Summary Via Goodreads: “Party boy and werewolf, Jay Dellarson is stunned when his uncle hires a human to be his newest assistant. Kira Franklin is a sheltered girl with a mysterious past who’s finally taking charge of her life. When Jay and his pack begin to spend more time with the new girl in town, things start to unravel. Kira fights to keep her secrets hidden but when she finds out the truth of the town’s inhabitants it puts her in greater danger than ever before. While discovery of the werewolves’ secrets is dangerous, it’s discovery of Kira’s secrets that could place everyone in the middle of a vicious war.”

My Review (where i tend to ramble…its funnier if you read the review…):

So before I start reviewin’ here my song recommendation for describing this book sort of… “Can’t Help Falling In Love” its originally by Elvis (which now that i think about is sort of funny if you have read the book) anyways but i really like the Ingrid Michaelson’s cover…anyways so now on to the review

1st thoughts: this is technically a 3.75 stars for me. And i will say a big reason for that is the i guess it would be grammar…but its not really the grammar is the misplacement of quotation marks, and the lack of starting a new paragraph when someone new is speaking. Its really distracting and super confusing at times, and i was like why is she/he answering their own questions?? but if you look past that and i highly recommend you do i think that this was an interesting read.

Plot: I really love all things werewolf so automatically i was like “werewolf book? YES PLEASE i haven’t read one is forever!” – probably a lie i try to read a werewolf book every other weekend 😉 anyways not the point. This book has a few twist in there but from the description of the book we know there is something special about Kira so i spent awhile trying to figure out if she knew or if this was one of those discovering books. Well if you want a character that knows what she is, well this is for you. The plot at first seemed a little slow going not a whole lot was happening besides getting use to this new world, and hey i am okay with that as we needed background info especially since this is going to be a trilogy. with that said i don’t think that it was any less entertaining. This book at the beginning seemed very character driven which is never a bad thing, things though do pick up and the plot pacing gets a bit faster. I thought that the ideas that were introduced in this book – and yes i say introduced because its really an introductory book if you get what i am trying to say…anyways i thought it was interesting and not completely and utterly new, but different enough for me that i was interested. actually the more i think about it the more i am having a hard time thinking of anything else i have read like this before….

Well i know you are probably wondering about that pesky romance because lets face it werewolf=romance right? 😉 anyways i would like to Thank Amanda Kelly for being awesome! and totally awesome because as much i as do, and i really do (not being sarcastic at all, well maybe a little bit) love when there is the soulmate rule. One touch is all it takes and you two are meant to be together and that is just how it is. Well THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Amanda Kelly because she gives you a honest to God love story. Unless she introduces the idea of soulmates in the next book and if you do i might be very angry! ;P anyways the two main characters actually get to know one another, and as all great romances start they start with the two main characters hating each other. So again thanks for not taking the easy way out which is the soulmate rule: which usually is, well we are soulmates so i guess i love you now rule….okay moving on


I usually start with the girl but this time i am going to switch it up a bit! oh nos! well deal. okay so

Jay…well James but don’t call him that. Well when we first meet him i sort of really hate him, and its not that good hate where you are like, yeah you are going to be ass and i am going to love you for it. No he was being a very typical douche-bag asshole, the one that sits in the back of the classroom checking his phone, laughing annoyingly while the professor is talking and all you can think is “Go back to high school you ass!” Well Jay is like an onion – yes i am using a Shrek reference so what? sue me. Anyways he is like an onion there are just so many layers to him that i was practically giddy when we start to get more out of him throughout the WHOLE BOOK! it didn’t take a chapter to uncover this awesome man, oh no, it took the whole book and i have a feeling we will be getting a lot more from him in the other books, which can i say yay? *And becca does a little dance* OH and the best part! he is a possessive werewolf male, YAY! yes i am insane its okay. i don’t actually base my own love life on my love for character’s love life so don’t worry about me.

Kira: She is interesting. As Jay states she keeps him guessing and to be quite honest she keeps me guessing. For a very long time throughout the book i was wondering her age… i thought she was just out of high school starting college because of the summary well if you thought that too its a liar! she is out of undergrad… i believe but i know she has already been in college and she training to be a vet. Anyways when the description also said she lived a sheltered life i thought she would be alittle more socially awkward, sometimes she seemed a little bit like that but mostly she was very out-spoken and fearless. i sort of loved that about her but at the same time i was on conflicting emotions because i thought she was suppose to be one way and then she was the other… and yes this another little thing that made me drop my rating just a bit not even enough to worry about because its really personal issues that i had that i am sure no one else in the world would have. but she did have her moments were she was self-conscious and i was okay with that, i enjoyed it in fact because it made her more personable

Okay for side characters…well damn i don’t want to talk about them because there is about 7 or 8 and yeah i am not kidding this is their close group of friends. i will say this as an overall review of them: most of them seemed to have their own personalities and if you know anything about my reviewin you know i love that! but at the same time i was getting a bit confused on who said what but i think again that i has to deal with the placements of the quotation marks and i am not sure if it is because i read it on the kindle and it was just poorly downloaded or what but yeah really i had to go back and re-read somethings because of it, so therefore it took me out of the rhythm of the story, and there were a few lines also that pulled me out because i was like, what are you saying? but that might have been me and mind you i was doing homework while reading this as well, i kept switching so that might have been it… i am not sure though

So the ending: um trilogy sooooo lots of unanswered questions, and kind of ends at a random point its not like was so much of a cliffhanger as much as a “why did you end here?” sooo i guess the other main reason this dropped down to 3.75 for me would be because there were times i felt a little disconnected from the story just i don’t know wasn’t as into it as i wanted to be, it didn’t happen often, and i just kept waiting for in the first half of the book for something bad to happen but curses it all goes smoothly… damn i love when things go wrong… 🙂 but i am sadistic and you would know this if you looked at any of my other reviews…