**This book does contain “adult” situations, in other words it has sex, so if you don’t like that in your books, well i think there are maybe like two or three, so you can skip them and still get a good read, or you can walk away but that seems silly to me because this isn’t a sex driven book**

Summary Via Goodreads:

“Centuries of loyalty

His code of honor was respected without question, until he consumed the blood of an enemy in exchange for a mortal woman to be set free from certain slavery.

He can’t forget her

Despite knowing, he will be imprisoned and put to death if caught, Balen, a fierce Senses Tracker, returns to Toronto to find the mortal woman, Danielle, he left behind two years ago. Haunted with memories of the torture they endured in the hands of a Senses enemy, Balen’s determination to see her again, drives him to risk everything. But when he does, a new enemy comes into play, one he can’t defeat.

To conquer the wrath of fear

Determined to find some sort of peace after her abduction, Danielle finds solace in painting a man from her nocturnal unconsciousness. When he comes knocking on her door, her world is shattered and Danielle must face her worst fears in order to survive what is coming after them. It won’t stop. It can’t. For the ancient spell has no compassion.

A journey of tenacious desire that refuses to fade even though that is what will destroy them. Because—in order for Danielle to live, first she must die.”

My Review: (This got a 4.5 stars from me out of 5)

Whooooooo… Wow. What… wow. I’ll get there give a moment or two thanks. This is a 4.5 really there was only one thing that bothered me but i will get to that later in characters, and its really a personal philosophy thing

So song choice, song choice…. hmmm… “My Love” by Sia, right off the bat, this would relate to their relationship. And I think i might want to pick another “I Need you Love” by Calvin Harris featuring Ellie Goulding. Bam. Two songs you can check out that I – ME, BECCA, not the author or anyone else, has thought would relate to this book. So lets talk about this book shall we?

Kay first thoughts: Powerful. Super powerful. I fell in love with the characters, and i truly believed their love within, well pretty much from the moment they met. A lot times i take awhile to warm to insta-love because well i just do. Anyways this was different, they were so raw, passionate, and real that i couldn’t just couldn’t not believe it. The characters, the romance, the plot, the few sex scenes all were pretty much amazing.

Plot: Jeez, there is NOTHING i love more than a good romance story with some good action, and i am not talking about sex, i am talking adventure, fighting, kidnapping, all the good stuff you know? Again the best way i could describe the feelings in this book, the emotions is RAW, just bleeding heart, crying til your eyes fall out, loving until you think you might burst RAW. I loved almost every single moment of it. At the end i just knew that there was going to be a HEA so i wasn’t too concerned about some things so it took of the edge, and the pain you know? Well anyways i will go in more depth…well sort of..not really no spoilers here kids, not unless its hidden and i had a problem with something. Anyways moving on. The paranormals in this book were interesting and all but vampires and a different definition of wraiths, and healers, everything was pretty new and interesting, granted at the beginning i was a bit like, what? and then i realized there was a glossary at the beginning…hehe opps but it doesn’t explain Senses until later, just keep with it you will know, if you don’t start picking it up for yourself throughout the book. So anyways the pacing, was amazing, keeps you wanting more, but at the same time wanting to walk away because i have a good feeling if you get as involved as i was, your emotions will be running high. Plot was amazing and i loved it, kept me interested and going. There is a lot of romance, and a lot of action.

This isn’t just a story about JUST Danielle and Balen, there are a lot of characters to love, and another story that we got a lot of, and i hope continues in the next book as well was Delara and Waleron

Characters: *This was told in 3rd person, mostly Danielle and Balen but not completely*

Danielle: She was an interesting MC. she was a huge mix of strong and weak only in the physical sense though. Danielle was tortured for two days two years beforehand when this story starts, what i love is that she actually holds the scars from it, both mental and physical, though she can’t remember what happened, until later in the book, she still has things that bother her…but bother is to tame of a word, that set her off. I know this makes me seem like a horrible, crazy, evil person but I loved that she was still bothered by this these things because in normal, real life you don’t normally walk un-scarred from that kind of shit. And I was never upset about that. When i said the physically weak thing, all i meant was that at times she is willing to throw punches around, but at the same time she does step back and allow others to fight when she would not be of any help so i totally respect her for trying then knowing when to get the hell out of the way. She is one smart cookie. Most of the times. This is what bothered me she was so resistant to loving Balen but only after they started to get somewhat more involved, but it was SO contradictory to how she was feeling at the beginning of the book, and i understand she had the bond but i feel like that wasn’t effect their minds at all, it was just completely a physical spell, they had to be close to one another or they would die, slowly and painfully. After awhile i was like seriously girl, stop it. Love him if you don’t i will take him because he was amazing. Anyways i still really liked Danielle for the most part and she was a good MC.

Balen: I loved him. He was coarse, crass, and kind of an ass. He was very demanding, and very possessive. He knew what he wanted and he was willing to fight for it, unless he knew it would just push her farther away, so he was one smart cookie, who loved more than at times i thought Danielle deserved. He… God he was so passionate. It was in everything he did for her, in everything he said to her. I don’t think i had as many swoon moments in a book for awhile, like this kid did me in. His words were like poetry, and made me want to go into the book and jump him myself. There are a bunch of quotes of his in my statuses if you want to check those out but here are two or so that are all time favorites:

“Are you listening to me? I would sell my soul to the devil to take back what happened to you. I can’t let anyone hurt you again. I can’t. When I think of harm befalling you, I become . . . hell, I can’t help but be controlling.” He moved closer. “I want you to be safe again, little one. Promise me you’ll stay safe when I’m gone.”

“I want you,” Balen said. “I need you so bad that I feel as if my insides will dissolve into a thousand particles if I can’t have you.”

Oh just one more!

“She crossed her arms and stared straight ahead. “I give it six months.” Balen chuckled and then leaned over and kissed her cheek. “Eternity.””

Kay so if that isn’t enough to convince you Balen is awesome, well take my word for it, he is.

Kay so other MCs…well sort of…

Delara: I loved her she was sassy, and fun, but my god my heart bled for her most the time. I wanted her to have love, that love that she craved….i hope there will always be more of her, and in a way i want the next to be her, but i also really want to be someone else named Kliter who is a totally ass that i am sure has a heart of gold under all that crude behavior…anyways loved Delara

Waleron is as an ass and needs to figure his shit out. I hated him most of the time, but i didn’t understand why everyone thought he was so cold… well i do because he acted in like it… didn’t really show much emotion but the things he did for them, i mean would have to be blind not to see that he cares, he really does care.

So that ending. Wow. I figured it would have a HEA and it did, so really i wasn’t too concerned about the end, everything would work out i was sure of it. And i am super eager to start the next one so if you want to know, yes, HELL yes i will be continuing this series this one was amazing and i am sure the next will be as well. Check this book out. Sooo good.

if you want to see those statuses i mentioned check them out here: