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“Willow is the story of a young woman who isn’t what she seems. She is orphaned at the age of seventeen, uprooted from her hometown in Woodland Park, Colorado and sent to live with her elegant Aunt in the mountains of Colorado. As endings birth beginnings, Willow traverses the tumultuous seas of friendship and a love triangle while confronting her own complicated heritage as well as grief, betrayal and the search for belonging. While she agonizes over her choices, others are too. Life waits for no one.”

My Review:

(I would like to point out this is not a traditional Love Story. Its so much more)

im on the fence on giving this a 4 or a 5….

Honestly i am not sure if it is safe for me to do a review right now because i am seriously pissed. off. I’ll get over it. But warning i might rant…a lot. Before i start to rant because i can feel it already let me find you a song.

“Smile Like You Mean It” by the Killers is one of them, and i am looking for another ….”Hold Me” by Weezer i think is what i would chose…

So first thoughts? Yes i thought that this was a fantastic book, it was very smartly written, beautifully done, characters were amazing, all around i don’t know why the author would make this a free book (note its not free anymore but it is worth more than 1.99 just saying) because hell i would pay to read this, and then some. I might actually kill to read it… no not really… or really? you’ll never know. Anyways moving on.

Plot: As MUCH as i loved this and i did, really, really did, there were times that the book was being FAR to vague for my likings, i mean i knew exactly that wasn’t being said but okay i don’t think once this book actually put a label to what they are, i mean you know what they are but at the same time if the author is never willingly going to put i out there and solidified the fact you are right you are sort of left in this inbetween area where you are like huh? okay i guess we are just going to as assume everything. With that being said there are also weird worded parts where i am just like wait one second let me go back and re-read that a couple times because i think something was left out, and there was once or twice when scenes jumped and again i was WHOA calm the right down ma’am what the hell just happened. Okay so now that i am done complaining let me tell you more!
I thought that other than the few points of vagueness that this book was FUCKING AMAZING. I loved the plot, crap i am actually going to complain one more time in this area: the supernatural world and the “human” world at the beginning were WAY separate and it almost felt like two books and i mean i could see where it tied together but i just wasn’t feeling it? but then at the end, BOY DID I FEEL IT. i just can’t get over how much i loved this book because it was so smartly written. Like holy shit. I don’t want to talk too much about that because its more characters but i am going to talk about relationships after characters because that needs to be addressed.

So my last piece of advice to go away about this plot in this book is that its a bit more of a mellow supernatural not a whole tons of action that you are like being tossed about and going into one battle or another. Which is all cool by my standards there was a bit of action but the story itself was so good that i didn’t need that extra adrenaline kick to keep me going.

Alright i NEED to talk about these characters!

Willow: Willow, willow, willow. What am i going to do with you young lady? She is both one of the most amazing MCs teenage girls i have ever come across and one of the most frustrating as well. In short i loved her. Now in detailed. I loved and hated her. Why you ask? Well let me tell you she is mature beyond mature and when you read those books and the MC openly calls herself an old soul and she sometimes acts like it but she isn’t quite all the way their and has those really immature moments well Willow is NOT one of those characters. OH hell to the no she isn’t. First off she is coming from her father’s funerals, and i understand in books when authors have parents killed off its an easy excuse for a) moving to in town with new blood, and new problems b)makes the girl seem a little damaged and needs to be fixed in 20 minutes, seriously. 😐 not cool. But oh Donna Lynn Hope you cheeky devil i think i might love you a little bit because Willow -GET THIS – ACTUALLY has a normal reaction to her only living parent’s death! AND GET THIS SHE DOESN’T GET FIXED IN 20 MINUTES and it definiately doesn’t take two hot, hotties blinking in her direction to forget that she has LOST HER ONLY PARENTAL FIGURE. CRA-CRA I KNOW but stick with me here because i am getting really excited because Willow gets EVEN BETTER *squeals!* i know, i know calm down! no not me, you – you need to calm down because i know you are freaking like just like i was. In the midst of a love triangle she doesn’t lose her head and dates both of them at once, nor does she date one and drags the other along *cough cough Bella cough cough* – yes i realize i rag on Bella all of the time, if you have read any other my love triangle book reviews you will notice a trend but bitch deserves it! alright back to what i was saying. She doesn’t string them along she needs to figure out who she is, OH THAT JUST REMINDED ME …damn there is just so much about Willow i need to say…. alright i will try to wrap this up…. a)good because she thinks things through b)isn’t normal teenage girl who thinks she knows exactly who she is because bitches you don’t i am sorry you might be able to drive but you don’t know who you are so stop pretending c)and this is where i hate her, she is stupid as hell. You need to let go and allow yourself to be free from this constraints you think that you are bound by. So yes i do hate her a little bit.

