Summary Via Goodreads: “The sexiest romance you’ll read this year…

One moment can change your life forever…

For Violet Lee, a chance encounter on a darkened street draws her into a world beyond her wildest imaginings, a timeless place of vast elegance and immeasurable wealth – of beautiful mansions and lavish parties – where a decadent group of friends live for pleasure alone. A place from which there is no escape…no matter how hard Violet tries.

Yet all the riches in the world can’t mask the darkness that lies beneath the gilded surface, embodied in the charismatic but dangerous Kaspar Varn.

Violet and Kaspar surrender to a passion that transcends their separate worlds – but it’s a passion that comes at a price…”

My Review: This got a 4 out of 5 stars from me

Um wow. Just wow. Give me a minute i just finished it.

My song choice: “I Know You Care” by Ellie Goulding

Okay so my first thoughts? Well i loved it. And i loved it because its nontraditional, and what do i mean by that? Well i found myself at the end of the book wondering who i should consider the good guys and who are the bad guys? And when a book can mix the two that that world isn’t so black and white I think is quite an accomplishment and I think is totally worth your time to read.

So my thoughts on the plot: I thought that it was original. I pretty much loved it. At first it seems pretty standard paranormal stuff but trust me there are many twists and many turns, and so much that you will think up is down and down is up and back again. But the story starts off strong and starts off running. It’s a long book yeah, maxing out to about 550 ish pages, but it took me maybe a day an a half to read it. The pacing is a strong point here. There is something always going on so don’t worry about getting bored. There is romance for those who want it, there is action for those who crave it, and there is everything in between. The story offers so much more than a little story of how two people fall in love – which i would like to add is a major awesome point. Are you sick of getting those books were soulmate rules apply? You know the soulmate rule? Two people that are meant to be no matter what so the moment they meet they love each other? Well where is the fun in that? This has more to do with character but will say that thank you Abigail Gibbs for not taking the easy way out and telling the reader a story on how these two fell in love, reluctantly but they did. I will say that what bothered me and dropped this down a star is that there were some things i thought that were repeated in the book like Violet was too stupid not to catch before when they did something then….okay i am not explain this right…here is an example: Violet gets bit..okay? But Kaspar didn’t kill her? Yeah understand? Simple right my first thought is: they don’t need to kill when they eat. Violet has to be told much later also… so 😐 um hmm…. okay? Also there were sometimes i was just really like, wait, WAIT, WAIT calm the fuck down what just happened? I am so confused? I actually i think i started yelling that sooo…there were only like two or three points that like and i know only two of those three were not explained, the third one you were supposed to be confused.

So my thoughts on the characters:

Violet: She is in a sense on the best heroines i have come across in along time. She isn’t some unattainable version of a person. She is honest, she is the best that she can be. She is stubborn and thinks she knows everything about the world. But here is the thing about that, i wanted her to be a little more accepting of how things worked. She needed to learn to accept somethings but she never truly does which i feel would cause problems later on, but that’s here nor there. So moving on from that point. There were moments i wish she would learn to accept better but she didn’t but i suppose that only makes her human. So moving on again. She does though understand the weight of the situation, she isn’t stupid. And what i love more than anything is she is compassionate and she emotional, because having emotions is normal. really i swear to God it is. And she doesn’t just forget bad things that happen to her because of a pretty new face. so thank the heavens and hells for that!

Kaspar:…Asshole?…Yup there you go. I just described him perfectly…only i didn’t. Oh i just remembered something from earlier in the book….I have to add this in real quick Violet is hilarious by the way. Anyways Kaspar starts off really rude and like i said an asshole. Don’t worry there is more to him that just that it takes awhile but we start to learn a different side of Kaspar. And in the end you will learn to love him as well, i promise you that. He is a complicated character so don’t let him fool you into thinking he is the normal asshole.

Side characters: Well there were a lot but i was sort of disappointed with the behavior of certain people because i didn’t think that their characteristics would have them act that way. *cough cough Fabian cough cough*… but otherwise than that i think that they were just the support cast because this story seemed to revolve around Kaspar and Violet. They are learning to come to terms to how their lives are now, learning to accept.

So my thoughts on the ending? Well for a bit near the end i was like please just start skipping in time because i want to be done, but then when i read the last sentence i was like Hey wait? It’s over? That’s not fair! It’s not really cliffhanger-y everything is resolved but obviously things are left open because this is a series.