Summary via Goodreads: “When Elizabeth Scott, a seventeen year old high school senior, first meets Leuken Bennett in the small town of Harrisburg Oregon, she has no idea the danger she places herself in by falling for him. 

Elizabeth cannot help her feelings for the mysterious boy. While she quickly discovers that he is one of the good guys, after he saves her life the first time, it doesn’t change the fact that his entire family is being hunted by the Verdorben. Elizabeth must decide if her budding relationship is worth the danger it places her and her family in. What she doesn’t realize until after she falls for Leuken, is that by being with him she risks losing more than just her life.”


My Review: (This got a 3 out of 5 stars from me)


hmmm…I am really unsure about that three stars. I think a tentative 3.5 is in need.

So the song choice is “Always” by Panic! At the Disco.

Okay so first thoughts: It was original and did some very interesting things that i enjoyed. But in reality this took me like a week to finish because i got stuck about half way through and i didn’t know if i actually wanted to finish. And i will go into my detail later, but overall the second half was through sticking it through. For the most part. Again i will get to that later. But if you are looking for something new – paranormal new – here you go!

Now onto the plot: Alright, now here is where most of my problems with this book stemmed from. The pacing was meh at best. The story started off really strong, and really well paced but then about half way we hit a wall, and hit again, and again, again. Little burst of things happened but they were over as soon as they started and i got a little bored. 😦 sad days. But then at the end it picked up again and i was happy, but i am very angry with you Lee Larsen! I will talk about it later at the end of the review. I like to keep you all in suspense. I liked the new paranormals that were introduced in this story and if you are thinking you know what it is you are wrong. Its rare to come across something new and well developed. I really want to talk about the characters because part of the plot has to deal with them, i might do part two of plot after talking about the characters.


Elizabeth (Liz, Izzie, and yeah): I loved her. Oh my god! I think i was ready to bat for the other team for her at one point. She is amazing, really because one of the most annoying things in the whole wides world! is the main character that thinks she is entitled to know everything about going to be love interest before they even know anything about each other. When Liz is first saved by Luke (GASP oh get over it you know that he does if you read the summary :p ) so anyways when she first gets saved by him, she tells him that she is curious but will give him time to get to know her in order to see that she is trustworthy. Talk about awesome? I think yes. She is extremely mature for her age, and rightfully so since she is almost raising her much younger brother. I liked her because she wasn’t the angst-y teen that is going to bitch and moan about it, and be like, i just want to be a kid! Well i would like to fly -well thats not true i don’t want to fly i haven’t figured what my awesome superpower it would be but its not flying – anyways getting off topic – well i would like to do sometype of impossible thing but its not going to happen, and i accept that gratefully, sort of, and live my life as it is and make the best out of what i have for now because time will bring changes. I know i am so wise you can go ahead take that piece of advice and share with all your friends saying you made it up 😉 damn i get distracted easily…okay back to Liz she was a smart girl, and loyal. She was strong but also again she was well rounded so she wasn’t just this i am super kickass don’t touch me kinda girl but she had moments when she was vulnerable and that is amazing in my opinion.

Luke (I cannot remember how to spell his actual name and i am feeling lazy so i am not going to look it up): He was a neato dude. He was incredibly sweet, and caring. He is strong and dangerous. Huh…well i don’t know what else to say about him, we only get his POV near the end of the book and i am not talking about that because i don’t do spoilers. But he is understanding and takes his time with Liz.

Kay so i liked the other characters but i want to say that i love what Lee Larsen did with the POV shifts because there was a purpose to it and i loved that, and that is why i am willing to give this a 3.5 at the moment. And now on to other reasons why this got a 3.5 from me.

Plot prt. 2: So i just talked about the characters yeah? I loved them, really i did but their relationship felt very 2D to me. It was only on the paper and near the end yeah i felt it, i did but for the most part i was like, okay relationship but i wanted more. I wanted i don’t know to feel like i was falling head over heels with them. I don’t mind the vague moments to help time move along but the moments they did have together that were slowed down there wasn’t enough meat there for me to dig into. And the romance being lean wouldn’t have bothered me if it wasn’t the main basis for the middle of the book because the other action happens near the beginning and near the ending. So yeah.

The ending. Oh by the way i am glaring right now. CLIFFHANGER. grrr. Not nice. not nice at all.

So my last piece of advice is this: i think it is worth trying out, I don’t know if it will be your cup of tea but give the sample on Amazon a try and see how you feel but maybe i was just being distracted and that is why i felt so strongly about the pacing being sort of meh. I also think it was because there were lots of stretches of nothing happening besides normal life and which we all know is boring 😉

But am i going to read the next one? Probably.