Summary Via Goodreads: “Being the daughter of a dragon slayer was never easy, especially when Leito discovers a dragon child injured in her father’s fields. Knowing the fate that will befall this child, she helps the boy escape before the hunt is upon him.

Leito realizes years later that no good deed goes unpunished and after the village offers her up as a sacrifice for her father’s actions against dragons, Leito must utilize all her knowledge and strength to outwit the dragon who aims to kill her.

In this mythical tale, Leito is challenged mind, body, and soul as she learns more about the dragon world and the one creature who makes her question her fears and her heart.”

My Review: Okay So wow…okay well this is strange because i just finished reading the second one, really they need to read back to back or you will go crazy i know i almost did. Anyways this isn’t about the second one this is about the first one!

So Leito i think that is how you spell and thats how im going to spell it for now on so :p . Anyways…. Leito’s father has an interesting habit, its killing dragons. And no good can come from pissing off a dragon right? Well…thats sort of true, but not really. I was pleasantly surprised with Leito she had a ton of courage, and does what most people would shy away from. She is a very awesome main character. She is pleasantly blunt. These two, Leito and Aidan do not play games, they don’t do the well i care for him but i am not sure if he cares about me. And its totally and utterly refreshing to be honest. Half the time i am screaming my head off at the book how the characters are soo stupid if they just talked to each other, just told each other how they felt we wouldn’t be having this problem….anyways getting off that rant for a bit.

I want to take a break for a second about my thoughts on the character to do the plot reallll quick.

So the plot: its a true fucking story about love. These two actually and honestly fall in love. There isn’t the soulmate connection thats like bam you have to love each other now. No, these two fall for each other, they make each other better. I was SOOO HAPPY ABOUT THIS, and i know my friends would tell me well then go read a compt. fiction story but i like my paranormal, fantasy stuff and honestly its hard to come across a genre like story and not run into soulmates of some sorts. which don’t get me wrong i love, i truly do, because there are really interesting takes on them but these two got to … sort of chose each other. They didn’t have to be together, but they gradually fell in love, they went on DATES! well what could be consider dates… hell i wish i could have done some of their dates…. anyways… the first one in this two part story really was about them falling in love but its not just that. there is betrayal, there is hurt, action, and just plain old fashion fun! its a really new interesting plot that i encourage you as a reader to give it a shot, fall in love and tell everyone you know about it because i know i want to. And i am going to. okay…back to characters….

Aidan: our main man, and yes this is a dragon shifter novel i am putting that out there right now because when i started reading it i was like is this just dragons? like they are just the mythical beast not part human…don’t worry they are shifters! YAY! Aidan is dark, dangerous, human-hating, and falling in love with one? Those are always the best, really they are! So as Aidan falls for Leito, we do get to see an outsiders view, we know he was not always his playful, fun guy he tends to be with her. I love, absolutely love when characters join in a romantic relationship they make each other better, and its shown so that the reader can see it, not just telling us. And that is what Stephanie Constante does!

The extra characters are all amazing, and i love that they are all separate they don’t become this one entity. its happened i promise i say it a lot and i think people are starting to think i made it up but i am not! anyways moving on from that…

I thought that this was a beautifully written tale in a fantastic new world. I loved the characters, i love the story that was being told and honestly the only thing i can honestly say that i hated was the god damn ending, if you don’t have time to read this…like me who started it at midnight and kept reading until 330 in the morning even though i had to get up early to go to school then please wait until the weekend because i can honestly say that i did NOT want to put this down for anything…literally. And the ending is a huge ass cliffhanger, don’t worry the second one is out so just make sure you have time to start the next one and finish it because you will kick yourself if you don’t.


Summary Via Goodreads for the second book: “Leito has fallen in love, something she never thought would happen. Except the man who holds her heart is not only a dragon, but one imprisoned by his own clan, punished for harboring a human girl and refusing to kill her. The odds are against her, and after a dangerous transformation, she is trying to learn what it means to be a dragon herself.

The change brings many new abilities and sacrifices, which will both help and hinder her. Now Leito must find a way to enter the dragon’s den and find Aidan before it is too late, but what awaits her in the Incendio Mountains is worse than she could have ever imagined.”

My Review: I would like to do a little dance right now thats how happy i am. :D!! I am pretty sure this is the end of Aidan and Leito’s story… is it the end of this series, i have no idea…i have yet to stalk the author’s webpage to see what she has to say. but that is not what this is about. First off i would like to say if you haven’t read the first one and you don’t want to know anything about the second one than please please please stop reading this review because i have to give out a few spoilers from the first one, and you will have to deal. So with that said lets start this review shall we?

So we left Leito – seriously stop reading this if you don’t want to know what happens at the end of the first one this is literally your last warning, i won’t do it again – Leito is in the midst of changing, and Aidan has been taken to the Voxroi. Oh noses!!!! so this one is more action packed than the last, not that i am complaining at all! it was a continuation really of the first one and i thought that the first and this book could have been one reallly long story, i didn’t mind it being separated in two at all so don’t be getting that idea. So anyways! Leito works hard to make a plan to save her love, her mate, her Aidan, her dragon. As the last one the story was again beautifully written, a very nice paced book. I thought that the suspense of waiting to find out how Aidan was doing was torturous, but i am suppppper glad that Stephanie Constante didn’t decide to go ahead and start shifting POVs because if you are going to do it, do in the first book within the first characters is what i always say!…well not in reviews but i am sure that it will be something i start saying more often. anyways again not the point… God i get sidetracked really easily…and there i go again…

Leito we already know is pretty awesome, well let me tell you she only gets better. She survives the change, and well obviously she does…but here is the thing, she is awesome as a dragon. She fights for what she wants, and that i admire in her. She is constantly asked by the other villagers why go through with it? why risk so much for Aidan? Because of pure, real, love. Thats why and i feel with the girl, i am cheering her on and hoping only for the best! So when Leito starts getting a bit shaky on the sanity thing i start to worry that it will destroy everything…i waited and waited and waited for her to a bit cra-cra in front of the Voxroi so yeah i was freaking out internally… it wasn’t needed but i think could have been a very interesting twist to the plot.

We don’t get a whole lot of Aidan in the first half…a little more than half of this book. don’t worry your little heads about it the story does go on without the main love interest… crazy i know buts its true! anyways i don’t want to say anything about him because i don’t want to give anything away just know i still love him….and that is all that matters.

So ending. Very satisfying, truly and utterly, thank you! I was scared i was going to get another super cliffhanger and i was going to go bouncing off the walls bananas but like i said before i have yet to stalk and find out for sure whats going to happen but its seems to me that these two’s stories are done. And hey its a good time, and it was a good ending. Really good.


*OH i stalked! This was the last one!*