Before anything is said or done! How awesome is her last name? Freakin sweet


Summary Via Goodreads: “Do dreams foretell the future? Are there soul connections that go deeper than love?

He can sense her emotions at any place and time. Their bond is powerful but a mystery. One thing he does know: She’s plagued his dreams for months. Maybe even longer.

Being involved with a celebrity is the last things she imagined…or wanted. Can she forget the pain from the past? Can he let go of his fears?”

My Reivew: Alllllrightie then….gonna pound out this review at one oclock in the morning. First and foremost as an avid reader of the the paranormal…this wasn’t overtly paranormal….at all…well there is a little but not a whole lot which isn’t i sweat the reason i gave it a three stars i promise! i just wanted to put that warning out for people looking for a super paranormal read or people who dislike paranormal reads… so there you have that….moving on to the actual review

So first thoughts I liked it. It was good i am not going to lie but honestly? sometimes i was waiting of those heart pounding, oh my god i am about to die moments. And there were some trust me, but at the same time there wasn’t an whole lot of it. I think that it was a really good read but unfortunately pretty predictable… i actually guessed a quite a few twist in the book. Though the paranormal aspect did throw me through a loop that was interesting….

Okay, okay moving on to plot: well like i said before its pretty predictable, and there were a lot of references to the past, only….they were half references… don’t understand what i mean? well here is an example… not from this book or anything just an example in general… EX: “hey you remember that time when John came and…” “Oh my god don’t remind me!” ….end of example… wondering what John did especially since i “told” you about it almost every 50 pages? Well too bad you don’t get to find out what John did. Okay so i get there is a second one and we needed SOMETHING to happen in the second one but this “thing” effected Heaven a lot, and i really wanted to know what it was and there was one of the reasons it got a three because i was mad that it kept dangling but never giving, and i know that i would have been sorely pissed if she just brought it up on the second one to make a second one, but i mean you could have mentioned it once in the beginning once at the end to get the beginning of the second started you know? well okay getting off track. But yeah this is a romance and you know what its not a “yeah this is a romance but really its about characters that meet, automatically “love” each other and are going to have sex” romance, its a honest to God, we are going to go through stuff together and all that romance… don’t worry there is two sex scenes and if you were waiting for that…but if you are looking for super in depth sex move on.

Okay so moving on to characters!

Heaven: She is our lead lady, and while she was really well written i don’t know the characters felt a little flat for me…all of them not just Heaven and it might just be me. And what the hell do i know? i liked Heaven for the most part sometimes she had like bi-polar moments but it was usually when her sisters were around and as a twin myself i can completely relate. i have to sisters i know how it is…okay i am going to stop there before i start ranting in a review about my sisters…..awkward. Anyways back to Heaven she is a sweet girl, really she is. i like that about her that she is sweet but she has different sides to her she isn’t one type of girl, she can be brave when she needs to be, vulnerable when you want her to be, and dangerous when she has to be. She thinks things over and she sort of dims down the drama sometimes because she is a smart girl who thinks things through and not like a lot of those …where was i? phantom bug attack….oh right she isn’t like most girls in books that hold grudges for a million of years.

Dylan: Our main man. He was unexpected…When i first found this book which was a couple months ago and its been sitting in my wish list on amazon waiting to be read i thought and one of the reasons i was worried about reading it was that he was a total manwhore and there is one thing i dont like about my leading men is that they are actual manwhores. see i don’t mind those fake ones….but for some reason i got in my head that Dylan was going to be the ultimate manwhore and totally just jackass its probably because he is a musician. So when i started reading it and realizing that he wasn’t the stereotypical musician i was beyond happy! YAY DOWN WITH STEREOTYPES!…well for the msot part. anywaysssss he is sweet and caring, he wants to have a real relationship with someone. no not someone his dream girl…anyways! he can be aggressive when he needs to be not to her of course but be jealous is what i mean so yay for jello men!

The sisters and there boyfriends….they kind of disappeared half way through the book but i mean it is really Dylan and Heaven’s story but man Faith one of the triplets (Heaven’s a triplet along with their sister Hope) anyways Faith legit just disappears around i think 3/4s…well a little less than that through the book, not a word, not a peep and i was like…what the hell happened to her because half way through the book not only did the POVs shift from Dylan and Heaven but suddenly you get Faith’s and Dylan’s best friend Layne’s POV which im sorry but bothers me a ton, its a personal thing really but if you are going to do POV shifts then start it at the beginning don’t just add them in because it seems like a fun idea or yeah…it just bothers me. Also she does it with Dylan’s father….anyways the other characters help the main characters mostly talk through their problems….so they did have their own personalities which made me happy but like i said they started to disappear and all their sides stories didn’t seem to really matter and it was left very open ended and i understand its a series…:p

So the ending is a bit cliffhangerish but i think the second one is out if you wants it.

So last thoughts: would i recommend this book for you to read? Sure if you are looking for a romance book with a bit of a paranormal kick, and even if you don’t like paranormal or maybe you haven’t really tried it out this would be a good start its a light paranormal. Would i recommend you buy this for .99? Sure…or its normal 2.99 yeah why not.