Haven: *eyes narrow* i don’t know what to say about you. i think i sort of hate you, but i don’t. And i have mentioned this before i am like a child with a shiny new toy when boys are introduced, as soon as they are introduced i drop whoever i just had like they were hot and move on to the new boy. Well that was sort of the case here, and the oddest thing happened to me in this book, i think i was actually rooting for the human. I KNOW. so weird. With that said Haven is NOT the human. Here is my thing about him is that i think he meant well, but he was too aloof, he was too caught up in the past and i think he was hoping for something that wasn’t really there. But every scene with them in the beginning it almost seems like soul mate rules started to apply. And with that mentioned i will do more with him in relationships.

Reece: He was the human that i was rooting for. i think that i might a little bit be in love, all the quotes in my status updates are from him. He is unbelievably romantic, and charming, and relentless. I loved him because Willow says to Haven or thinks to herself near the beginning, that he really sees her will i think that Reece is the ONLY one that REALLY sees her. i think that he was pretty much A++++++ and then some. I loved that he was somewhat possessive and that he didn’t give up even when it seemed like he gave up, but most of all i love them together, they worked so well and he made her happy. i will do this in relationships but Reece = amazing

Tristan: Yup he is the one that i wanted it to become a love square for. He is the only one that she really opens up to, i mean she does a bit with Reece but not as much as with him, And its really strange because he is blonde and i usually hate blondes in books they can never be trusted, oh don’t worry i am not racist i love blondes in real life most of my best friends are blondes, or gingers but that is because gingers are going to take over the world some day, just saying. Anyways he was awesome i liked him, i liked him alot even though we don’t get a whole lot of him. He is the only one in the paranormal world that is completely honest with her and upfront which i dig and respect.

Amber: Who is the new best friend. I FUCKING HATED HER. i still do. i mean she is suppose to be this amazing like perfect girl, but WHAT A FUCKING BITCH. i am not going to let this go. I strongly believe that you can’t help who you fall in love with, and you should respect that. This bitch though, oh hell i can’t even get over how much i hate her. like i literally hate her. i don’t even feel bad about saying that. And i know somethings aren’t her fault but i am blaming a shit ton on her. And i can’t say what because its a spoiler but still, AHHH i hate you amber, i hate you.


Willow and Haven: ODD. yes odd. Like i mentioned before it felt like at first their relationship was like soulmates rules apply! OMGOSH okay if you have read [book:Unearthly|7488244] than that is sort of how if feel these relationships developed as well. She was in love with the idea of Haven as he was in love with the idea of her but they never really got to know one another and they never loved each other.

Willow and Reece: they got to know one another, their relationship grew and blossomed they DEVELOPED. omgosh i know crazy as hell but i am telling you this book is not like other YA where its just BAM we love each other.

Willow and Tristan: Fun as hell and i could tell that there was something there even if there wasn’t suppose to be something there. She seems to trust him without even realizing it. I might be bias because i liked him a lot. But there it is.

the ending, wow… i don’t think that i can handle that. Will i read the next one, do you really have to ask? HELL YES I WILL.

My LAST piece of advice, is this book is free. you can pay a couple dollars for another YA book but i can honestly say you will get a better read out of this, i am pretty sure of it. i do caution you to be a bit wary though because yes i will admit it Willow did piss me off and i wanted her to get over herself sometimes but i allow it.

I am really fucking confused about the preface though…..

oh it you desire to look see my progress through the book its here on Goodreads: