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“Val receives a calling card from a very dangerous boy who wants to play with her. It’s a game without rules, logic, or consequence, and he’ll stop at nothing to claim her as his—even if it means destroying them both.

Three years ago, Valerian Kimble got herself entangled with a burgeoning sociopath intent on adding her to his own columns of wins and losses. She managed to escape him, but at a terrible cost…

This time it’s personal.

Now a high school senior, Val is a pale shadow of the girl she once was and still recovering from the terrible trauma she suffered at his hands. She is understandably reluctant when her friends receive mysterious invitations to a theme party being held in one of the old manor homes on the edge of town.

Right away, something about the party seems off. The other guests are secretive, and strangely hostile. Cell phones don’t work. Doors lock and unlock, seemingly at will. And the festivities start to take a turn for the sinister as the evening progresses. Because their host loves games. Loves them so much that he’s decided to make a little wager. The deadline is sunrise. The stakes? Their lives.

Let the games begin.”

My Review: (This got a 5 out of 5 stars from me)

Rendered speechless yet again, thats not nice Nenia, ending a book like that…well i will get to that later.

Song choices: “Under the Gun” by the Killers, and “Hunter” by 30 Seconds to Mars…. also “Fall Into the Sky” by Zedd featuring Ellie Goulding

First thoughts, well first warnings first, This is a second to a series, if you have stumbled across this and you think that you might be interested in, with that being said, SUPER spoilers are going to be in this review FOR THE FIRST BOOK, meaning if you didn’t read the first book and you don’t want to know what happens in it, go ahead and skip this review, i CANNOT tap dance around what the first book in this review and quite honestly i don’t want to. So with that being said this is your last chance to turn away if you don’t, not my fault.

First thoughts: You are going to need, chocolate if you like it, unlike me i know i am sad excuse for a woman, whatever i have gotten over it, so if you don’t like chocolate, then get your favorite comfort food ready, you will need a blanket to hide under, and time to read this. Because personally i had to take breaks, much like the first book this one overwhelmed with me a whole slew of emotions, different emotions from the first book but emotions all the same. The writing remains to be as elegant, and dangerous as before. Had my heart-racing, and me sitting on the edge of my seat, biting my nails, while screaming into the book. So if you even remotely liked the first book, yes you should read this, honestly i don’t know how you wouldn’t like the first one, but get ready for a whole lot more twisted Gavin.

Alright thoughts on plot: The first 20-ish? percent of the book i just really jumped right in, i didn’t even look at the summary or any reviews because i was just like MUST READ. Well then i went back because i just wanted to know. So yes this book takes place in one night but God i felt like it had been months, years trapped with them in that house. (that is meant to be a praise – why you ask?) because i felt their dread, their fear, their utterly stupidity… what? needless to say i sort of hate Val’s friends, but i will get to that later. The plot twisted, and scary. Now this is like one of the first series that I have read that are that suspenseful, thriller, sort of scary books, just STRICTLY THAT though like contemp. fiction wise, so maybe i am not the best to say this is the best of this genre but hell the writing was amazing, the plot made me feel like i was as lost as the characters, i felt hopeless to do anything. i thought for sure we were all done with, and yes i realize i just said us because it was so engrossed in this book that i felt like i was there with them.
So now from the first book, three years have passed and Gavin is just making his reappearance in the first book, at the beginning i was the psycho going, i hope he gets her, i thought for sure that he wasn’t as bat-shit cra-cra as everyone thought, i was as naive as Val but i fell for his pretty words, and bad boy vibe, but i mean how bad of a boy can you be with glasses? boys with glasses are just cute…anyways. This time around i was scared, as much as he was obsessiveness with Val i thought for sure there were a couple times he would just break. Especially after the whole court case thing in the first book. Well nope he has a new, bigger, badder plan than ever, and the hunt has just began.

So run.


Val: i thought for sure that she was going to be a totally different person from the first book, i thought that after everything she went through that the obvious choice would be to make her this super cold, and hateful girl. Well i am glad it didn’t do the obvious, stereotypical choice. So thank you Nenia for that. Val is still very sweet, and caring, but she is paranoid and on the drugs so she seems even more subdue. I liked that it took her a bit to start fighting back because she was getting over her ingrained fear of Gavin. I suppose there were times that i was so heartbroken for her that i wanted her to fight just a little more, not to give in but here is the thing, much like Val i found myself remembering all those things he had said before, he gets under your skin and suddenly you are questioning Val and possibly yourself. Should you really hate him? Somehow Gavin reached through the pages and has taken over my own mind, and that has to be one of the scariest things about this book.

Gavin: Sadistic and scary as always. Spine-chillingly handsome, and scary. I thought for sure that he was going to explode. He is a patient hunter though which makes it all the worst because he drags things out. Here is the thing i can’t really go into detail about him because honestly he hasn’t changed much, he still wants Val and he intends to have her. But since I didn’t get to do Gavin quotes last time, here are some for this book, promise not to do any that would be spoiler-like 🙂

“She was already imprisoned. He had bound her to him long ago, the moment she unwittingly revealed her weaknesses to him. She just couldn’t see the chains. Not yet. Soon, he reminded himself. Soon.”

“Power was a valuable commodity precisely because it was so difficult to obtain, and even more difficult to use— effectively, that is.”

one more!

“She was his. If not in body, heart, or soul, then in mind, at least. And soon, the rest would follow.”

The best way to describe Gavin from this book is to explain how i feel when its in his POVs, or he is around really…I get this feeling in my stomach, this weightlessly, heavy feeling that dread is on its way, but still my toes curl in anticipation, and my heart starts racing i dont know if it is in fear or otherwise… so Gavin = dangerous.

James: I hate him. I really do not like him and i think that was the point. Which i liked. He wasn’t very bright and the fact that he never listened to Val pissed me off more because obviously she as scared shitless and he if couldn’t see than he is just stupid. oh there is something that really pissed me off but it is sort of a spoiler so i will hide it

Lisa: sometimes she is really smart other times she just stupid and i wanted to punch her in the snout

Charlie: She is crazy as fuck…man she is almost as bad as Gavin if not worse….same with Jason but he is not as bad as Gavin that is for sure.

Brent: ummm i am really confused… what happened to him?

Blake: pretty cool cat. i liked him, and maybe this is wrong of me but i was sort of hoping that Val would have fallen for him instead of dating James but whatever.

The ending! OMG i need the next one. It was sort of a strange mix of cliffhanger but not raelly. either way i want… sorry no, NEED the next one.

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