So today we officially hit 1000 views, and i am thinking that is pretty awesome. 

I know that i had been putting up at least a review or two a weekend, and one or some during the week, well kids sorry to say but the end the semester is upon me, and Andrea we have tons of stuff to get done and that means reading books has been put “aside” sort of…

I am in the midst of The Black Dagger Brotherhood series, AMAZING stuff kids! And i know there are like all of you following us just EAGER for our next post, but i am sorry we are MIA lately, but we are reading, we are loving books, but we actually need to do homework as well. Anyways Back to that series i am in the middle of, i am on book four and loving it! If you are interested in checking out but want something to go on, check out the song Combinations by Eisley – its amazing band, they are all brothers and sisters, anyways not the point the song portrays a very good “summary” of the entire series, each book is about a new brother, but sorry kids you cannot skip around! But it really is worth it. 


Um so the point of this was to say THANK YOU! You kids are amazing! (sorry i call everyone kids, or cats, or yeah sorry bad habit of mine). Anyways Andrea and I would like to say one more time THANK YOU this is really cool. Even though you are rolling your eyes going, psst my blog gets a 1000 views a month, MWHAHAHAHA well we are new, and not very well known so this is pretty cool for us! Sorry can’t do like a give away or anything 🙂

But i can leave you with this, You are as beautiful as the books you read, you are as creative and fun as them as well. And trust me when i say You Are AMAZING 


-BECCA (thanks one more time!)