Summary Via Goodreads: “Think you know about gargoyles? The beautiful winged race disappeared eight hundred years ago. When they last walked the earth, they traveled in close-knit packs, their throats marked with ancient runes. Their greatest enemies were the ugly and brutal harpies that people today mistake for gargoyles.

The victim of a harpy attack at seventeen, Dare lost his wings along with his poisonous barbs. When he meets Mim, he doesn’t consider himself much of a catch. But Mim is the only power that can make the broken gargoyle whole again. And when she’s abducted by a harpy, he’s willing to sacrifice himself for her freedom.

Which might have worked, if Mim hadn’t been willing to do the same thing.”

First This is THE SECOND ONE TO THE GREYSTONE SERIES! ALSO the entire time i read this i just wanted to listen to the Gorillaz “Dare”….yup going through my head like the entire time…anyways….

My Review: This got a 5 out 5 from me. Okay so YAY. I loved the first one and i loved this one! I was thoroughly excited that it was in Dare’s POV i was expecting it to be in Mim’s but readers we got lucky and got to see Dare’s POV. So as i do with most series that i read there will be spoilers if you haven’t read the first one sorry but thats the way it works otherwise i wouldn’t be able to write a review so :p

Okay so the plot of this story was an extension of the first, the three cousins are still missing and Reason has yet to return. And the pack are still looking for them and things are getting a bit rocky with Mim she needs to know because Dare is pissed that she would think so harshly of them. So as Dare works through his own problems from the past as well as new problems, the story seems to really gravitate towards him. the romance maybe is a bit dim for awhile but trust me Mim is the best thing for Dare and likewise the other way around. There were parts i was holy shitting too and wow! surprises surprises. I am really happy that Taylor Longford decided to keep with the fact that Dare and Mac forged a strong friendship because it kept her active in the story so if you loved Mac and didn’t want to completely part with you her you don’t have to!

So Characters… i did this for the first one as well but some characters were pulled more to the front and others pushed to the back so here we go again!

Dare is actually a bit more snark-y in than he was in the first one in his own head. He seems i don’t know what i wasn’t expecting i guess. i don’t mind really i liked that he wasn’t super serious and depressing. I could tell that his past haunted him and it was hard for him to open to others but not with Mim which yay!

Mim is ridiculously sweet and there were times that i was scared she would be to timid to have some backbone but boy was i wrong she surprised me by being so strong and she really took matters into her own hands when needed, and we never got a reallly good description of her so when she got down on herself i couldn’t understand why because all i got was Dare telling me she was the most beautiful girl and then herself telling everyone she wasn’t that pretty and honestly i have to trust Dare a little more because i am a girl i totes understand. anyways getting away from the point here…. moving on from Mim

Defiance moved forward liked i had hoped, he is a bit of the bad boy, i can tell that he looks a little more than the others for fights but he is a pretty cool guy, there weren’t a whole lot of new info about him but his unique personality shined a little more in this book.

Victor was a double edge sword and honestly i cannot wait until i get to read his story because he is a total flirt but also completely and totally insightful when he needs to be.

We know Valor and Mac, and Havoc was a little more Havoc and does anyone else sometimes just get a little bit of a gay vibe from him? or is that just me? i mean i don’t care either way but yeah sometimes his odd ways seem a bit more gay then just strange… idont know that might just be me… whatever….

Okay the end….bit more of a cliffhanger than the last one i will admit that so thankfully the next one is out!