Summary Via Goodreads: “Sage has a dark and damaged past, a victim of abuse caused by her adoptive parents. Seventeen year old Sage Summers always wished for an escape.

When she finally fled she was brought into a new family, in a new state. Just when she thought life was looking up, an accident changed everything. Held against her will, she learns of a world she never knew existed. Without her knowledge, Sage eventually found out that she had been “Watched” by a mysterious, immortal man since she was a little girl. She learned that she was not just an average, damaged human girl, but that she was also a pawn in a fight between good and evil.

In the midst of being exposed to this new life, Sage finds love. Love that she never thought she could have. She struggled with her new found feelings as the memories of her past never faded. Their love is forbidden, an oath was taken and could not be broken, and if it was broken, the consequences would be deadly.

With a hesitant voice, Sage pushed forward, excepting her new life, her new feelings and welcomed her creative, loyal, happier self. But could her love for this man destroy everything, including her?”

My Review:

Okay so I would like to start this off with a warning and some personal philosophy: First and foremost if you are grammar Nazi, Grammar enthusiast, or all around hate books that are riddled with Grammar issues please just be warned. Okay before i say anything else let me say my PERSONAL philosophy: I am not one to watch for grammatical mistakes because personal reasons, and also i really truly believe in rating the story that is being told, verses the technical qualities unless it influences the story. So with that being told, even I noticed grammar problems and if you have read my reviews before and you are a grammar nazi you will notice i have grammar issues as well. Well with that said grammar was a problem and did contribute a bit to my four stars but its not the reason i dropped it, so if you want to know more about this book, then i will get on with my review but i thought i would put out that warning beforehand.

With all that said i thought this was a fantastic book and i truly did enjoy it. But since i am stupidly doing this picking a song that i think compliments the story somewhat here i go, “Part One” by Band of Horses. Go check it. oh right also “Fix It” by Coldplay

Alright now onto the review!

Plot: I thought that the plot started off really good it was fast paced and made me want to keep going, maybe its because i am sadistic and well kinda cruel sometimes when it comes to characters I was really interested in Sage’s past. Yes she has quite a colorful past and i really liked how Michelle Jaymes integrated it with what was happening in the present because it was at moments when things felt like they were slowing a bit and this gave the reader something well in lack of better terms something shiny to look at. Though there were times that it got a little slow and i was sitting waiting for something to happen with that said the end really sped up. Really, and i loved it! i was exciting because a lot was happening and there was a lot of action. Now i usually talk about the ending at the end of my review as just how i do things but it will end up going to be a rant about cliffhangers so i am going to get it out the way right now. The ending was a cliffhanger and i am very upset by this. So before i start ranting some more lets move on…..

Well okay i guess this would be a good time to talk about why i gave this book a four, and really i know i said i review books on the story verses technical grammar stuff but omgoodness. i am sorry, truly i am sorry to say this but i am going to kill the word evil and revoke the right for Michelle to ever use it again. there i said it. “evil smile” is used a lot. a lot. sadistic smile, cruel smile, unnerving smile, dangerous, demonic, etc,etc.. sorry truly it was bothering me. Also there were points peoples wings changed color from the beginning of the book to the end, its disturbing to the reading experience it pulled me out and made me stop and be like nope thats not what you said before… okay so now that i am done with that….

Characters! Yay characters!

Sage: Can i just say this? I think that i might actually want to kiss you a little Michelle now, i don’t bat for the girl’s team but seriously thank you! thank you thank you thank you! For all the readers out there like me that hate when characters from a horrible past suddenly meets love interest and all is well in their world now, well thats not the case, Sage is constantly in fear of her past and is cautious of people. She isn’t willing to automatically trust and ugh i just loved Sage. She maybe damaged but she is strong when she needs to be and i find it that when characters are pushed down and still get up after all is endearing and make me want to root for them all the more. But I am very mad with Sage at the moment….

Cole: yup our love interest. He is a Fallen Angel and he is very much an ass when you first meet him. At times he reverts back to that cruel, horrible, demeanor. But when he finally admits his feelings to himself and all that jazz he is unbelievably sweet, actually even before he admits it to himself. I felt at times though i just kept picturing him as this 30 year old man because he well obviously he is older than his appearance because in paranormal books when aren’t men older than they look…. anyways but we get a sort of description of him, but i had to remind myself a couple times that he looks like he is 20. Its not a bad thing but a little more in-depth description of him would have been nice i suppose… but Cole = HOT HOT HOT HOT 😉

So i saw on someone else’s review about Hunter and i was wondering about him for more than half the book because he doesn’t show up until more than half way through. He isn’t that big of a deal in this book but i feel in the next one he will be making more of an appearance whether he will become another love interest because we all love, love triangles? right? yeah…sure thats what i thought, anyways i wasn’t getting that vibe from him.

Villains are hard to pin-point. This will keep you guessing on who to trust, and who wants the best for Sage.

Okay now my strongly worded rant about cliffhangers that i promised. They are NOT nice! they are very mean and unless you give the first chapter at the end i get very upset so :p this does have a cliffhanger and ugh i want to know what happens…want no not strong enough of a word… need. Yes need.

Okay. so my last piece of advice, if you can get over the grammar problems… a few spelling problems this is a fantastic read and i would totally recommend it if you love Angels yes, if you love the Fae yes. If you love both well this combines it for you so double yes!