Summary Via Goodreads: “A fateful car accident, a strange Abbey ruled by an even stranger Abbess, an insane Demon, a world where right and wrong becomes dangerously twisted, and a confident, rebellious teenager . . . .

Dayton Blainey is a foul-mouthed, grief-stricken young woman forced to live with a religiously eccentric aunt who favors her moral older sister. But when Dayton’s life becomes intertwined with a dangerous stranger, she suddenly finds herself at the center of a war fought since the beginning of time.

Trapped between what she believes is right, and a forbidden attraction, Dayton must come to terms with betrayal and her surprising lineage to stop a war before it even begins.”

My Review: This book got a 4 out of 5 from me

Let me start off by saying – this is a must read kids, its for free but don’t let that confuse you, if you are like me and think oh free book must be that it isn’t as good as lets say a .99 cent book well that is racist…sort of, in a way, either way i have some pretty crappy paid books before and this was for free so its been sitting in my kindle that i lovingly named Kevin for months and i saw a friend’s review of it so i as like…well hmm i am down on cash but need to read like i need oxygen to breathe so yes, yes i will give this a shot. TOTALLY WORTH IT.

So for some horribly odd reason i want to assign “As Much As I Ever Could” by City and Colour as my song choice for the book but its not really like that much… but its a great song to listen to. I guess it could be connected if you tried realll hard…but my real assigned song would be “Diet Mt. Dew” by Lana Del Rey – and i promise its not about the drink.

Okay then onto the reviewing… since i gave a little bit of first thoughts on this i will continue on, you aren’t spending money but you will be getting a very delightful read. If you would like to look at my progress right down there you will see i was highly entertained throughout the whole book. So my suggestion is if you are super paranormal fan, and maybe wanting more mystery/action than romance this is where you should be coming kids its a wonderful start to a trillllooggyyy? thats me thinking its a trilogy but it might be a series i can’t quite remember, eh whateves we will call it s trilogy for now. So for the paranormal fan YES!

Okay Plot: So everyone loves Demons right? I have been on this like demon kick ever since i read [book:Vortex|15727215] FANTASTIC book by the way. Anyways i have been looking for another demon look that really sucks me in and its not like the demon is the “bad” guy, but there is that nice mix of what is really good and what is really bad? While this book – and this one of the reasons it got a four from me – it was trying to push the lines between good and bad but i kept seeing gray and i think in a way i like it better this way because its not just the plot that is grey its the characters. But i will get to that later right now lets keep with the plot. Okay so demons, yeah well don’t show for a while…oh sad! Well don’t worry kids the book will keep you questioning in the beginning, the middle and the end! HERE is one thing that i really loved about this plot: though the romance is just beginning and i am convinced there will be more in the next book, anyways she doesn’t automatically go, “Oh hot man! MUST SWOON and fall in love!” in this book its the beginning of a friendship, kids we are taking it slow but its more natural than anything else. So with that aside for paranormal fans like i said before: i have read angel books before, and i have done some demon books but this really brought in new elements and surprises and honestly if you are looking for a new type of angel/demon book look no further!

Characters: Oh how i have been itching to write about them!!

Dayton (also lovingly known as Day or her last name which i would have to look up and i am not going to do that right now so :p moving on) : Oh Day will make you want to kill her with a rusty nail as your weapon, yes a slow and painful death is what she deserves most of the time in the beginning of the book but i have to totally respect her. She wants to be part of a family, to not be so lonely that she is willing to stay with people who obviously only hold disdain for her. But Dayton is strange…she has these moments when she just gives in and thats that, and mostly i agree the best thing to do is to let it go and just go with the flow but sometimes not so much. And at times she is really this meek, shy girl other times she is so damn witty and funny i was laughing out loud and highlighting like no one’s business. And then she goes back to being quiet, and i mean she changes throughout the book i can see that and i respect that she is starting on a dangerous journey she needs to be strong and she will be totally kickass don’t you kids worry! But if you want a character that starts off as we probably all do when faced with things we don’t understand which is scared shitless then pulls on her big girl panties then you will find it with Dayton just give her some time.

Marcas: is the pinnacle of broody assholes. Seriously… i think he cracks ONE SMILE damn this man! i wanted to hate him but i ended up more curious than anything. He is one of those characters that i was mentioning earlier and Dayton is too, they are a mix of what suppose to be good and what is suppose to be bad, but really any real “evil” i felt from him was low-grade. Mostly he is quiet, doesn’t like to be touched, and calls Day by her last name. All he wants is to get un-bounded from her. But its at the end if you pay attention you will see the differences in him and i think this is why i liked this character is that he is going to do a 180 on us just because he met this human girl who is he stuck protecting in order to protect himself. So he has a long road ahead of him but that makes me more interested into finding out how he might be different from book one to book three.

The other characters were interesting. I don’t want to go into much depth about them because i don’t want to give anything away but i will say this they were all well written. They didn’t turn into name-less blobs that were meant to help the story along, they are part of the book, they each have personalities and characteristics that will make you aware of who is speaking and what they might do next.

So the ending? Well what did i say before? its a trilllllooggyy? so yes cliffhanger but i am 99.99% sure the next one is out so go over to amazon and get it when you are done with this one.

I know i addressed one reason this got a 4 vs 5 from me already but the other part is the sporadic personality of Day i think i just wanted her to be sarcastic and witty more often because i liked her like that. One of my favorite moments in this book is in the beginning when she is eating the dumdum sucker and her sister is judging her, and she quotes Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juilet’s dying scene. Yeah one of them is that moment.