Summary Via Goodreads: “The last time she checked, Mia Carrington was pretty sure that she was a normal girl with a completely ordinary life.

She goes to high school, has a crush on the gorgeous and mysterious new boy in town, and has strange dreams that she can’t help but feel are real somehow.

Okay, so maybe she’s not all that normal after all.

A freak accident changes Mia’s life forever when she is thrown into another world and left to deal with the revelation that she is the daughter of the King of the Light Elves. Throw in an ominous prophecy predicting that Mia will break a curse unleashing the Dark Elves on the world and well, things don’t look too good.

There is danger lurking at every corner in this strange world and Mia isn’t sure who she can trust…
The only thing she is certain of is that the Dark Elves know about her, and they will stop at nothing until they have her.”

My Review:

So song recommendation for better understanding the concept of the book, or at least the best that i can figure would be…..I guess i will go with “Love you madly” by Cake – this is gear more towards the romance of the book, plot wise is a bit harder 😉

Okay first thoughts: I really liked this book but it took me a couple days to finish it, and i should explain that i also get distracted really easily so that was probably my fault, but if i get bored i move on for awhile, and a lot of times i will not come back to the book i got bored with, so right there is a point in this book’s favor. With that being said since i think i have only read one or two other Elf books – [book:Elfin|16121427] by Quinn Loftis which is being the other, i was interested. Sometimes i think it is easy to get Fae and Elves mixed into the same category. So i thought this book did a good job of first and foremost keeping them separate. Their is romance if you are looking for that, honestly for me it was an obvious pick so even if there seems to be love triangle it didn’t bother me because its not overwhelming. With that said i also love that Mia actually acknowledges the fact she will not string both of them along before she really starts anything with either boy she needs to figure out her feelings. So in conclusion my first thoughts, it was a good beginning to i believe a trilogy.

Plot: Like i mentioned before Elves aren’t done very often or i should say i don’t know a whole lot of books that do them. I thought that maybe if we had learned a little more about them that i would have been happier, i mean we know some things about them but some times it felt like we weren’t getting enough. I wanted to be submerged into this new-ish paranormal race. At the same time i liked that this wasn’t one of those books were its automatically, oh supernatural world? i am down with that and i want to be part of this like *snaps fingers* that. I thought that the idea of the plot good vs evil, there is a prophecy was a pretty standard but that is okay because for once the one from the prophecy isn’t trying to be killed and i love that because death is so final! hehehehe anyway i am super happy that Erica Cope was willing to go that extra mile and get hands a little dirty but at the same time there were moments i was questioning how old the main characters were. i don’t even know why, i just kept thinking they were a bit younger than what they actually were. it is probably a super personal reason. but i don’t recommend you don’t read it simply because of that and if you do walk away because of that comment you are missing out.


Mia: well she was in two words: pretty awesome. Like almost every other girl in the world i have read twilight and honest to God even when it wasn’t all the hype i still hated Bella because i thought she was a spoiled bitch – yes i have a point i am not just ragging on her – anyways i felt like this because of the love triangle and her need to have both men in her life and she couldn’t seem to understand that was a problem. Well ladies and possibly gentlemen Mia is the opposite! thank God! She realizes that she has feelings for two different gents and she isn’t willing to start something with one of them until she knows who she really wants to be with, but don’t let that fool you to thinking their isn’t any romance or fun i will get to that in a minute. Anyways she is pretty witty, and very caring. She is fiercely loyal to her family and honestly loves a little to easily which i don’t think is a bad i thing i like that in characters most of the time. This is one of those times i liked it.

Greyson: Is a stick in the mud. hehe, he is very serious and i know that is caring but my god a yo-yo doesn’t yank around as much as he does. He is a hard character to figure out, i know that he cares about Mia but i doubt he really loves her. Greyson is a good friend though and very protective of Mia. I think that he was a well developed character even if i hated him at times. And i would kill for his indigo eyes.

Jacoby: aside from his name, and i really do kinda of hate his name sorry but its true, everytime i read it i thought of a 7 year old boy. And yes he might act like a 7 year old boy it doesn’t mean i want to imagine him at that age. Anyways he is funny as hell, i think he was one of the biggest reasons to read this book. He makes me so happy because i get so sick and tired of those brooding asshole main character guys – i mean don’t get me wrong i love them i do but sometimes i just want a guy with a good sense of humor and a twinkle in his eye like he is up to no good. And always expect Jacoby to be up to no good ;). He is full of surprises this kid and he will knock you flat on your back if you aren’t careful – in a good way.

So other characters = good!

My thoughts on the ending was well done. Series/trilogies/any book with another doesn’t have to end with a cliffhanger and i thank you Erica Cope for not doing that to us! thank you thank you thank you. And i mean i still want to continue with the series but at least i am not sitting here yanking my hair out because the author wanted to be cruel and trust its fun really it is because i could just imagine being a published author gives them so much power and i would love to do that but hey i don’t like it being done to me ;P