Know You Care” by Ellie Goulding.

So first gushing moments… i mean thoughts…: Honestly i think that i liked this one better than the first book. I think that this book was a lot more raw, it dealt with things that people rather shy away from, it was emotionally painful (in a good way…) I felt for these characters, It was just soo good. and at first i will admit i was a little annoyed that we weren’t dealing with one couple completely focused on them, but at first i was okay with Kilter+Rayne, and Delara+Waleron- because Delara and Waleron had been in the last book as the side couple as well, so i didn’t mind that but then adding another, i was like seriously? But then when i read their chapters and their stories I WAS LIKE FUCK IT I LOVE IT. Alright so For my first thoughts on the book ( i was get carried away here) Beautiful love stories, all ranging from heart-wretchingly painful, to heart-breakingly wonderful.

Plot: I know in the first thoughts i was all like ROMANCE! well okay so let me get set the record straight, THERE IS ACTION don’t walk away from thinking this is a standing still story of falling in love because its not. And don’t walk away because its an action packed, no time for romance book because it also is not. It is a lovely mix of both. Its a story about a girl who had been abused, and tortured, and captive for most of all her life growing, and changing, its about secrets, and a pending war. There is so much in this book that it won’t let you get bored for more than a second then its cutting you off to someone’s problems so you get to sit in steam about that for i don’t know seconds before you are totally engrossed in whoever’s chapter it is. The pacing, amazing. The story, even better. The twists in the book, sure i figured it out a little before they revealed it, but before that i was totally in the dark, didn’t even see it, i think maybe someone might be able to catch it but i didn’t i was to into the story that i didn’t even care. I wanted to read through this all night long but i was sooo sleepy, but i woke bright and early to finish and nothing was stopping me! NOTHING…well thats a lie, food did, and an evil puppy who thinks its only like 10 pounds when its more like 100, yeah my puppy is a little fat…hehehe anyways not the point. PLOT? Aamzing, i personally thing a little better than the first, there as more in this, and really that is a personal choice.

Characters: (now there are quite a few so bare with me here)

Well before i go into each character, i want to say this first so i don’t repeat myself a 100 times over, i always think people need to be super cautious when dealing with a whole lot of MCs, and different “stories” in one book, or even a series, why you ask? because its common, more common than i like but it happens, characters from one author tend to become like each other, and they have the same characteristics, personality wise, THANK GOD this was not the case in Cindy Paterson’s books. There were a few things yeah they seemed a little similar but each character was different, with their own story, their own personality. And UHH-AMAZING

Rayne: Now Rayne has some serious problems, and she was one of the characters that it might be difficult for people to read about. I don’t do a lot of contemp. fiction – again if you know any of my reviews, you know this for a fact i say it all the time – so i don’t come across a lot of “mortal”.. “human”…/”mundane” problems such as eating disorders. But from what i read in this i thought it hit it right spot on. And dealt with it beautifully, this isn’t a two day change around kids. Growth is gradual for Rayne but it does happen and i loved every moment of it. i loved to see her starting to speak out, and become more than scared out of her mind. She as a hard MC to love but it was only because you wanted the best for her and she wasn’t seeing what she was doing to herself, at first, then it was hard not to love her. She was selfless, courageous, and admittedly she did do one stupid thing but i love it when characters do that, well most of the time, it depends because i know it needs to happen for something more to happen in the book. But she was amazing i loved her and yay! she was very raw…and i know i saw the word “raw” a lot but that is the best way to describe these characters and situations.

Kilter: Rayne’s man. Now these two met in the last book, while Kilter was trying to save Ryker which he did, but he had to leave Rayne behind. He promised that he would either kill her or help her escape, and he did neither. It has been torturing him for sometime so he goes back to save her. Though he is in denial for the first few, couple of characters its okay we can all see how much he cares. He is crude, crass, sometimes i just wanted to slap him and be like, dude some compassion maybe? but i knew that wasn’t his way, and in the strangest ass way i respected that. i really liked him, because he did have another side, and we do learn why he is the way he is, and its understandable. Anyways he does act differently with Rayne he tries. And its obvious that he has a character change as well, maybe not as drastic as Rayne but he does. Man i really did love him. Again he too was raw, real, and unconventional

Let me see i might have a favorite Kilter Line or two…

“She was an angel, and he was the devil ready to break her from the magnificence.”
This is just a line about these two that i loved…
“It was obvious they were both unaccustomed to tenderness.”
Kay so that was Kilter…LOVED HIM

Damien: We also met him last book, he is a bit of a well an ass, i think that he might be worst then Kilter to be honest…actually if i am being honest, he was. But there is the strangest thing i fell in love with him. God how do you describe the biggest assholes, not like a tool asshole like… JB but like asshole like Dean from Supernatural. He openly hates women, he actually seemingly openly hates everyone. But particularly women. But his and Abby’s love story had me wanting to crawl into a corner and cry until my eyes bled, and my heart would just be torn from my chest. So to say the least their love was horrifying, it was the worst pain you can imagine, but in the end it was something that i wanted so badly to cheer for. In his few moments of compassion, in those moments he shared with only Abby and us, i felt like i was intruding. I wanted to look away to give them privacy, but couldn’t at the same time… here is one part that i love beyond love…

oh there were soo many so i am going to do two:

“He leaned his forehead onto her arm, his grip on her hand tightening, afraid to let go, terrified that if he did, she’d slip from his grasp forever.”

“Damien inched closer to the bed, needing to feel her, needing to hear her voice, feel her hand resting on his chest. Once more. That was all he needed. Just one more time.”

Abby: is a free-spirited, fun loving, witch with a problem. Now i can’t go into much about Abby without giving out spoilers about later in the book. But know she was fun, and loving and I knew one thing for certain about her. She loves Damien even though most people don’t want to get within a five foot radius of him.

Delara: Has been keeping some secrets. And she is spiraling faster in this book than she did the in the first one. Each moment when she was with Waleron, i felt her pain. I wanted so badly for everything she did, and i wanted her to punch him at the same time.

Waleron: Was cold as ever. He had moments when he was so, so, so close to just doing exactly what i wanted him to do. But i suppose as in the last book we will have to continue to wait.

So my interests now lie in Galen, he seems to be the forgotten Sense and i want more of him! I want his story very soon. Don’t know why he intrigues me so much but he does. Oh and Quill who we meet in the beginning of the book, and that is the last of him we see but i have this thing about boys and explosives….

So yes i will continue on with this series, silly billys! As i think you should as well.