The Secret of Ella & Micha

I’d have to give The Secret of Ella & Micha somewhere between four point five and five stars. The characters in this story get your heartstrings pulling and you can see yourself in the characters’ shoes, feeling their emotions and everything that they are going through.

Here’s the summary from Goodreads:

“Ella and Micha have been best friends since they were kids. But one tragic night shatters their friendship and their lives forever.

Ella used to be a rule-breaker with fiery attitude who wore her heart on her sleeve. But she left everything behind when she went to college and transformed into someone that follows the rules, keeps everything together, and hides all her problems. But now it’s summer break and she has nowhere else to go but home.

Ella fears everything she worked so hard to bury might resurface, especially with Micha living right next door. If Micha tries to tempt the old her back, she knows that it will be hard to resist.

Micha is sexy, smart, confident, and can get under Ella’s skin like no one else can. He knows everything about her, including her darkest secrets. And he’s determined to bring his best friend, and the girl he loves back, no matter what it takes.”

The reason why I wouldn’t give this book five stars is more of a nitpicky thing from me. The way that Ella could just leave everything behind and go off to college, especially without telling anyone—only her alcoholic father who would probably forget where she was anyway—just didn’t seem very realistic to me. I know it’s fiction but I like my novels to have a realistic chain of events. It was not a big deal at all and didn’t bother me all that much, but that’s why I couldn’t give this story five stars.

I don’t know what it is with me reading books that the main hottie has a lip ring, but I did it again. (This is like the third book in a row!) Not that I’m complaining or anything. I actually love it. 😉 Even though Micha has his own issues that he’s working through with his father, it doesn’t hinder him from helping Ella with her issues that she’s coping with revolving around her mother’s death.

Half of the time I just wanted to slap Ella in the face for not just giving in to Micha and his advances. I understood why she did it, but I still just wanted them to get together and get it over with. J The sexual tension between the two of them was just killing me!

Micha and Ella’s relationship is the relationship that everyone wants to have—that friend that you can tell anything to and that you also have feelings for…and you could cut the sexual tension between the two of you with a knife.

This story had a lot of things that I enjoy—fast cars, a sexy guy with a lip ring, and UST. Thank you, Jessica Sorensen, for giving us this treat of a novel.

Definitely check out The Secret Life of Ella & Micha when you get the chance. It’s a great one, and I cannot wait until the second book is released.