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“He followed her because he wanted to own her. She trusted him because she wanted excitement. There’s a saying that curiosity can kill … but Valerian Kimble is beginning to learn that satisfaction might just be worse.

Fourteen-year-old Valerian lives in an age where antiheroes and bad boys are portrayed as the romantic ideal, and good guys are passe and boring. So when Gavin Mecozzi, the school’s brilliant but twisted loner, begins to show an interest in her after a chance meeting in a pet store, Val is intrigued. He’s charming and poetic and makes her feel things that she thought were only possible in books–


Because somebody is stalking Val. Somebody who wants to hurt her. Own her. Possess her. Maybe even kill her.

As her meetings with Gavin unravel into a more complex and frightening relationship, Val can’t help but wonder if the new boy in her life is her depraved and obsessive stalker.

And whether he’s capable of murder.

Time is running out.”

My Review: This got 5 out of 5 stars from me

OMG, OMG, LIKE HOLY HELL. OHHH give me moment two please….

wow. um wow. i don’t think i can breathe? just one moment.

Wow. one more time. Wow. Song choice is hard. and i might come back and change it and I am! to “can’t help falling in love with you” cover by Ingrid Michaelson, “beautiful freak” by eels and lastly “a beautiful lie” by 30 seconds to mars

First thoughts: READ THIS. Both masterfully, manipulative, and exquisitely written this had me going from breathless from lust, to what i thought might be love, to pure terror. Simply put, it was fantastic. There are so many ways to start how i feel about this book but no way to finish the sentence it left me speechless. Wow, the writing? FUCK. Amazing. Just Amazing. I don’t want to do any spoilers which might be a little difficult but i will try my best. Nenia Campbell, wow, seriously she makes you be immersed in the novel to the point that you are in the same situation as Val. And here is the thing when i first went in, i am not going to lie, i thought it was going to be very high school, lovey love stuff, and you can see where that all shifts in my statuses about 33% in. Now ususally i don’t read compt. fiction i like paranormal and stuff like that, but my God this was AMAZING. I don’t even know how to express my deepest feelings about this. It was… magical, fantastic, horrifying, and all things that make me love to read.

Plot: FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC. Seriously. Amazing. It was so suspenseful, yeah a little more half way through the book, and like i mentioned before when i first started this i was concerned, because well a) it kinda has that vibe at first of being really high school, and i thought for sure i had this all figured out, boy was I wrong! and b) another reason i was concerned was because well it is about a 14 year old girl, so a freshie in High school, and really honestly freshies are the worst type of high schoolers ;). no offense but its true, hey i will admit i was horrible then. Anyways WOW. seriously i am not going to get over this. It was definitely overwhelming, in a good way, really but i can NOT and will NOT go into details about the plot, but know it might leave you shaky at the end, well thats a lie it will keep you shakey for the entire thing, and honestly DO NOT start this if you have somewhere to be later in the day, because you will just hate yourself.


I HAVE TO DO Gavin first because i might have to run: WOW. I don’t even know where to begin with him. He was so elegant, so proper, but I always knew he wasn’t. Those cold eyes aren’t a trick. He is very animistic and it shows. But here is the thing i didn’t mind being completely possessed by him, when he spoke i felt like i was being hypnotized, when he kissed, wow, talk about hot. And it was more than that he was mysterious, and i wanted to get to know him better. He lured me in more than a lot of other book guys go. He was dangerous, seductive, and overwhelming. I couldn’t get enough of him but at the same time i was getting to much of him. And that is all i can say about him. I would add quotes but i am running out of time, work you know… so i might come back to this review and add stuff.

Val: She was very innocent, very sweet. I liked her because she did start to change a little. I suppose she as somewhat simple, but very complex at the same time as most 14 year olds are. They still have a lot of growing to do, they are making that transition from early youth to middle youth which is a HUGE change and it was captured perfectly, at least for me it was. amazing writing skills Nenia Campbell, seriously. Amazing. But she does become strong, sort of… she does stand up for herself.

I suppose I did have a few issues with it, like at the very beginning I would think she would have said something right off the bat about a stalker but when things got a little too intense then she did which i liked. so i got over that. the only thing that i wish i suppose is had a little bit more on the translation years from 14 to 17 at the very end in the epilogue but then again it was one of those things that didn’t bother me all that much.

If you really need to ask, hell yes i am reading the next one. I am itchy to start it right now, well i am going to buy it, then suffer at work trying to find moments when i can read. Oh jeeze i needs it!!!

if you want to see my progress through the book cause i know i mentioned it, here is the link: enjoy