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*Also this book has some super sexy sex scenes, (im all about alliteration baby!) anyways so if you are too young stop it and if you don’t like sex in your books, well there is sex in here sorry. but you can always skip if you want, i think you would be missing out on a pretty good read just cause you don’t like sex, and like i said skip it if you don’t like it but is still interested in reading this. just saying***

Summary via Amazon:

“When betrayed by his Alpha, Cade Hodgins takes the role in leading the Arkin City pack and begins his search for those responsible for his father’s death. Information is hard to come by however—until a stray lupine wanders into his territory.

But Ashley Passmore is no ordinary stray. She’s a newborn wolf, turned from being a human with no prior knowledge that lupines existed. Due to her blackouts, she can’t recall who turned her or why, but Cade suspects her attackers may be the same as those who entrapped his father.

In the meantime, Cade takes Ashley in to help her regain control of her new life, and finds more than just a lead—she’s his mate. But Ashley is adjusting to the new world she’s been thrust into, making it uncertain she’ll accept the growing bond between them, while those who turned her want to make sure she’s silenced for good.”

My Review: Kay so I have to give a 3.75? I suppose. out of 5.

Alright so as per-usual for my reviews, its song time kids! “The Girl” by City and Colour, both describing how awesome Cade is, and also describing Cade’s and Ashley’s relationship. 🙂 Also i love this song!

So my first thoughts, and to explain that annoying 3 and 3/4 stars. Here is the thing, i really liked certain aspects of this book, like a lot. The characters, oh my the characters were fantastic! Well sort of their actions were amazing i loved how they reacted, and how they acted, and for the most part i really liked them. There were points though that i got annoyed because they started out sucking at communication but i will get to that later. Um the pacing of the book was off for me i think, and that is a really big reason i can’t force myself to give this a four. The plot…um see when things were getting good, they were good, but at other times it felt a little to slow? I will go in more detail, always do, don’t i? 😉

Alright my thoughts on plot: Like i mentioned in the first thoughts the pacing was a little off, i don’t know if it is because I am in the mood for a book that is going to keep me running for the whole thing, which it probably was because there was a lot of building of a relationship in this book and i respected the fuck out of that, I loved, loved that! So with werewolf-like books, okay first i am going to go on my little rant about that so give me a moment please….

—-> rant about werewolf creatures (this isn’t just about this book i swear, this is in general) : I understand that the traditional werewolf is literally translated as “Half Man, Half Wolf” therefore it would be much like the Werewolves from horror films, or Harry Potter, but in the paranormal world a lot of people have decided to change that definition into something more innovative, and it became they changed into full wolves, or fully human, i am okay with this. What i am not okay with, is when you put so much emphasis on it not being a werewolf, when they have all werewolf rules, (silver, wolfsbane, and the innovative definition of their altered state, NOW IF you had told me the werewolves in this world actually do the two legged, hairry humanoid look i am okay with that, but no one ever explained the difference And end of rant.

Back to thoughts on plot: I LOVED LOVED, that the “soulmate” rule wasn’t really used here but it was sort of, it was changed and altered to a way that i think that might be the coolest i have ever come across. I thought was super interesting and i was glad that even though these two’s instincts were driving them to do the dirty deed, they resisted because oh i don’t know they met a week ago? I loved it, i truly did, it was one my favorite things about this book.

Action wise: I felt like it was too quiet for too long and when action did start to happen i was a little bit done with the book because it was starting to become very complicated, for the amount of time it was spent on, i loved complicated are you kidding me? its like better than toast, and toast is the shit, with cinnamon even better…or fudge, peanut butter fudge…homemade, hmmm fudge… opps off topic again my bad… Anyways so i think it had been spread out more i would have liked it more.

Oh, the sex scenes. um…whoa. you know what, in my somewhat limited book sex experience, this was pretty damn hot. 😉


In a way i think this was almost a good mixture of character driven, and plot driven book but it didn’t quite make it to perfectly portioned. With the plot that is. These characters were flipping fantastic.

Ashley: She is that interesting mixture of shy, but forward at the same time. I really liked her because she was a little bit shy but she could, and would stand up for herself when need be. I am not sure how to describe somethings without doing spoilers so i won’t but she is awesome. Anyways i really liked that for once the girl in the book didn’t totally and utterly lose her head over a boy and just be like lets do this sex thing and all will be well, because at the time you know what it wasn’t right for her. She had been abused for a last two weeks, granted it wasn’t sexual but abused nonetheless and i think that she had a proper, honest to God reaction to it, i loved that. i really did because a lot of times the girl is like well i feel safe with this guy so sure why the hell not? and i am just thinking? are you kidding me? i KNOW calm down i get it, time issues and peoples want to get on with the sex, but mostly i am just thinking what the hell is wrong with you? so yay! Oh i just thought of another thing that bothered me about the plot…so break for a moment

Plot thought: the time, i thought for awhile that like weeks were passing by, but its a like a day? but there wasn’t ever enough like whats the word i am looking for… description of the passage of time…kay so thats that.

Ashley (again): was a really great MC – this wasn’t first person, it was told between her and Cade mostly, Leo has a few points in the beginning of the book. I will explain who he is in a minute.

Cade: I really liked him. Though he was stupid and i hated that he was trying to push himself from the idea of being with Ash for awhile. I was like dude? what the heck, but he was a really interesting guy MC for sure. I felt maybe at times their relationship/interactions could have been a bit more romantic? and that is not to say lets light some candles, and get some flowers and chocolates, i meant what is said, or loving touches, i don’t know… anyways moving on from that thought. Cade was super sweet because he did take in consideration everything that she had been through, but all the while still being possessive, protective, and a pain in the ass as all good male leads tend to be right? 😉 anyways i really loved him and Ash makes mentions how she was being so selfish, because of all these wonderful things Cade was doing, which was resisting his instincts so that she could get use to it, but i don’t think she was being selfish he was just being a top notch dude.

Leo: is a sort of uncle to Cade, and a cool guy, thats all he is the one that finds Ashley first.

Ulric, and Isaac: happen to be two of my favorite “side” characters of this book and i can’t but help to hope that these two get their own books because now i have some weird obsession with them and i love them both like a crazy strange amount because they aren’t even in the book that much but i think they would be super interesting MCs for other books.

So the ending? Pretty complete for me. If the next book is about new people, hell yes i will read it, i will be a little cautious going into another book about these two characters because of a)their story to me is complete b) i have this really weird thing about marriage and kids in my reading materials, i will do marriage no problem, but kids….i don’t know about that… so yups.

That is all, this is weird usually i do my review first on goodreads then here….so i don’t even know how to end this.

Seriously consider reading this because it was pretty freaking…. i know there is one last, last thing, I love to swear, if you haven’t noticed….i think its super fun, but here is the thing, i thought this book swore a little to much and at points i didn’t feel it was needed, or mixed with the character, or just really not needed again… so there is my review, hope you enjoyed it.

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