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Summary via Goodreads: “Sixteen-year-old Delaney Scott possesses a special gift. Ever since she was a child she has known about her calling and the duty she’s expected to fulfill.
However, all Delaney wants is to be normal. That’s why she is drawn to Sam. He can offer her the life she’s always desired. Only Sam has secrets of his own.
Secrets that are deadly. Secrets that can change everything.

Advanced Praise for Dazzle:
A definite MUST read!! Amazing new series! – Alexia Purdy, author of Reign of Blood

Torn between the unconditional love of a lifelong friend and the intriguing allure of a bad boy, you won’t know who to root for in Garza’s new young adult series. But one thing is certain, you’ll be rooting for a sequel! Megan Squires, author of Traced–The Outlier Chronicles”

My Review: (This got a 3 out of 5 from me on Goodreads)\

So, its gonna be a solid three. I wanted to love this i really did but the best i can do is like it. There were a lot of things that might just be personal…well that is stupid reasoning isn’t it? This is all personal but lets say personal views on the type of genre, and i will explain later but i first and foremost, song time! Solider’s Poem by Muse describes how i think two of our MCs feel about their situations, and their lovvveee.

Kay so first quick thoughts, I don’t think it was a bad book but there were too many things that personally i couldn’t overlook and it made reading this a bit uncomfortable? No, i will get to the reasonings later in the plot i don’t want to sway you my way right this minute because i think that it is a good book, i enjoyed it for the most part. The pacing is a little slow. I guess one of my biggest issues is it wasn’t what i thought/expected it to be, and i read bits and pieces of other people’s reviews so i pretty much jumped in with fragmented thoughts/ideas already forming which is a big no-no i know but hear me out.

So plot: Well okay followers of Zerach are supposed to be like the good guys i guess, but i had a hard time believing this because all i kept getting was this super cult vibe like no one business. And honestly it took me until more than half way through the book to realize that the “World” we were set in, was not ours but either a different time, or parallel world kind of thing, because really there is no mention of God or any other type of religion besides Zerach’s, Sarafites, or neither, and am not a religious person so i don’t really care but i couldn’t get out of the mind set of this being “cult” like, or even dystopia feel and I didn’t want to believe, and i still honestly don’t believe that Zerach’s is a good thing. There i said it. So :p. So with that out there, i said before that the pacing is okay, well its kinda slow and there is this build up and you know its coming, and finally action starts ahappenin’ and you know what Amber Garza does? She cliffhangers this. And usually i don’t do the ending until later but yeah i was just a little pissed, by a little i mean a lot but it might also been because i was about to head into a three hour long class when i finished this and i couldn’t move on. Super cliffhanger = not cool yo! Anyways the second one is out so i guess its okay. I will talk about my feelings on that later though. Right now for the plot wise, someone in their review mentioned how Best friend Micah develops his own obsession and i thought it was going to be Delaney and i thought he’d be all super stalker and creepy, no i was disappointed. I want to mention that there were parts that totally sneaked up on me and i didn’t even see them coming, some of the mysteries i just didn’t catch but now that i think about it their were clues…it was tricky though and i like when books trick me

Oh dear god i guess now is when i deal with the “love triangle” really its a square and its annoying as hell. I am sorry to say it but Delaney moved down in my liking points because of this love square. One of the main reasons i have always hated Bella Swan from Twilight – yup i am going there – is that she openly admits all of the fucking time that she loves both of the boys and she doesn’t want to let one go and keep the other, she wants both, she is a selfish bitch. Yeah i feel very strongly about this. Anyways I don’t care when girls try to work through their problems but when they get with the guy they choose they are with the guy they choose, but Delaney fences it a lot. Okay i get it Micah has always been there but before you always say how is like your brother, then when you start dating another guy suddenly you COULD feel more for him? NO. I AM SORRY BUT NO. And Micah, don’t even get me started on you! JESUS CHRIST. Sorry but this little love thing almost made me want to rip my own hair out. But in the end Delaney redeems herself, well sort of, well she does, then something happens but you don’t get to know that.

Characters: (PS this is in the POVs of Delaney, Micah, and Sam)

Delaney: She is not really what i was expecting as well, she seems more girly girl than i thought she would be, she seems like she should be on top of the world but she is excluded, and only friends with Micah because that is the way its suppose to be. She wants a normal life, and she craves to be like everyone else. She is suppose to be compassionate and sometimes she is, but when we meet Ariel step back whoa what the hell she is a mega bitch. I was taken back by her flat out rudeness to her, like all of the time. And this is something i just couldn’t overlook in her character either, i understood her want to protect her family and that includes Micah but seriously in the state that Ariel is in you would think there would be more compassion even if you don’t trust the girl. When she isn’t interacting with Ariel though i really like her.

Sam: Man i can tell right away that he is a good guy even though he is suppose to be a “bad” boy. I can see his desperation and what is why he does some of things that he does. But i really liked Sam and i enjoyed going through moments with him. So Sam was probably my favoritest characters and i like him because he is well rounded. He is real and i can understand and relate to him. Also Sam is super smart, like kid caught things that i didn’t and i thought he was an idiot, for reals.

Micah: Like i said before his whole love square thing bothered the hell out of me. We know though his feelings on Delaney, but he does make plays for Ariel, and then things start to really seem to go one way but he is just ugh, i can’t im sorry i will just get mad. i like that he is a loyal friend, but he has a bit of a tempter and i don’t like his blind faith in Zerach’s plan and all that but again that is because i can’t get over the cult like feeling i get from the guy, i just can’t i don’t know why but i don’t trust the system and i don’t trust Zerach even when he painted in a good light.

Okay so that thing about the second book: Well quite honestly i was reading the sample…yup during class, and i just don’t know how i feel about this series yet. I want to know what happens i really do but at the same time i am wondering if i will just be annoyed with the same problems, and there is something HUGE but again i can’t talk about it, but the first definitely will make you want to read the second even if you are on the fence about the first. Thats for sure but whether i will go on? I am not sure. I think so… after checking the summary on Goodreads for number two its probably going to be a probably read, but right away? Hmm i am not sure