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Summary via Goodreads: “The last few days have been the darkest of Sally’s life. After experiencing the joy of finding her mate, she now suffers the pain of losing everything she holds dear. Both the Romanian and Serbian packs have been captured, ripping Sally’s soul mate away from her almost as soon as she had found him. Her best friend and the emotional glue that usually holds Sally together, Jacque Pierce, lies writhing in a restless coma, having been put down by Desdemona’s dark magic. Jennifer Adams, the unshakable one, has revealed to her friends and her mate that she is pregnant, but the Fates have marked her unborn baby for death. Though she rails against the darkness, deep inside Jen knows that Decebel’s baby must die as payment for her own life, and the knowledge is tearing her soul to pieces. Cypher, King of the Warlocks, has claimed Jacque’s mother as his mate and agreed to help Desdemona open a door that would release a horde of demons from beyond the Veil.

Though her world is crashing down around her, Sally holds out hope. The Great Luna is not sitting idly by. She has commanded the Fey council to call upon the packs—all of them. And though Cypher looks for a way to open the Veil for Desdemona, he struggles to protect Lilly and the wolves at the same time. Peri, the ever-courageous High Fae, and a contingent of the remaining females of the Romanian and Serbian packs, push on through the rough Carpathian Mountains. Though they are bound to the human realm, they continue to search for a way to cross over to the land of the Fey. Meanwhile, in reluctant obedience to the Great Luna, the Fey council sends representatives to the far corners of the globe, meeting with the pack Alphas. The Fey must convince the Alphas of every pack to lay aside their petty territorial squabbles and battles of dominance. If they refuse, both the humans and the supernatural races will fall at Mona’s feet.

Sally holds to a shred of hope. Though Vasile, Decebel, and their pack mates endure the torture of the In-Between, living their worst nightmares over and over, Sally holds. Though she knows that it is only a matter of time before their wolves take over, she holds. Sally knows that if the males die, then so too will their mates who have performed the Blood Rites, including her best friends Jen and Jacque. Yet she holds. If the males lose themselves to their wolves and turn feral, so too do their mates. Still she holds. Though Vasile, the strongest Alpha in their history to unite the wolves, is lost beyond the Veil, Sally holds. Though Decebel, the only other wolf besides Vaile strong enough to unite the packs, suffers beyond the Veil, Sally will hold. No one is left to unite their race, and defeat Desdemona. Yet Sally still holds. She holds out hope that the Great Luna will not abandon them, cannot abandon them. Throughout the centuries, the Great Luna has always provided a gypsy healer to the packs, especially in times of great need. Now Sally is that healer. Sally fears what role she has to play in the defeat of Desdemona, but she will play it. Though heaven and hell unite against her, she WILL play it.

For too long the supernatural races have lived in separation, warring amongst themselves, allowing trivial power plays and selfish disputes to keep them from uniting. That separation has made them weak. Now, being summoned as a collective force to the same land, will they come? Will they come in numbers greater than have been seen in centuries? Will they destroy each other and save Mona the trouble, or will they finally unite and fight as one?”

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My Review and what nots: (This got a 5 out of 5 from me on Goodreads) And really that is just not enough stars…

Warning this is part of a series that i started reading way before i started this blog so if you haven’t read any of the first ones, there aren’t spoilers but you probably won’t understand the cult like tone around this book, but check out Prince of Wolves by Quinn Loftis and you won’t be sorry!

Warning this review has far too much gushing to not be called bias what so ever

“No it’s nothing like I dreamed, it’s better.” – Sally

So a girl, her kindle, and a laptop walks into the bar reading this book…No don’t like this joke? Well fine then. But I know you enjoyed it when you read the joke in the prologue which I know we have all read on Quinn’s blog as soon as she posted it. But on to the reviewin right?

Song choice well i think i will have to go with two different songs and really there isn’t a good enough song to express this book in my opinion but i choose you pikachu? no don’t like that joke either fine. Song choices: “As Much As I Ever Could” by City and Colour. And the second song “Joy” by Ellie Goulding

I am not quite sure what you want me to say other than I know you want to read this because if you have already gone this far into this series you know it’s gonna be good! I love the mixture of the heartbreakingly sweet moments, to the points where I literally thought I was going to die on the inside a bit. And the side-splitting moments of laughter all mixed into one. It’s an amazing mixture that seemingly is completely and utterly Quinn Loftis and I would like to be thanking her on the behalf of everyone who reads any of her books, and seriously if you have read Quinn you never go back! At least that is how I feel.

So before anything else is said and done I need to say this. I have been dying to say this. COSTIN HOW ARE YOU SO PERFECT? Girls you can all have Dec but Costin is mine and I love him. And I swear to God somehow Quinn you’ve reached into my mind and pulled out the perfect man that has always lived in here and put him on paper, how can anyone else compare? – well besides the fact that if I meet a guy he will be real, but really real guy or Costin? It’s a tough decision.

So I think that this book is perfect in that it can be lighthearted in even the most serious conditions. I was happy that this book really separated the time equally between the three girls and had a few moments for everyone else. And I love each and every character in this book and I along with a friend who has read this series decided Quinn just needs to write a million for this series and in which we get everyone’s stories, and we would be happy as clams. The characters along with the writing style, along with the plot make this an all-around amazing book. It is something unique and thrilling.

So my heart is breaking, its being mended, its being lifted. And through it all i made it through the book with one crying session and let me tell you that is intense because usually never do i cry. It was Costin who got me, he uses such beautiful language

With that being said i wanted to highlight all of this book, and then i wanted to put every single quote that i loved in this review but i won’t because i don’t want to give anything away.

this isn’t really set up like my normal reviews but this is pretty late in a series so i am not going to do it the same. but i will say this my last piece of advice, is really what the f-language i know, but seriously what the hell are you doing reading my review? Go read the book if you haven’t yet. sillies….

Also if you are interested in seeing my progression through this book check it out here on goodreads: