Summary Via Goodreads: “Vegas is not where Karly had imagined herself to be at this point in her life.She was supposed to be living in California, soaking up the sun and enjoying the life of an artist. Instead, she’s just moving out of her parent’s house and going to a school that could loosely be called her second choice. When she meets Zeus Drakos, owner of the new hit casino and resort in town, he seems just like every other jerk guy out there. How was she supposed to know who he really was?”

My Review (this got a 4 out 5 from me):

So because i always like to complain before my reviews how i stupidly started to assign songs to books that is how this review is going to begin. I chose for this song, “I Will Possess You Heart” by Death Cab For Cutie, and i recommend if you are going to go look up this song, look for the radio edition, i love the original but i am not shitting you it has a 4 minute intro, the song is like 8 minutes long, and the intro is all instrumental and its not really needed…still i love Death Cab and i love this song. And it really shows off the beginning of this book…

Okay so first thoughts: I love everything Greek Mythology i think its like the coolest stuff ever, yes i am sadistic so you gotten know that right off the bat. Anyways i was excited when i found this because i know that the Gods seem to becoming the “next” big thing but some authors aren’t just doing it right… and that sounds mean but i tried out the big named one, the Goddess Test and i couldn’t do, damn i walked away so fast you didn’t know i was there, but then awhile ago i stumbled across [book:Persephone|15724908] <– its a great book if you are looking for another Greek God story… anyways moving on from that. My point was that i appreciated that this book actually did stick with some of the true myths and not the glorified versions of them.

Alright now more in depth thoughts on the plot:

Oh kay….where to start. I am going to get the ugly part out of the way first and foremost, here is where i tell you why it got a 4 not a 5. Well there were times i that i found this very almost run of the mill romance, and thats not to say that it was bad or anything it was just okay i have seen this before. At the end of it i just kept thinking to myself, what made this so different from any other relationship that i have read about. Well there were plenty of things that were different, and i will admit that is something that won me over as well, because it wasn’t a soulmate rule, and it wasn’t BAM hot man walks in asks you to bed and ya do it! NAH not our girl, she is a classy lady with a lot of spunk! She…i’ll talk about her later. So now back to my original point i was really pleased that the author took the time for them to fall in love. YAY for FALLING in love and not supernatural means to an end. though i do love the supernatural sometimes its nice to see it grow, and here is where i think my other problem was, that they didn’t seem to have any problems i guess in the grand scheme of things this is where my first comment comes in, i wanted them to have minor arguments i didn’t want it to be so damn easy! wow… i really am evil…eh i will live with it, have the for past 21 years, whats another couple decades right 😉
Near the end is where all the realllll meaty action is, and that is not say that the beginning didn’t have me hooked line and sinker because it did. It was an fast paced read and i don’t think there were many times, maybe besides the very beginning that i felt like i was forcing myself just to get through it you know? i think you know.

Okay so the characters!

Karly: She is our spunky MC i was telling you all about before! She is dangerously awesome. I really liked her because, well besides her being super sheltered, she did stand up for what she believed in, granted i don’t quite believe in the same stuff i respect that she did and she stuck with her guns. She was fearless when she needed to be and she stood up to Zeus and didn’t fall at his feet the moment she meets him. She keeps him on his toes. There were points like i mentioned she was super sheltered that had me questioning her age at times, she was in the book 21 but she really seemed like she was stepping right out of high school, which i get because she took a couple – four years – off before starting college. But at other times she was really mature, and then sometimes she made this elaborate excuses that even I was going, are you kidding me? Even i couldn’t make something like that up! and i have some weird ass ideas…anyways letting that go….

Zeus: Well first off he is a total ass, and if a man did what he did to me when i first met him i would have done a lot more than slap him that is for sure. I really liked that the beginning, began with his POV and ended with his POV, but in the prologue in his POV he seemed like a child throwing a fit it as annoying as hell and i was scared that i would have to deal with this complain-y little man child as the MG (main guy). Luckily he turned out to be very persistent, very arrogant, had a bit of a tempter problem, and then yup so if you aren’t in love yet just you wait! I thought that his change in character came all to abruptly, i think that it could have been drawn out more and we could have seen the changes better than just going like BAM he is a new man after Karly stood up to him. Though he does change, he gets a sense of humor, and he is very protective of his girl. He also has those moments where all girls probably swoon a little even if they hate children like me but the way he was….oh i am getting off point again my bad.

The roommates: Who if you don’t figure out the moment you see them who they are well um you need to brush up on your greek mythology don’t you. anyways they disappear after they serve there one purpose, and that is a little upsetting but whatever. i suppose i will get over it.

The ending: Conclusive, sort of….i am hoping that the next one – if there is a next one – is going to be about a different brother/God and i know that makes me one of those people who like the series that does the different character for different books but i at first hated them then grew to love them but i think that it would be best for these books because I believe that Zeus’ and Karly’s story is done.