Summary via Goodreads: “Melody isn’t thrilled about moving away from everything and everyone she knows thanks to her mother’s demanding job, but maybe living in Hotsville USA isn’t such a bad thing. First there’s the drop dead gorgeous boy next door, Lucas, who also happens to have a chip on his shoulder a mile wide. Then there’s Jason, the helpful boy from town, who can make her laugh.

When both sexy studs take an interest in her, Melody is left trying to navigate Lucas’ ever shifting moods and Jason’s offbeat attitude towards all things questionable. But, things aren’t always as they seem. In the end, will she make the right decision? And will her choice effect more than just her heart?”

My Review: (This got a 3 maybe 3.5 stars from me out of 5)

“oh my pumpkins” – yes direct quote 😉

before i get into it all, the song choice is “If I Didn’t Care” its originally done by the Platters but i listen to the Amy Adams version from the movie (possibly one of the greatest romantic comedies ever Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day) and the other song i chose because i thought it would be fun is “I Don’t Care” by Fall Out Boy.

Kay now for the nitty and gritty part, the review….

I want to start off by saying that i really like this book, i thought that i was a really good, fun read and honestly i think it is worth your time, probably take you a couple hours to finish, like two or three hours, probably less but i kept being pulled away when i was trying to read this so that is how long it took me abouts. more like four but whose counting…i mean seriously. anyways! moving on. There are valid reasons this is getting three stars from me verses just going for the four. I would consider giving this 3.5 stars.

So let me tell you why i likes it and somethings i didn’t quite enjoy.

Plot: It was good, PARANORMAL by the way, if you are wondering i was wondering and only after i read someone else’s review and saw that it said paranormal that i looked at the cover and did a face palm cause i am dumbass. Yes if you haven’t guessed its angels vs demons. And here is the thing i REALLY like angel and demon stories, i really like the angel and demon stories that are totally new, and innovative, and thats not to say i don’t like classic tales of good vs evil either, but …. in this book i guess i as just hoping for more leeway when it came to those ideas. Like i mentioned this is a really quick read and its not only because its 95 pages long its because the pacing is really good, its fast, entertaining and what nots, and here comes in my biggest issue. are you ready? i don’t think you are, YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH but i bet you can because lets face it, my truth revealing skills SUCCCKKK! anyways moving on

My biggest problem: Mel = Jason is amazing! Mel = Lucas is a BRAT! Now when it comes to experiences with them, excluding the first obviously… Me = Jason is an asshole, what the hell are you thinking? Lucas = AWWW SUPER SWEET! So obviously here i am saying that Mel is as blind as a bat, and okay so yeah i know even in longer books that MCs tend to fall like that *snaps fingers* in love, but this was strange because Lucas and her went on two dates, after the second she was considering Jason still but the moment that she decides to step away from Lucas she is all like OH no my heart is broken. UGH what? yeah i know i had the same reaction i was just like excuse me? So yes i wanted this book expanded and i wanted their love to grow a little more before it became OPE! I AM IN LOVE ta da! Especially because she seemed to be having conflicting thoughts about Jason that i was really confused about. So let me say this Jason and Lucas when we first meet them i was confused on their positions, and i was sure i was about to get into something super interesting…and again not to say this book wasn’t interesting but i have this crazy ass way of thinking that no one should ever try to figure out… so i am going to leave that thought alone. And not touch it with a 30foot pole its that strange…kay so moving on. (no i didn’t think they were gay – thats racist! but not really that is just my horrible sense of humor)

I do totally respect this book for the simple fact that i managed to avoid the dreaded love triangle!


Melody (Mel): I think Melody is pretty name why everyone with that name feels the need to shorten it to Mel is beyond me buuttt whatever, i do shorten my name so what right do i have? so here is the thing with Mel i like that she is such a good person and really she is without being/seeming that like that stuck up bitch people hate to be around because they are so goodygoody you know? But there were times i wanted to slap her upside the head because i mean how stupid can you be? sometimes people are just intently bad…in books. Anyways i do like her as our narrator an MC though she is funny, and she says the funniest shit, OH and one thing i LOVED about her is that she seemed confident without being like, LOOK at me i am gorgeous. and she doesn’t sit there and say, how plain she is when obviously two hot men are after you obviously there is something special about you if not on the outside, then more likely on the inside.

Lucas: is odd because he isn’t what i expected, i guess i get what he was saying about the whole stereotyping thing, but the warrior type kind of just goes with this attitude i liked it. I liked him for the most part and i get his logic but i disagree with this logic a lot of times but that is because i am a rebel without a cause, thats right i am so badass i walk around with my SHOES UNTIED. thats right fear me if you dare. anyways….

Jason: NEVER TRUST THE DAMN BLONDE in a book, how many times do i have to say that? jeez… i know that is being steretypical but it seems to be the case a lot of the times, you didn’t have me fooled for a moment JASON i figured you pretty early, but he did seem charming at first but in that like i need to keep you at arm’s length charming.

The ending it ended without being cliffhangery but definitely part of a series. i would have to read the others before i could make this statement actually valid but i was wondering it was possible just to do in this in like parts or even as a whole book because it does seem like it could be done but like i said i don’t know what happens in the next book so i can’t be 100% sure about that.