Summary via Goodreads: “Since moving to Chesterport Flo has discovered new friends and a hidden world.

After spending seventeen years as an Empath, thinking she was either delusional or very, very different, she has found others who are different too. She helped battle a coven of dark witches and watched as their leader got sent to her judgement. All now seems peaceful in her new town, but it’s not going to last.

For one, Flo’s dad is back on the scene and has taken over her dead grandmother’s house with his new girlfriend. Dealing with him makes Flo think that maybe everyday people can be monsters too, as he blackmails her into giving up the one person she needs the most. Secondly, Flo hears a story about strange goings on in the nearby forest, and becomes obsessed with the magical things that might lie in its green depths.

A Vision of Green is the second instalment in the Florence Vaine trilogy, where Flo finds herself yet again immersed in mystery, romance and things that are just a little bit scary. She will come across new adversaries, supernatural and otherwise, discover more about her own identity and grow in ways she had never anticipated.”

*so note i just noticed this was a trilogy and all i can think is damn! i don’t want this to end so quickly….*

My Review: Kay so I read the first one and this one back to back so if i start mixing the two i am sorry and i have warned you so :p

I LOVED the first one, and I honestly thoroughly enjoyed this one as well. There was just me being crazy reasons for not giving it a total five, and that is i suppose i wanted more from Frank’s family, i felt they were still distant in this book, and also i was expecting her father to be a lot worse than he was… i mean he was bad yeah but i am crazy and i like it when bad = on verge of bat-shit cra cra, but that is personal choices, and likes.

My first pieces of advice, did you read the first one? Yes? Good. If you have not and you want to see whether this series is worth the start, and follow through? Well then my answer without giving much of this book away is yes. It is worth your time and moneys. So do it, and go back to looking at the first one because there will be “spoilers” from the first one in this review otherwise i wouldn’t be able to talk about anything so go away if you don’t want the spoilers of the first book. Good? Good.

Okay so back to my first thoughts for those you have read the first one (yeah i am watching you those who have not) So Flo i feels in the first book took figuratively 10 steps forward, and honestly i don’t know quite how i feel about her in the very few chapters. I think i liked how it played out because its realistic, its not the run of the mill well i am totally BA now so sod off, yeah i am feeling a little British after reading these, sorry i’ll stop. So anyways. Her reaction to me seems more natural, and realistic and i liked that i truly did but after seeing her grow so much in the first book i am kinda sad all it takes is one loaded look from padre – apparently i’m feeling Spanish now too? moving on – one loaded look from padre and suddenly we are the victim again. now writing that i think i am happier with how it goes down. Because in the first book she might have grown as a person but in the end she never faces her true demons…teehee get it? demons? no fine, i’ll just laugh its fine. Anyways back to the plots and what nots. i thought that now learning that she isn’t just a human with the powers of an empath was interesting and opens the series up to a whole new world so to put. near the end i was beginning to wonder though how will L.H. Cosway would make another after this one, but she puts a twist in there for us, and i am eager for the next one. So overall i am glad that we weren’t dealing with witches again! YAY because i was seriously expecting that mostly because i didn’t look at the summary when i started reading this one.

Okay okay moving on to the characters but this is going to be a lot smaller than my first review on the first book because if you have read the first book you know most of their personality traits.

Flo: i think that even in fear Flo is one of the most selfless heroines i have run across because she is so willing to give up everything to keep the ones she is learning to love safe. Though i don’t think Flo is quite healed completely by the end of this book she is beginning to get there but at some points and maybe i am just taking this entirely wrong but i almost felt like she was still longing to be with her father, i think its mostly something that for now will be a day to day thing because what the hell do i know? i have two parents, married and well complete opposite. But NOT the point. Flo may take 10 steps back but she is 30 ahead by the end of the book, she still has a lot to learn and a lot of growing to do, i am eager to find out how she handles her new life in the next book… i hope there is a next one? either way i am checking out L.H.’s other series because you meet some of the characters in this book. if you have read her other series.

Frank: Frank Frank Frank Frank Frank i don’t know. He is even more flirty in this one than the first one, other characteristics really start to shine through as well, he becomes a bit more observant than in the first one picking up on things dealing with Flo, sometimes he is also quieter than i would like him to be. Anyways still loving Frank but how can you not?

So other side characters, again the other three brothers: Ross, Kevin and Benji disappear in the background, and i know i have to keep in mind these books tend to span over a couple of days and its hard to add in a lot of characters in a limited time but i still would like more of the family because they are an important part. Hayley the foster mom comes out more in this one. Alex and Caroline come again more out into the fro-front which is nice. And damn Josh is still there. I like him because he causes problems but i also hate him because he causes problems…. well yeah i know what? but its how my brain works…strange i know anyways moving on.

the ending. cliffhanger? well no. But i am wondering a lot of things, and i want the next one. So can i have it? please? now? thanks! well i suppose i will just have to stalk and find out when the next one is planning on making an appearance.