Summary via Goodreads: “After running away from home, Krystal is transported to a faraway kingdom where an evil tyrant is bent on taking the crown – and Krystal’s hand in marriage. But when she falls in love with the rightful heir to the throne, she must make an impossible choice: sacrifice her one chance at happiness or face the destruction of an entire kingdom.”

My Review (this got a 4 out of 5 from me):

So I am not entirely sure why this books seems to bring in not so high ratings, i didn’t look at any reviews when i went into this book like i normally do, and i am bad person who does judge a book, by a)its cover (sometimes), b) the summary c) and this might be the worst, but the ratings that it gets on Goodreads. Then if i am still sort of interested i will try to look at someone’s review on like a two or three starred, and then i will look at the opposite end as well as a 4 or 5, and if you are wondering well what about a one starred person’s? Well i don’t do those very often because people can write some very hurtful things and i would like to think you can be critical and not destroy someone with your words at the same time, it is possible. Remember kids, these are authors, nay writers which there is a good chance you have entertained the idea of writing, so now i am going to get off my high horse and stop being so preachy…the point of this little rant was to say that i went into this book sort of blind when it came to reviews. I was very interested in the story. So with that said lets start this review shall we?

Okay first and foremost because i am crazy weird and i thought it would be a good idea one day to start “assigning” song/or songs, to a certain aspect of the book let me tell you what i picked for this book. “My Evil Plan To Save the World” by Five Iron Frenzy, or if you aren’t feeling some ska, then “She Doesn’t get it” by the Format…(which fun fact – there is pun in here too…you’ll get it in a second its super funny! – the lead singer of the Format is now the lead singer for Fun. – did you get the pun?) anyways so i would like to rename the title as this song is dedicated to a man so “He Doesn’t Get it”…..alright moving on from that

First thoughts: Awesome. I really enjoyed it, it was a great fantasy novel, different and i breezed right through it besides at one point but there is a good chance i only hit that snag because i hadn’t slept well the night before and it is currently 2:20 am. Anyways! Though i would like to point out like someone else has as well in their review, she DOES NOT run away, she is KIDNAPPED. there is a difference, some may even agree there is a BIG difference, i am not sure who would be crazy enough to argue that point, most definitely not Gregory, who seriously throughout the whole book i just wanted to call him Geoffrey from Game of Thrones…really i did. Anyways…moving on from that point i liked it, i liked it a lot, and when i went into it since i read that she had run away and was taken to a different world/kingdom or something like that i was thinking she was from our world, pulled into another world, i was wrong but it still worked out and it was still awesome.

Plot wise! Well Here is the fun part it was amazingly well paced there were a few moments that i was like, okay can i move on to something more interesting now? But there are more moments where you are sitting on the edge of your seat and you are wondering what will happen next. the time in which everything happened, was spread out but it was one of those books your jump through time pretty quickly without really realizing it, which in some people’s cases they hate, others they don’t mind, and i am one of those peoples that it just really depends on the book. OMGOD I WAS VERY UPSET ABOUT THIS….there was a random POV shift, that showed up like 35% into the book and doesn’t appear again until like 70% through the book and i was like WTH?! POV random shifts bother me. Anyways so she KIDNAPPED, by the way, held prisoner, a fancy prisoner i would like to mention but there is not like naughty abuses here but Gregory is beyond cra-cra and i kind of love that about him. Mostly because i am sadistic, but as much as i hate getting into too much character-y stuff here i need to talk about the relationships.

Alright relationships:

Krystal (our MC) and Gregory (the “king”): They spend the most amount of time together, and legit we see more of their relationship than anyone elses and which as much as i loved it and i did, truly i did because like i said sadistic, is my middle name actually its not my middle name starts with a V and you will never guess what is unless you are familiar with Italian names so HA i wins! So there relationship is odd at best, and horrifyingly amazing at even better! and just plain stupid at worst. But the stupid is mostly because of Krystal but i will get to that later.

Krystal and Jareth’s (the rightful prince/king?) relationship: so Jareth has been watching Krystal for quite some years now…and i would like to point out that i just realize i HAVE LIKE NO FUCKING IDEA how old Jareth is…that sort of bothers me because i would like to know…hmm anyways moving on….so he knows a lot about her, and as book readers obviously we accept that the stalking of the MC is okay in our books because hey stalking is acceptable in books, and facebook -because its has book in the title….yup. anyways there relationship grows during that season they are together, oh but you know its one of those moments where we skip through many weeks of time…so yeah there goes our time with them but we do have tender moments between them but i guess i was just wanted more because then i could really believe in their loooovvveee…..

alright i am going to move onto characters now


Krystal: has to be one of the most self-less annoying MC’s i have ever read about. I love that she was so willing to do so much for everyone else, seriously she was, she would give her right arm to save someone i am sure of it. But here is the problem she doesn’t think that she is doing is self-less, she is just like, well very i can’t think of the word i want to use so i am going to say that she just brushes it off, like oh well you know i had to do this…no actually you didn’t you could have kept your right arm and saved your own damned ass, and yes that is just a random example i pulled out of thin air, well not thin air but my brain where i get all my awesome ideas from. Anyways! as much as i love a character so self-less her brushing off of it does bother me to a certain extent only because i don’t think she should have to endure what she does…anyways moving on, she is a great character.

Gregory: CRAZY AS HELL AND I LOVED HIM FOR IT. He is was very scary without having to do the whole beat down thing because i was really wondering the whole time how far until he just goes over the edge. i couldn’t wait until he went over the edge…unfortunately he didn’t quite make it over the edge i was hoping for, i wanted him to do the 25ft he only did the 10ft which i suppose is better then no feet. omgosh this man is super possessive it makes me feel bad for liking him so much

Jareth….well like i said before we don’t get a whole lot of him, but from what i do know he is very passionate and caring. He is dangerously sweet at times and i did really like him but again i will say i wanted more of him, i think that would have been nice…

okay the ending. was very final, and i know i have said this before without actually looking at what the next book is about but i really don’t understand why this book if it is going to be about the same characters need another book. i really don’t. It would have made me perfectly happy as a stand alone, now if the next book is about different characters i might do it, i guess i will have to go and check it out.