Summary via Goodreads: “When starving artist Kiera wakes up on board a spaceship, she panics. Her best friend has dragged her across the universe to help her find a man and a life, only the man she ends up unwittingly hooking up with is a battle-hardened warrior prince living in exile.

Calculating, cautious A’Ran wants nothing more than to reclaim his planet. He needs Kiera as his lifemate to heal his planet and his war weary people. He’s not prepared to be a lifemate himself, and discovers almost too late what he risks losing if he can’t learn to be more than a warrior.”

My Review: (This got a solid 3 stars out of 5 from me)

So song choice first off, as per normal that i do, which is to pick a song that somehow relates to either: how my reading experience went, how it somehow relates to the book:plot, characters, relationships, etc, etc. So song choice…..Telescope Eyes by Eisley (by the way amazing band saw them in concert, it was AWE-SOME) but anyways, this is dealing with the relationship between Kiera and A’Ran.

Okay so first thoughts: honestly? i was a little indifferent about this whole thing, well that isn’t true, it started off really strong, i loved Kiera she was super funny just like her antics and her, but then she started to drift into this very one-sided, and warped character. I will get to that later though. I also pretty much predicted very true that it was going to take…but if i am being honest it wasn’t painful to read, and i did enjoy some parts, but in the end i figured it out pretty quickly, and lost my love for the MC. And i am not entirely sure i even like the love interest to be completely honest…well thats not entirely true, he is okay. i will get to that later.

Plot: so a lot people have mentioned in their reviews that Kiera was kidnapped by her friend, and its not the in the traditional sense where she was chloroformed, knocked over head, or shot up with some type of drug (and really kids the best way to get a date is my person favorite pick-up line, “Hey does this ratty towel smell like chloroform to you?” its how you get all the guys, works everytime!…so i have heard….*im watching you*) Anyways not only is taken by friend without contest and i guess that should have been the first tip off her friend be CRA-CRA but i totally overlooked it because i would have done the same thing, probably, no i would. But really come on bitch and a half (best friend) you can’t force your friend to move to a different planet, and marry your hubby’s bro, that just wrong girl! Bros before hos! Anyways back to the plot, not only is betrayed by her friend but by the guy she is trying to get help from, BUMMER! And i actually called that yeah but at the same time i was happy with everything. but things went a little meh from there. She didn’t try to escape said planet she was taken to once…not once…if you REALLY wanted to go home you’d do it. Anyways not only that bothered me but the fact that the men were completely overbearing assholes – like all of them and not in a good way. Kiera apparently acts “inappropriately” A LOT but the guys on planet #1 fell in love with her because of it, and planet #2 aka savage planet, were not… um what? Also you don’t get a lot of her actually doing anything that would be deemed “inappropriate” or at least in our sense of the word, but it never tells you how things are done on “savage planet” planet #2. i don’t know so there was that. Also again i figured out everything about this book pretty quickly, which is okay sometimes but i dont know, make me go, NO FUCKING WAY? and i love you for life.

okay done talking about that….character time!


Kiera: Um she started off awesome, legit, loved her. She was really funny like i said before, both with her antics, and just being her. But then when arriving to planet #2 she evened out to this very just blah character that does this or does that, pretty much normal things, video games that aren’t really video games, sitting around, training. she cries a lot. Which honestly doesn’t bother me personally but she was suppose to be really emotional and besides the crying she has like two maybe three actual freak outs, and they were pretty tame from others that i have read.

A’Ran: still deciding but really he was a complete ass from square one, he was all warrior and nothing else. He is all you must do as i command, but not in the charming, ahh you think you can control me way, no just in the i am a man you do as i say, i think if there were better interactions between Kiera and A’Ran than it might have worked better but there really wasn’t much to work with. At the end you get a little insight of how he was treated for a past blahblah years but still doesn’t make me like him anymore. He has one shining moment where i was like OMGOD i think i could jump you right now. But it quickly faded…sad.

Oh said “best friend”: is kinda of an ass, like all the time. so there is that.

I guess in the end i wish these characters actually had time to fall in love with each other, they are not in each other’s company much and when they are the interaction between them is flat, and a little forced almost. Sometimes i was like um, Kiera why are you being so nice? He kidnapped you. then i was like my god man (A’Ran) why are you such an ass, do you not see this in her point of view? She was taken from her home without any contest, and now you take her away even farther claiming her to be your wife? Right okay i guess i am okay with that? (no, no i really am not), so here is where i needed more from them otherwise i am unwilling to accept their “love”.

So the ending? Um, it ended. I really want to say that it as sort of cheesy and i felt like i had to go throw up rainbows and unicorns when i finished it. I don’t know why i am being such an ass but i guess its because i am still coming down from the book i read before this which left me crying, smiling, then crying again all in the last like 10 pages – its the second one to the Black Dagger Brotherhood. So yeah….not promoting that series or anything…