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“Michael Boutilier is a young assassin working for a mysterious organization of mercenaries called the IMA; an organization so powerful that government denies its existence. When a hacker breaks into their computer’s mainframe, they send Michael out to finish off the loose ends. But so far, there’s just one lead to go on. The hacker’s daughter, Christina Parker.

Christina seems like any other high school senior. And she is — until she gets kidnapped by a group of people who think she’s the key to the malicious code that has infected their mainframe system and she is plunged into a world where the lines between right and wrong are blurred beyond all recognition and terror knows no bounds. What do you do when the odds are against you, and the stake is your life?

As she quickly learns, there are good guys and there are bad guys. Sometimes Michael’s one, sometimes he’s the other–but usually he’s both. And right now he’s the only one who can save her.”

My Review: This got a 4 out of 5 stars from me

Dammit…(this is referencing to my last status update on goodreads, which you can find here if you want to find it…

Song choice, Song choice… now if you have no idea what i am about to do, i usually pick a song or two that i think will better help you understand the book, or relates to the book in some way. this book i have a couple songs in mind. First being “Howl” by Florence + The Machine, “Drunk Again” by Reel Big Fish (A PERSONAL favorite of mine, well both those songs are), and I am working on finding one more song, i feel like i KNOW the perfect song for something, but i can’t find it…Kay i got two more for you! “Nicest Thing” by Kate Nash, and possibly “Teardrop” by Massive Attack.

Alright first thoughts. This is not my first Nenia Campbell book, actually my first experience with her was with the Horrorscape series, amazing by the way check them out after checking this one one, its totally worth it. This was heartbreaking at best, and a blackhole of emotions at worst. I was in black-hole for most of the time. But at the same time that is why, while i loved this, and i thought it was truly, amazing, because it is…anyways i had to give it a four because there were times i felt so de-attached from Christina that wasn’t getting the right emotions from her. She was my only annoyance with this book and i will explain that in a little bit. But otherwise, yes this isn’t a book for everyone, i get that, but if you are okay with extreme emotions, extreme situations that make your heart pace, blood pumping, and all around scared…but scared seems like the wrong word to use, terrified, horrified maybe. And i will get to in depth in these first thoughts moving onto plot. after this last one thought…

“Hope isn’t an evil,” my captor scoffed.
“Yes, it is. Hope is the worst evil of all.”

And I never realized how true this line was until I read this book.

Plot: I mentioned in my other reviews on the Horrorscape series, that I usually mostly read paranormal stuff. And one of the bigger reasons for this is because I like a lot of action, I want to keep things moving, and i need something happening like all the time or yes i am like a child with a shiny new toy, i get distracted easily, meaning i can get bored easily. I like that sense of mystery, and keeps me guessing…and there is a point this i swear. Anyways this book has got action from page one to the very last page. Wither its guns firing, kidnapping, or awesome fight scenes, to small verbal arguments, there is something going on. It is fast paced, but addicting, I couldn’t stop even if i wanted to. I literally kept telling myself at work i could only read one more page then I HAD to go actually do something… yeah i hope my boss doesn’t ever come across this because i couldn’t tear my eyes away for anything besides a costumer and that is only because they scared the living daylights out of me by coming through the door (it has a bell on it so we can actually hear them coming in) but if you are so engrossed, and practically living in the book with the characters sudden outside noises can scare the shit out of you…trust me…it can and people who are regulars laugh at you… anyways. So there is a lot that happens in this book and when i thought all things were hopeless, and there couldn’t possibly be a way out Nenia surprises me again! And there is romance in this, granted not the run of the mill, here are your flowers and candies romance, but love comes in all different types right? And it can be scary, it can be all consuming, and it can destroy you in a second. Dangerous thing love…


Christina: I WOULD LIKE TO TELL YOU NENIA I LOVE YOU. I love you so much right now. It seems that a lot of girl MCs are those “oh i am not pretty, but really i am” sorts and those are fine and all but after reading about a 5’5″, average build (not “fat” but “apparently” not skinny), with supposedly average features, we get a break from the lies, and get a true honest to god woman in this book. Yes she is 18 so keep that in mind when you go into this book because there aren’t family friendly scenes. Kay so there is a rape scene and the rest of this is going in a spoiler thing its not that bad but if you most know here it is <spoiler> i would put it in quotes its because though she might have agreed to pay Michael back she probably didn’t mean it like that, and he did kinda of leave her no choice…. its uncomfortable and painful, its not meant to fun for us or her </spoiler> kay that isn’t my problem with Christina either but again soon, very very soon. I liked Christina she was a size 18 woman who had a mother i am sure many girls can understand, and yet she is still sweet, she does try, and she is very innocent. I liked her for the most parts but at times i just wanted to go in the book and tell her to shush. I just kept thinking to myself if i was in your position i would not be asking that question, or talking in general…That honestly i think was my biggest problem. But Christina seemed very naive at times, but very wise at others. She grew through the book and it showed.

Michael: He was very de-attached, dangerous, heartless almost. But i thought he could have been worst at the beginning honestly it was only when he seemingly started to care for Christina that i thought he got worse. But i did see how he was named like top-notch agent, dudes a BADASS times time, like imagine Chuck Norris, with Harrison Fords looks (young Harrison from Star Wars), mixed with a Cajun accent (talk ABOUT YUMMY!) and a sprinkle of the typical gun slinging action hero and you got Michael, well devoid them of any emotions. He is lovely in the things that he doesn’t say, in the things that he doesn’t do. But he also isn’t the typical possessive, protective type, he is those things but in a crude, at times sort of unappealing way, and i know these might like sound like reasons to hate him but i kinda like the innovative-ness of him. Because it seems to me in movies, even in books with these sort of guys they meet the girl and do a complete 180, its not real, its not going to happen overnight, even if soulmate rules apply, so yes I did like Michael in spite of these things. But i will admit at times i almost felt Gavin (guy from Horrorscape) vibes from him and Adrian.

Adrian: is fucking psycho, and not in the good way. Talk about cold-hearted bastard.

Christina’s parents: ASSHOLES, WELL maybe not her Dad as much, but i really didn’t like her mom, which i think was the point. I can’t say much more than that without giving stuff away.

The ending? Heartbreaking, but necessary. Am I going to read the next one? Hell yes i am going to read the next one, probably pick it up as soon as i am done writing this review.