I know take a moment to realize this is an actual blog post verses a book review. 

I just wanted to stop in and tell everyone who follows us, or is just checking out the page that we were honored greatly by being asked to be interviewed by Stephanie Constante – she is an author. And we would like to extend our thanks again to her, and to think of us! But more than that you can check out the interview over at her blog which i have the link right 

here: http://stephanieconstante.blogspot.com/

Show her some lovin’, because she showed us some lovin’. 

Enjoy your day, i know i am going to I just started Games of Fire by Airicka Phoenix and my goodness its good. I am not far but i am sure there will be a raving review about it either tonight around 3 oclock in the morning or tomorrow afternoon before i start enjoying St. Pattie’s Day 😉