Summary via Goodreads: “Think you know about gargoyles? The beautiful winged race disappeared eight hundred years ago. Their greatest enemies were the brutal harpies that people today mistake for gargoyles.

Like all gargoyles, Valor is protective by nature. When he wakes to find a human girl in trouble, his first impulse is to help her. But the greatest risk to MacKenzie’s safety is himself. One scratch from the poisonous barbs on his knuckes and she’ll be lost to him forever.”

My Review: This got a 5 out of 5 stars via Goodreads

So um yes do read this. I was super excited when i found this little treasure why you ask? well first and foremost its free! and honestly i would have paid for this! paid and kept it! i loved loved loved it! okay so it was super amazing and now that i had my few moments of gushing let me tell you why it is such a good reason to grab this up and read it right away! and then tell all your friends about it!

The plot! OMGOSH THE PLOT! it was new – at least for me, the only other gargoyles book that i have come across was Redemption (Hearts of Stone Series) and i have yet to read that. But let me tell you, i think that i am very pleased that i read this one first. I love LOVE Gargoyles why you may ask? yes it is because of the 90s cartoon and i have been waiting for the perfect gargoyle novel to float my way since i found Redemption and i think this was the clear winner! Okay so going back to the plot it was original and new and refreshing! i enjoyed it a ton, there were interesting twist and though some things i saw coming i was still interested in reading it and loved it all the way through.

The characters!

So there were quite a few so i think the two main kids i will give super long ones and shorter ones the others.

So Mackenzie is our leading lady and she is interesting. I like her so much because she feels real to me she isn’t completely one sided either. A lot of times either it seems we get one extreme or another, a heroine who is totally kickass and won’t let anything touch them or the other extreme they are timid and need to be babied… welll Mac is thrown a whole lot and she takes it well, she rolls with the punches and you know what the girl can cry like most people do, so thank you very much for making the character more human Taylor Longford. and i am being completely serious. i liked Mac and i think that this book had a nice lighthearted edge to it that a lot of times we don’t see in books, it is nice to read books like that.

Valor is our main man, and yes love interest! He is omgosh hot, and totally sweet. He seems to step into position of leader when he isn’t but his personality was very commanding. He is protective and who doesn’t love a protective man? he is a little hot and cold at the beginning but its not hard to tell how he feels, and though he seems stoic at some points but he again just wants to protect his pack and his Mac.

Dare who is brothers with Valor, Dare is different….I don’t want to give away any spoilers so i will only talk personalities. He is quiet and reversed but he cares about his family and his pack and you can tell that he does. He and Mac become good friends and honestly i think they are the closest – friendship wise – and i am very eager to read the next one because i believe its about Dare! YAYNESS!

Reason is blonde, sarcastic, a bit of an ass but thats okay we all need one of those kiddie cats but i do really like him. he does have a change of heart and he is actually a bit of a surprise himself and thats all i can say about Reason who is a cousin of Valor’s.

Havoc is the other and last brother of Dare and Valor’s. He is a dread-head hottie who loves to cook and has a great personality he got a bit pushed into the background half way through the book but i am not really upset about this because there were quite a few characters and he did have a shining different personality

Victor who is the actual leader of the pack because he is the oldest. He is suppose to be the hottest and at first i can see that he is a bit of a flirt but when learning he was leader his character shifted drastically he suddenly became a bit more wise and serious

Defiance was the last gargoyle that we met in this book um the only label i can give him is bad boy? again he was pushed into the background and hopefully we will get more of him in the next book or two.

So the end of the book cliffhanger? not really but there are unanswered questions that i am dying to know the answer too and i really REALLY liked this book so i cannot wait to get started on the next ones. so my last and final advice go read it! Read it Read it Read it!